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  1. OK, so I ran the diagnostic and I got the error code P0627... According to Google this is a common issue but it's not clear what the remedy is. Any ideas? Also, in the mean time, the light has gone off and does not come on again. Maybe I should just ignore it... :-)
  2. Hi, The "Engine" light on my wife's 2005 RAV4 has come on (yellow), and I guess this can mean many things...? Any ideas where to start to figure out what is wrong? / B Y
  3. Thanks Steve and Ant-Rav, I have located the valve and run a computer check, but no errors shows up... When I took the car out today it initially behaved like before, i.e. in second and third gear I get no acceleration at all, like driving an old tractor. But then suddenly something "kicked in" and the turbo felt like before again! I kept driving for an additional 45 minutes and really pushed the car to it's limit (as much as you can push a 2 liter diesel car :-), but I couldn't get the engine/turbo to fail again! Now, when this is good news, I'm still not confident that the problem has dissapeared. Is there something I can do in terms of cleaning the valve or should I wait until it happens again and then reluctantly invest in a new part? The fact that it didn't show up on the computer test, i.e. no error code, is that not a sign that it could just be a temporary thing, something stuck etc? Thanks for your experienced advice. Big Yellow
  4. Hi all, I've got a 2005 MkII with, what seems, the same issue... You say it is an easy five minute replacement, does anyone have any instructions on how to do it? Thanks,
  5. Hi all knowledgeable Toyota people out there! I have a RAV4 (European/French spec) and I have bought a Neo iON iPod connection box, which I have some issues to connect. When I connect it, the stereo does not power up and seems totally dead. When disconnecting the Neo box it works all right. Has someone out there any experience of this product and of connecting it to your Toyota? Is there anywhere I can find pin config for the stereo? The US company I bought the Neo kit from (Mp3YourCar.com) has been very helpful, but suspects the radio specs in Europe are different than the US, which is probably very possible. So, any help would be much appreciated. Best regards Big Yellow
  6. Hi, can anyone advise on how to remove the stereo in a RAV4 2005? I want to install an iPod connection, but fail to understand how to get the stereo out... Any help/advise would be appreciated Big Yellow
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