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  1. Muchas Gracias, Finally Toyota revealed a new car we knew about. Not so many changes as I expected, but looks fine. There is a lot of changes we can't see, but I belive that changes are for the better. woofer
  2. Buenos dias, Jose Manuel. I knew that you will be the first person who will have the first photo of new facelifted Avensis. I can hardly wait to see this picture!!!! Thanks a lot in advance. woofer
  3. Hi to all. Lately I have found some more details about Toyota Avensis Facelift 2006 on a German forum http://www.cremergruppe.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=115 Could somebody translate this info for a normal language???
  4. You have an absolutely right!!! Today is April fool's day. The Avensis outside is the Avensis model from salon in Geneva 2005. The interior picture was from Volvo S80. I hope you forgive me!!! woofer java script:emoticon(':D', 'smid_3') :Djava script:emoticon(':D', 'smid_3') :D
  5. Hi everybody, I got some photos of new Toyota Avensis III model June 2006. from outside there is not too much changes, but you should look inside!!!! outside: http://klub.chip.pl/unika/Avensis2.jpg inside: http://klub.chip.pl/unika/Avensis1.jpg and what do you think??? It looks better then previous??? woofer
  6. I got the information from Toyota Dealer, that in June 2006 it will be the new AVENSIS model. Maybe not exactly new, cose only with small facelifting. The car should have changed lights, front grill and added MP3 player in SOL version. I couldn't find any info and pictures of the new AVENSIS, but as I was told, the information will appear not before 25 May 2006 (official info of course). The price will rice about 700$ for petrol, and 1000$ for diesel. If anybody has more details, pleas let us know. Maybe some photos. woofer
  7. Hi, Is there an electronical version of Toyota Avensis Owners Manual (I mean .pdf or .doc )???? Maybe someone has an address to download it. If yes, please send me. woofer - prospective avensis owner
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