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  1. Its the date for last years one thats up cos this is a post about last years that I hijacked to ask about this years. No chance of putting together a stand then? Think it has to be done by the 22nd.
  2. Guess no-one went last year, but do you's never organise a stand for the cars for this event? Or would it be considered for this year?
  3. Depending when it is i should be able to make it.
  4. Well this doesnt look very promising as going ahead...
  5. First car I owned was an L reg red fiesta 1.1...which never gave me any hasstle for the year I owned it. Then decided to get something newer incase the fiesta caused me hasstle going back and forth to uni daily...made a bad decision in buying a 206. It broke down too many times to mention and now my sister owns it (typically now it never breaks down as ive fixed everything) And now own the yaris :)
  6. Mines cost around £200 to fix but then I had a buckled wheel fixed and also the other 3 refurbished and the whole lot done in a different colour.
  7. I use mine quite alot...handy for keeping in touch with school friends and old work mates etc :)
  8. The spare will be fine even with the change in size of the other wheels, just dont drive miles and miles and obviously keep the speed down as its a space saver.
  9. Never noticed that bit, cheers woody Wonder where the pic of my car went that used to be on his site to advertise them?
  10. Maybe you should speak to the doctors about the antiemetics your on for the nausea and get them reviewed. The antiemetics should stop the nausea but the ones prescribed might not be the ones that work best for you as it depends how you react personally to the drug. :)
  11. Yeah i've recommended this place to quite a few people, its just down the road from my primary school. Dont think anyone apart from me has used it yet though. They did a great job of my alloys and charged a resonable price.
  12. Did a quick search for it on ebay and it never came up ??
  13. I take it im wrong with 29 being Lotus?
  14. I think it will either be the silicone or some type of glue.
  15. Any ideas on taking them off? Hairdryer work? Not even entirely sure what there stuck on with as the garage put them on.
  16. 22 Outdoor Meal 6 PICNIC 26 Balearic Island 5 IBIZA 29 Egyptian Water Lily 5 LOTUS 33 Fencing Weapon 5 Sabre 46 Small Mischievious Mythological Being 3 ELF 50 As Far as the eye can see 7 HORIZON 52 Party for Men 4 STAG 56 Latin American Dance 5 TANGO
  17. Cool thanks for the help suppose even if it does fail i'll just need to removed them...would just rather not have the hassle of a resit. sphinktar1988 I got the brows from JAXX a member on here. Not sure if he's still selling them but its worth a pm to ask :)
  18. Only one is it not or are some of mine wrong? oh wait the last one is move yeah?
  19. No. Clue No. of Letters Your Answer 1 Minty Loop 4 Polo 2 Anne or Margaret 8 Princess 3 Garden Visitor 5 Robin 4 Fashion of the Sixties 4 mini 5 Chocolate 6 galaxy 6 A Carribean Bay 7 Montego 7 Young Horse 4 Colt 8 Zodiac Sign 7 Scorpio 9 Underground Railway 5 Metro 10 Precious Stone 8 Sapphire 11 Old Pound Coin 9 Sovereign 12 Red, Round and Juicy 6 Cherry 13 Italian First 3 Uno 14 Person of Diminuitive Stature 6 Midget 15 Very Cold Lady 8 Bluebird 16 Kitchen Cupboard 4 Lada 17 A Little Devil 3 Imp 18 Spotted Beast 6 Jaguar 19 Picturesque 6 Scenic 20 Change Position 4
  20. There glued on though...was done at the garage when i got them sprayed. Not sure how easily they would come off...
  21. Hey, Got my MOT coming up at the end of the month. I'm a little concerned I might fail because of the brows...anyone have these and been for an mot with them on? Did they pass? Cheers for any help
  22. Theres a place in Carnwath that will fix practically anything. They fixed my buckled wheel for a good price This is the website - http://www.alloywheelrepairs.net/index.html
  23. I use an aux in cable that fits nicely into the back of my headunit....can you not get something like that for your headunit? Sound quality is much better than the fm transmitters and you can plug any mp3 player in. Tara
  24. Why would it not be? Think this may be my fault...sorry guys.
  25. You can get it on low cost car audio for £74.99 incl vat then £39.99 for ipod adapter
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