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  1. PPE engineering do an 02 conidtioner which goes between the ecu and the sensor, giving it a false reading, which keeps the Engine check light off.! Think its only around $20 delivered aswell!
  2. To squeeze any more power out of the 1.5 lump you really need a bit of a budget or its not worth it. £600 can see 120bhp and £1k can see 135bhp! You may not think 30bhp for £1k is worth it but very noticeable in a car that only weights 950kg!
  3. Easy way to check is rev counter, if it goes to 8,400 then its a 190! 140's only going to 6,500 ish i am correct! The 190 has a ceramic intake manifold instead of plastic aswell!
  4. The NZFE block will hold 150bhp without needing uprated interals as thats what the turbo runs in japan
  5. Seems alot of hassle when you could have just bought the 1NZFE for not much more than selling the 2NZFE! You are correct the only difference is the stroke!
  6. Hi Buddy. Remap you really only have two options, Greddy Emanage or dastek unichip. With the same mods as you and a remap you will be looking at between 130 and 140bhp depending on the actual map and condition of the car!
  7. No worries, did mine the other weekend, it looks alot harder than it actually is!
  8. Hi buddy you bought the best colour there :) Standard speaker size is 13cm but you can fit 17cm using autoleads adaptor or home made MDF rings, the speakers can have a max depth of 65mm (before it hits the window) Yaris and a porsche, a bit different!
  9. I would stay clear of basics if i was you, lots of members have had problems with them! Even as little as a year after fitting, springs breaking and shocks sleaves coming apart. As for lowering it depends on the ET of your wheel!
  10. Having looked through some threads on the celica forum high 14's or very low 15's is the norm with decent launch and changes. Parkers says 15 exactly aswell!
  11. They do TTE springs for the celica buddy, 30mm all around though! Cant help you with a part number though, just one of the ones i looked at had them!
  12. The yaris engine is basically bullet proof as with most toyotas, aslong as the car has been looked after you should be able to drive it as hard as you want. Unsure of the rattling noise you talk about as you say everything external was secure! I would be very shocked if you broke the chain by driving it too hard ... I do drive it hard sometimes and never had any problems from the SR or the T sport
  13. Looking for an early Celica 190/T Sport in the South! Pm if you have one for sale! :D
  14. Definitly fits the SR as i had one on my old one, some car mag did a test using the typhoon when it first came out on the 1nzfe and it produced near enough 5bhp on the dyno
  15. As its illegal I’m sure TOC doesn’t condone or promote such activity (as in speeding posts which get removed. See T&C's) Expect this topic to be deleted as the moderators don’t have double standards Sorry but this is a car forum and he hasnt mentioned once he is going to be driving it on a public road and if this topic gets deleted its a joke! Anyway......Raeman is correct you should expect between a 10-15bhp rise with a full system exhaust and a typhoon, i am running one and am very happy!
  16. Had to park up against the curb as well as i could, didnt go too well, we cleared some snow before aswell! Luckily the splitter is pretty secure!
  17. Merry christmas! Be safe all :D
  18. Had alot of problems with the green stuff pads, the ones that fitted my SR are under 1.3 99-05 (No ABS) even though it does have abs! DP21225 I told EBC about this but they didnt change anything! DP21295 are for the T sport, they are too wide for the 1.3 discs! DP21446 are basically as wide as the above so wouldnt fit aswell! If yours is a jap built 1.3 SR you want DP21225, they are pretty awesome on standard discs you will be happy :D
  19. Pretty easy to install, just need to find a place to map it after! Go on the other yaris club, look for a thread in members gallery by matty, he has step by step guide. Would post a link but it just redirects it here.......
  20. Dunno who is driving the type R's, the 500kg man?!?!? Guy who use to own my car did a 16.3 in a standard t sport at santa pod, still got the bit of paper in my car!!
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