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  1. Morning, been on the Toyota scene for years and had many in my lifetime but running an Aygo at the mo as well as a Hiace that I have converted into a camper. I recently moved on my 58 Blue to my lad and bought a 10 Black with 20K less on the clock, on closer inspection it looks like the previous owner was a bit of a messer , so a few questions. Did the Black come with the rev counter and fog lights as standard, and should spedo cluster have a black surround like air vents and rev counter as my Blue had a blue surround same as the air vents. The cluster is grey at the mo and very loose and wonder if it has been replaced, there are quite a few signs that the dash area has been out for wiring purposes. just noticed there is reference to my Corolla Compressor at the bottom ,will see if I can remove those later as I no longer have that now.
  2. blutto

    Granvia Alloys

    Anyone got any Granvia alloys for sale? need some for me 06 Hiace.
  3. blutto

    Back Box

    Well, met anchorman today and was able to deliver the back box, what a top man, although recovering from the dreaded bug he took the time to give the wife and I a conducted tour of Chapel-en-le-Frith and surrounding area. If all you guys on the forum are as welcoming as Don I will have to moth ball the Compressor and buy a Rav. Thanks again to Don.
  4. blutto

    Back Box

    You're right Hoovie, the pipes are mild steel but I have only cut the chrome tips off and had them welded on a S/S cat back just to get the TTE tips. I know no one will ever be able to get the same set up on a Comp as the chance of comming across another system must be nill.
  5. blutto

    Back Box

    Thanks for the responce this time guys I'm sorry for stealing the tail pipes but Im sure some nice S/S pipes could be made up, I would have cried if I had to scrap it and you wouldn't want that now would you. As stated this would have been at least £300 as all TTE stuff is a stupid price, owning a Corolla TTE Compressor is not a cheap option. TTE shocks £600 per corner no longer available, dip stick longer because of the supercharger £70, TTE back box and tail pipes £ 400, supercharger I think is about £2000 and on top of that 20/25 mpg I have had that down to 13 mpg on a mad w/e and it will only run on 95 ron Shell V Power. But I love it and would not get rid. Replys will be sent to those who have PMd me Thank's again Colin.
  6. blutto

    Back Box

    Bump! Hi guys, Im about to clear out the shed and the back box will be going to the scrappy, I would much rather one of you guys made use of it. I don't want anything for it so you could collect ( Burnley' Lancs ) or I could sort P/P as long as I was reimbursed.
  7. blutto

    Back Box

    Hi guys I'm on the Corolla forum and don't know if I'm in the right place to post this but I'm sure someone will move it if not. I have a TTE back box for a Rav, no idea which model, there are no tail pipes as they now reside on my TTE Compressor, but I'm sure some S/S pipes could be made up. As with all TTE exhausts they are re-badged Remus, if it can be of use to any of you guys please PM me.
  8. PMd this guy but got nothing back as yet.
  9. http://2zzge.com/lib...vel%20check.pdf this should help, by the way I belive the gasket is no longer available
  10. I have a pair that were only on my T Sport for a couple of months, I put them on in an attempt to cure my knocking but a set of BCs did that and the BCs come with there own, so there in my shed just waiting for a new home. Don't know if they will fit yours.
  11. Just buy a sheet of gasket paper from you're motor factors and cut one out with a craft knife, and yes you're right no longer available.
  12. I'm good, a bit older, a bit more grey and a bit dafter, the Comp succumbed to the usual shocks failure, hence BCs, the exhaust broke off at the back box I got that welded up and that's still holding. I seem to be trying to knock the TTE bumper off whenever I go out in it lol, anyway good to hear from you again.
  13. bloody hell mate where have you been
  14. Now that brings back memories as i had one, good luck with the resto, would like to see a resto thread. this was mine.
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