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  1. Hi I have a 1992 Jap Mr2...I am having some troubles opening up the front fog lights to replace the bulbs... Does anyone here know how to go about doing this...there are quite a few screws and they a pretty damn tight too! Many Thanks...
  2. Hiya Does anyone know where I can buy crystal clear head light units for the MKII...since the standard ones are pretty yellow and misty! Thanks...
  3. Hi I am currently replacing the old tail lights on a 1992 jap MR2 for the latest ones from 1999. I have a problem! My old centre panel was attached using 4 nuts/bolts...however...my new panel does not have such fittings...its is compleltly plain....all it has are teeths which are suppose to fit into the rear body...but my car does not have such slots for these teeths to fit into... how do i fit this new panel without the usual bolts? Please Help! Thanks
  4. hi I am currently replacing the rear lights on a 1992 japanese spec MR2 for the later ones. I want to know whether both red circles on the new lights are used as brake and main lights or is the red cirlce closest to the reverse lights on the centre panel used as fog lights only? Please see the pic below also...my new centre panel does not have the boltings to fit into the body of the car...it is completley different from the old centre panel...wat should i do? Please help!
  5. cheers rhaines... Appreciate all your help.... Thank you
  6. Hi... I am actually looking for the toblerone shaped ones.... Any hints on where i can find them....i am getting very desperate now!!!! I got my clear side lights from ebay...you can also check www.procarparts.com http://www.ndh.net/home/bertakis/japparts1.htm They look very classy once they are installed...well worth the investment! Cheers
  7. Hi... I have a 1992 Japanese import MR2. I just installed a set of clear diamond side lights in the bumper. I now want to know where I can buy a set of clear side markers, which are also located on the front bumper. Any advice? Cheers
  8. SHAZ

    Climate Control

    Hi Guys.. The climate control in my MR2 MkII wasnt cooling...so I got it re-gased. Howev <_< er, that has still not solved the problem. The guy said to me that the heater martrix valve is probably stuck to "HOT" and needs fixing. Does anyone one know how this valve is accessed, who could do this job and approximately how much it will cost? Thanks in advance! SHAZ
  9. Wats the procedure for removing the toyota badge from the front bonnet of the MR2? Is it glued or bolted? Is removing it going to affect the paint work? Appreciate any feedback...
  10. Hi... I would appreciate if anyone out there can help me out... I just bought a Japanese import MR2 1993, and have just discovered that the internal climate control system is not giving cool air when set to cold. It consistently gives warm/hot air. I have tried setting it to manual and auto. Why could this be? Can someone help? Thanks in advance!
  11. hi ... i would be interested in ur seats for mr2... pls call me on 07989 538 176 and i will call u back thanks SHAZ
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