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  1. I have made the very same journey - and yes the reduction in hidden storage space is a sacrifice, but there are many gains - particularly fuel consumption, heated seats and the heads up display - the Sat Nav is also much improved. You can at last enter a full postcode. Re the headlights, yes they can have a mind of their own. I think mine has an off position on the stalk - I will check. I have not had it long enough to be an issue. If it does it may be because mine was one of several that Toyota provided to the press for test purposes.
  2. Over the weekend I had someone scrape the corner of my Prius (which I have only have had for 6 weeks) as they were pulling out of a car parking space. Although they did not stop, a witness stepped forward and gave the registration No. After contacting the police, I have established that the other driver is fortunately insured. However after using the local repairer approved by my insurer previously , it was necessary to take the car back owing to a poor quality job and get them to do it again. Therefore I am considering other options.I took out Toyota Smart Insurance and would like to as
  3. I am looking at an Excel with no extras against a newer Business Edition Plus that has several extras with less mileage at another dealer some miles away. The two are priced within £7 of each other, and I am hoping that the dealers would be willing to swap them so that I can get the one with the extras, but that would probably be too easy. I do find that dealer prices can vary significantly. My nearest dealer seems to be one of the most expensive in the country, but fortunately there is a more competitive dealer who I am speaking to not too far away.
  4. Thanks for that. I am hoping that I can persuade the dealer to secure the vehicle (it is at another dealer some distance away). I am looking at two potentials. The one with the wind deflectors is newer and has less mileage, but is a slightly lower manufacturer specification hence the two vehicles being within £7 of each other. The ideal situation would be for the two dealers to do a straight swap, but I expect that would be too easy.
  5. The question only arises because one of the vehicles I am considering already has them fitted. I don't think I would go out my way to have them if they were not already on the vehicle, but thanks anyway.
  6. After coming up to 8 years of ownership, I am looking at replacing my soon to be 11 years old 2nd Gen T Spirit. Naturally it will be replaced with another Prius and am looking at a 4th gen . One of the models on my radar is a Business Edition Plus demonstrator that has a few extras including wind deflectors fitted against a slightly older Excel that has no extra goodies. Has anyone any experience of wind deflectors? Do they work? Do they affect the fuel consumption?
  7. I think somebody might have tried http://www.pluginplanet.co.uk/ but perhaps not got that far because of price and the consideration that it is relatetively untested over here. Does a Plugin conversion kit class as a modification for insurance purposes? The big question I have about plug in's is how do you compare the cost of an electric charge with the cost of petrol? Are there any tables that allow you to covert a plug in charge costing x pence to mpg which would enable one to work out payback costs based on current petrol prices?
  8. Thanks for this. I have been thinking of updating mine now that the new A16 road to Peterborough is finally open - looks like I will have to wait until next year as the final section only opened last week so probably won't be on the 2012/13 disk. If only there was some way we could get stand alone solutions such as tom tom or garmin to link up and show up on the display screen.
  9. I paid £7,994 for my 2007 2nd gen T Spirit in March 2010 last year from a South Wales dealer. It was a high miler (62K) but with full detailed service history, It took me several weeks to find it and concluded that there are regional variations in prices in the used car market (dearer in rural areas). Main dealers within a 100 miles or so were looking for another £2k for the 2006 models without IPS. The list price for a 2007 T Spirit was around £20K, so a bit hit in the first 3 years, but the introduction of the 3rd gen and the recalls taking place on that model probably had a knock on effect
  10. I have not been on here for a while. I just wanted to share a pleasent surprise I had recently on the Greek Island of Rhodes. I was sat in a Taverna watching the world go by whilst enjoying a pleasent meal and happened to catch the rear lights of a Prius Gen 2 go by. Thinking that I might have had to much wine I vowed to pay more attention to the road and sure enough a couple of days later I saw it again - confirmed a Blue one. A gew days later I was heading down towards Prasonissi in typical Hyu8ndai Getz hire car (someone had taken the Yaris that the hire company had) and went round a bend
  11. My old eighth gen Corrolla did have mouldings but I doubt they would have made much difference and it would have still been a paint job.
  12. Thanks - looks like I need one - can't be too serious given 68K on the clock and still functioning the only time I have had a warning light come on has been when I've been caught out by one of the many potholes in my neck of the woods.
  13. I have always had my Toyota's serviced by a Toyota Specialist who I found when I brought my previous Corrolla. I did think of this question when it came to my first service on the Prius but I don't really trust my local dealer to undertake a proper service. The reason why my specialist set up on his own was because he once worked for predecessor of said dealer and got frustrated with the corners cut (the old trick of blowing through an air filter and cleaning spark plugs rather than replacing them). I decided that I would trust my Prius to my Specialist who informed me that on doing the servic
  14. Taxed mine at the post office for £10 - I thought I would do George a favour and save the postage that would be necessary if doing it online. Post lady wrote it out and said "£10 - that's nice". Put my tax disc in the window, drove to supermarket, parked and did my shopping. Drove to a local shop, parked and when I went back to the car I noticed that at some stage during the day some :censor: had opened his driver's door and put a dent in my passenger door leaving a trail of blue paint on my nice vermillion red He didn't just tap it - he walloped it! Got a dent about two inches long and hal
  15. Take the back seats out and you have got a Hybrid Estate surely?
  16. I have not been contacted and slightly concerned as I did not buy my car from a main dealer. I did fill in the change of ownership form though. I tried entering my VIN into the recall site referred to on another thread on this issue, but it did not recognise my vehicle. I then noted that the recall site was American. Mine's a 56 plate so falls in the range - are they all affected or is it luck of the draw?
  17. There are different versions of Sat Nav depending on age of vehicle. The update discs cost as much as a sat nav unit and is the one thing that will get every Toyota owner :censor: The map update site is at hereThe full part No is shown on the disk already loaded. Obviously every update replaces an older disc, so perhaps the previous owner has kept them? Or has he been lavish and brought one for Europe? Discs are often found on an auction site, but you have no idea whether they are from an owner seeking to recover some of the small fortune incurred on a new disc or a copy. The Disc unit is un
  18. For anyone with A rated credit history and are not maxed out on credit cards etc and has an old car owned outright I would recommend a loan through the Social lending sites such as Zopa. The main advantage is that you can get a competitive rate which stays fixed but you can make overpayments which reduces the rest of the repayments without penalty. There is a small admin fee that they add to the loan. In my case I borrowed £6800 in March over three years monthly repayment was £189. I sold the old car privately (getting more than a trade in) shortly after buying new one and put the proceeds aga
  19. I remember reading on Priuschat last year about a US owner who left has car on a hill in P overnight and got up next morning to find it had rolled down the hill a bit. Needless to say there were those who did advise him what a parking brake was for!
  20. Just to update following my conversation with Toyota Customer Services today, letters will be sent out to affected owners in the new year. It does seem as if I may well be getting one. Its the Hybrid Electric Water pump that they are replacing in this campaign. They were also able to confirm the water pump in the petrol engine was replaced at 60K.
  21. And they have left message on answerphone today to discuss the issue - I suspect that I may be affected, as they would have told me that I'm not affected otherwise. There are some threads on this issue over on Prius Chat.
  22. I don't have an I-phone, but when I put the contacts from my old phone in and then changed the phone a month later, I had to put the contacts in again. I suspect that the contacts depend on the phone they came from being connected (via bluetooth) This may be borne out by the fact that if my wife has her phone in the car, and her b/tooth is on and connected and mine isn't, there are no contacts visible.... When I checked the phonebook in my Prius, all the previous owners contact numbers were still there. There were quite a few of them so doubt that they were manually imputted. That said I hav
  23. Indeed - sometimes the same applies if you do have a summer mixture in your washer bottle. During the big freeze one morning when it was minus 5, I attempted to wash the screen at a set of lights and found myself peering through the bottom part of the screen as the water immediately froze. :o I am only doing short commutes to work and as my Prius lives in the garage I do not have to think about warming my windscreen before I set off.
  24. Thanks - I have contacted Toyota.
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