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  1. not pos mate, dout it, coz the cynos/paseo is alot wider, but worth a measuring SJ
  2. hi all i know of a few seo owners from here are members over on but we need more so if you arent a member join please, because we need to chat, help eachother with the seos, meet up, and, see eachothers cars thanks SJ (hope to speak soon on there all you lot, oh, and, another thing, Cynos owners can join too!!)
  3. looks great mate, ever seen join then show us your piccie, its a club for paseos!! SJ
  4. its a foreign numberplated car, and it is very low with smart alloys filling the arches! SJ
  5. hi i like the kit that weller has! jims spoiler is sweet, i would like wellers kit and jims spoiler on mine! lol SJ
  6. hiya, shame mate, i was keeping a close eye on the car, it was a good car im telling you that! sell your new car, get another and do it up again!!!lol cya, good luck, tell the new owner to sign up on here!!! lol CYA BUD SJ
  7. Thats my summery!!?? it seemed to be an essay!! lol, no efence but it has tought me alot more than school could ever do!!! :D :D :D CHEERS BUDZ SJ
  8. hiya, now as the name suggests, i want to be a paseo know it all, as riko's avatar mensions!!! so riko, you can let a load of info across if you like!! i have the brochure but it doesn't tell you much about the general not every day knowledge!!! also, i have a website, mostly Paseos, some humour, CHEERS BUDZ SJ
  9. hiya all, i have now updated my website, it is jampaked full of Seos!! lol please do feel free to pass the word on :D check it out, if your seo is on there and you dont like it just let me know :P , you can get hold of me at CHEERS BUDS SJ
  10. my best bet would be an 04 reg, because it was registered first time in 2004, it may be 53 aswell, depends if its before march CHEERS SJ (Paseo owner)
  11. hiya ive seen loads, i told you when i started this thread, i just poped into town to put some money in the bank and i pulled into a parking space on the side of the road, a paseo came up alongside mine!!! he pulled into the space behind me and she got out, and she looked at mine as though to say, theres another one??? she looked pretty confused, i went and said, i like your Paseo and she said thank you and walked off, Paseos dont deserve an owner like that!!! lol SJ
  12. I think you should sell either yours or your wife's and then buy mine :D Go on you kno it makes sense :P Rich cant aford it i really cant, insurance will be a slight on the up because of mods SJ (i really wish i could)
  13. hiya how many seos have you seen, ive seen all of the basically!!! lol ive seen a black one with a body kit (toyota one though) a galliano in pool, an aqua ST that parks in town alot, A Red ST that is out norton A Purply blue ST in Galmington and loads more, mine is the only SI around my nik of the woods lol Cheers SJ