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  1. It looks like I found the thread for my 2001 Camry Stalling issue. My car has 100K miles, when I hit the brakes the lights dim and the car dies or almost dies at times, when I am just driving down the road the lights are micro flicker on and off, on occasions the power locks deactivate and the radio goes off/on. The car will start right back up. The problem has progressed from a rare problem to severe in the last two weeks. In the last year my car alarm has set itself on about 5 times - I never set my alarm. During the last year the battery has been a magnet for corrosion and I have cleaned it many times and used various substances and changed my battery cables and the corrosion resurfaces every few months. A few days ago my engine light came on and the Mechanic determined that an O2 sensor failed and I had that replaced, my engine light is out, however my car still stills. Also I have changed my fuel filter. It looks like I may be headed into a major challenge in solving this issue? Any suggestions are welcome. Bob M