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  1. I do drive it around, just have to be carfull as sometimes the bubble wrap flaps over onto my side of the windscreen. Really annoying when that happens.
  2. Used SmartCar based in Bilston. They put some sealent from http://sutherbys.co.uk/. For the Corolla i got a deal as i was getting the Corsa valet'd as well. Cost i think about £135, thats for the protection, scotch guard on seats and a 4 year guarantee. I don't know how good it is, but 1st impressions are good and the valet company has been around for 10years+ and has a good reputation.
  3. Price is about right, i've been looking around last few weeks, and i wouldnt pay more than 3K for anything older than 52 plate. I'ts the mileage that seems a bit odd to me. If that mileage is genuine i'd pay 3.5~4k For a car that old see what needs replacing bushings, exhaust, air con recharge etc.
  4. Just get the paintwork sealed, costs a bit, but no more waxing etc for a few years. Ideal for people like me who only wash the cars when the nagging gets unbearable
  5. Personally, I wont let my Corolla within 100 yards off these.. Damage to our corsa over 3 years thanks to these things * Ariel snapped in half * Cracked side mirrors (twice) * Scratched alloy * Plastic trimmings loose around the car where the brushes have caught and pulled on them. And before anyone starts Corsa bashing, its a great little car with a solid build!
  6. How come people seem to be shifting these cars so quick? when i was looking for a car i saw quite a few off these, all with only a few thousand miles between owners. And considering what you get in them, the prices werent too bad. One went for 12K at wolves, with only 3000 miles on the clock. Is it the running costs or are poeple finding them too much to handle?
  7. This happens on my Corolla SR D-4D as well, i agree it can be annoying. Last night in the dark and rain i had to be extra carefull changing lanes. I've only had the car a week so assummed it was an annoying trait.
  8. Hi, I'm looking to put some paint sealant on my car, something like supagaurd. Does any one have any recommendations? Also does anyone know where i can get this done around wolverhampton? regards, Shin..
  9. Had the car a day and a bit now, well happy with it. Not as loud as i thought it would be and pick up is fantastic. I will post some pictures up when i get a chance.
  10. sorry i forgot, been a while since i've been on this forum. I used to a gold member before, what are the gold member rates these days?
  11. <Moderator>Sorry Surinder... you need to be a paid up member to advertise. Forum T&C's...</moderator>
  12. Heard about the rain marks on the seats, something to do with the flame resistant coating. Apparantly if you moan enough at them they will recover the seats. I went for an 07 plate 2.0 D4D Diesel model, in a dark gray color.
  13. cool, paid the deposit today and should get it later this week. Took it for a test drive, quite impressed with the engines pulling power. but seeing as we're upgrading from an Corsa 998cc , even a shopping trolley is impressive.. Im suprised they havent fixed the bubbling alloys, my Yaris suffered from that.
  14. Hello everyone, Been away for a long time, but i may be owning another toyota again after a 5 year break. I looking to buy an 06 Corolla SR. Can any one advise what to look out for (common faults etc)? Thanks, Surinder..
  15. cheers peeps Been off the forum for what feels like years, so ive lost track as to whats going on here. Been very busy last few months with work and DIY stuff. Spent the day with my wife and son, she was well chuffed. When she asked what i wanted for my birthday i said nothing as I dont need anything at the moment. So she's off to India for a two week holiday next week now I have reserved the right to buy something later on tho ;)
  16. no offence but grow up, one day you may need the so called bacon.
  17. Next time threaten to call OFT. I was told by OFT that they cant skip on warranty issues unless they can prove the fault was CAUSED by a lack of service. Maybe ToyotaPR can give a helping hand here? Just trying to get info on the offset and PCD fig's for my car. Got the pictures RadToy, but how on earth did you manage to get a red tomatos stuck on each wheel I'll be in touch as soon as i get the figs
  18. Sorry to hear that, little bas%%%%% should be castrated without anesthetic :ffs:
  19. You could rub some baby oil onto the front of the bonnet, not only will this give a nice shine but it will help the bugs from stickin
  20. Does anyone want get rid off there standard yaris tsport alloys? Assumming they will fit my mk1 mr2 i'd be interested in buying them. Unfortunatly i cant remember the stud pattern on the YTS Surinder..
  21. looks good mate are these cars rare? i have only ever seen them at meets. Never on the road.
  22. my mr2 spits out black murky water, which looks like oil. If thats any help. If thats all it is then its normal for a cat free car as far as i know.
  23. Sorry to hear this mate, but like every1 says, its only a car and can be fixed. Also a good excuse to slap on a new body kit ;)
  24. no offence but thos speaker things are stupid, was out on the weekend and heard this loud "pshhhhht". Looked around expecting an scooby, tubby, cossie maybe even the local turbod integra. All that could be seen was a naff green H reg rover 214
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