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  1. Hi Need some help here please. I have started work on installing a Kenwood CD player for my car (toyota mr2 3sgte - K reg). When i bought this car it was a project car and had no stereo fitted at all. In fact the toyota connectors were cut off and the wires were in a mess. I am trying to decode the wires and see where they go. I have had a look at the other postings and other sites on the net but i always find that i have different colours compared to what they have. Have a look below and see if you can make any sense of this mess... Two thick grey cables comming in. One contains 4 wires and the other 7 wires and then i have three wires loose. Cable 1 Black/Silver Bands .... - ? White/Silver Bands .... - Permanant Positive + Green/Silver Bands ... - ? Red/Silver Bands ...... - Ignition Positive + Cable 2 Blue/Silver Bands ... ? White Silver Bands . ? Black/Silver Bands . ? Brown/Silver Bands. ? Green/Silver Bands. ? Yellow/Silver Bands. ? Red/Silver Bands ... ? Three Loose Wires Green Stripe/White Stripe ... ? Pink Stripe/Blue Stripe ........ ? Black Stripe/Red Strip with Silver Bands ... ? The car has the 4 speakers, two tweeters and two subs behind the seats (built in - standard). I think that the audio setup is fairly standard from Toyota. If anyone can help me solve this mess i would appreciate it very much. Thanks for your help guys....
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    Hi there I am having a similar problem also. My supra, 7mgte engine was rebuilt after the head gasket blew. Now, the car starts but its very sluggish and not as it was. So, i have to back track and get the problem sorted. Can anyone help me with the ignition leads? I need to know what the lead sequence is from the ignition module... example... 1 2 3 4 5 6 = ignition coil from top view 1 2 3 4 5 6 = spark plugs... can anyone tell me what the spark lead sequence is from the ignition coil to the spark plugs..... ie example does ignition coil 1 have alead going to spark plug 3 etc.. I would really appreciate this information Thanks
  3. Hi Mate The same thing happened to my car. The head gasket blow and the whole engine was rebuilt. I tried to start the car and went into a world of problems. NOT starting up, or not firing etc. This is what i did. There is no point spending shed loads of cash to get someone else to do this when you can. The common place to look at is the spark plug connectors. A) make sure they are plugged in correctly B) Make sure that the spark leads are going to the correct plug and the sequence is correct. C) Make sure that the timming is correct. This is done on the timming belt and cams etc. D) Check for the obvious.... loose connectors, bad leads etc. I was checking everything and it took me ages to get my car started and running. But, it was something very simple - as explained above. Do you have the haynes manual ? I have other manuals etc if you need further help etc. Just let me know. Forgot to also say.... make sure that you battery is fully charged. And, have you shorted the connectors on the diagnostics block ? And good luck...
  4. Hi I need some help here...... A friend of mine and I were discussing toyota supra's.... He rekons that he had a Toyota Supra 3.0l twin turbo on a 7MGTE Engine. Where i think he is talking loads of b0ll0ck$. As far as i am aware that Toyota made the MK3 supra with a single turbo on a 7MGTE engine. The Turbo was a CT-26. And, they made a toyota supra with twin turbo but the engine size was a 2.5litre and NOT a 3.0litre. If there is anyone out there who knows what he is talking about and can help.... please help and tell us what you know or think. Thanks
  5. Hi Mate. The best place to go in your area is a place called silverlake auto parts. just google it and it will show you where they are. Its a massive salvage place. Good Luck
  6. Hi there Thanks for your reply. I will try to get hold of a timming gun from halfords etc..... and try again. But i really need to get this sorted out as its doing my head in lol Hopefully i can get it sorted out asap. Anyother ideas please let me know - or if we can chat on phone that wud be easy. Thanks Paul PS do uhave msn ? yahoo or icq ? #
  7. Hi there. I am still having issues with my car starting. Let me explain to you what I did. The Crankshaft Pulley was set to 10degrees. Piston 1, was TDC. The Cam Shaft Pulleys were set correctly - Both of them had the two marks aligned Vertically. The TPS was set as it was marked before being removed. The automatic timming was disabled by bridging connections TE1 and E1. I am not sure what i am doing wrong here. I can smell the petrol and the car feels like it wants to start but it dosnt quiet make. Is there any chance that i can speak to you about this issue. Can you email me your phone number so that i can call you. I will email u my number too. My email address is Thanks Paul
  8. Cool i know what you mean, thank god its a nice day here - so i am of to the garage to perform a miricle on my car ... fingers crossed hey .,
  9. Hi there thanks for your reply. Quick question.... im not very technical - but what is a CPS and TPS...? Thanks
  10. Hi there. I have a toyota supra MK3 (turbo 3.0i - 7M-GTE engine). A few months back the head gasket blew on the car. The head was taken off skimmed etc and then reassembled. The issue that i am having is that i have used the Haynes Manual which is a waste of time to be honest and it dosnt give me proper answers to my questions..... I need to get the timming correct. I need to know at what angle the crankshaft pulley should be at? is it 0degrees ? or is it 13degrees ? Also, i need to know how the cam position sensor should be set. So if there is anyone out there who has changed the head gasket and their car is working ..please please please help me......... Thanks Paul 07932 413847