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  1. Hi Mate, It's not just the Pistons that give the 5sfe 2.2 capacity, it's mainly the stroke of the crank. The pistons alone (87mm) and using the 3sge crank (86mm Stroke) would only yeald a capacity of 2044cc. To get close to 2.2, you would need 87mm pistons and a stroke of 93mm, which would yeald 2211cc........ or 86.5mm pistons and 93mm stroke to get 2186cc. So, to get 2.2, you'd need the 5sfe crank and conrods aswell (Unless you regrind the journals to correct size for the 3s-ge), Pistons and then a 5sfe flywheel or a moddified 3s-ge wheel. You can get a 2.2 stroker kit (Not HKS) with the crank machined to take the 3s conrods from TB Developments. Which will get you 2186cc (86.5mm bore x 93mm stroke) To be honest, the cost of the parts, work/labour would'nt be worth it. You'd get more bang for your buck and a lot more fun out of a Custom make ITB's (Individual Throttle Bodies) and a Programmable ECU like a link. and it'll work out cheaper than the 2.2 conversion.
  2. Paint code is 202. Astral Black if i remember the name correctly.
  3. There are a number of differances, Depending which ST185 Your looking at. The Main Versions (UK, JAP Import and CS/RC) are - ST185 UK - E-ST185-BLMVZ ST185 Jap Import - E-ST185H-BLMVZ (Note the H after 185, this denotes a Jap Import and also Widebody Version) ST185 CS/RC Chassis Number - E-ST185H-BLMQZ (Note the Q instead of the V) Hope that helps, Tony
  4. I'm not sure it's a good idea, unless you're going to fit the Carlos cc system too. I think lots of people have done it, but to my mind you might as well buy a C/S or an R/C if that's what you want. But anything is possible - have you seen the bonnet on Dawesy's car; now that is, as far as I know, unique. If you can fit the C/S style vent to a Rolla you can certainly do it to a regular Celica. Very true, it's pointless to change the standard bonnet to a cs bonnet if you still have the ATA top mount. But if you have a FMIC, The standard bonnet is made redundant (it's designed to scoop air into the Top Mount) and you would be better off with the CS bonnet to get rid of Under Bonnet heat. In responce to ollyt86, the bonnet is a direct fit. But like i said earlier, if you have the standard ATA Top mount it'll be a bad idea to fit, as you wont get airflow to the Top mount.
  5. Fensport do a range of suspention Products for the 162, Springs/Shocks. Also a range of whiteline products and polybushes. Tony
  6. Hi Mate, Standard Oversize Pistons - Fensport do a set of 86.5mm (0.5 oversize) for about £180 + Vat, and a set of oversize Piston rings to match is about £80 + Vat. Both are Genuine Toyota. To have a look yourself, go to fensport.co.uk, go to Parts, ST205, Engine section. Tony
  7. I've got to say i have had a auto glanza turbo, and it was brilliant. Before i bought it people told me, "Nah, it'll be boring" and "You'll miss the gear changes through the bends" and such like. Nearly put me off. Nearly. I'm glad it did'nt. Toyota Auto-Boxes are excellent (I can only say from experaince of a 1996 box, i don't know what the older ones are like). The quote - "You'll miss the gear changes through the bends" is made redundant buy the fact you can lock the gear box in 2nd (Well capable of 60-70MPH, which is more than enough through tight and twisty country bends). The quote - "Nah, it'll be boring" again is made redundant by the fact if your driveing along peacefully and then drop the accelerator, the smile factor alone at the speed that it'll change gear is awesome (Much faster than a manual could ever be). Once rolling the Auto Will be quicker than the manual because of the quicker gear changes (same state of tune, same model). As is evedent of the Supras, Glanzas. They are fantastic around town. That being said, the bad points are you do feel a little alienated when driving because of the limited input you have to make, and even more annoyingly is the stigmatism and the taboo nature that most people show when you say it's an auto (Even tho most, not all, but most have never driven one, never mind a good one) That being said, ultimately i do prefer a manual, but the critical point is, i would'nt not have a car because it's an auto.
  8. Hi Mate, That clutch is essentially a standard replacement made by exedy. Certainly not the best, but should be good. At the end of the day, you have a lot of choice for the GT4. Standard Toyota - Very Long Lasting Clutch, Good Grip, Will wear out quite quickly if launched constantly, more so with increased power. Exedy do a range of clutches, not jst the one above. You can get an uprated Single Plate, Uprated Twin Plate (With Flywheel) or a Twin Plate Carbon Clutch. OS Giken do Single and Twin Plates. (RB Motorsport are the UK Dealers) Ogura (ORC) do Single and Twin Plate (You can get the single plates on Ebay) HKS do Twin Plates Blitz do a clutch (I think it's twin plate) Fensport have a range of clutches from Single to Triple Plates. RPS do a Single Plate i would avoid anything by ACT, Techniclutch, Clutchmasters. Just my Personal Opinon. Thats just a quick rundown of some of the clutches available. Hope that helps Tony
  9. The Fog lights all require the following to be legal (Front and Rear) - 1. Only operate when lights are switched on (So should be wired to the main lights) 2. There must be a warning light on the switch or dash light to tell you that they are switched on. 3. Rear Fog Light must be towards the righthand side of the rear of the car Hope that helps Tony
  10. What Year is the car? Front Discs - Early Imports Had 2 Pot Calipers and the discs were (as said above) 255mm x 25mm (Vented) Late Imports (And Uk 185's) had Single Pot Calipers but a larger disc - 277mm x 25mm (Vented) Rear Discs - Both Early and Late and Uk - Single Pot Caliper - 288mm x 10mm (Solid) Tony
  11. Agree with whats been said above..... The Injectors in a ST202 are 315cc (ST182 = 295cc and ST162 = 250cc). The standard injectors are good for about 210-220bhp at about 90% duty cycle, and your not going to be anywhere neer that with what your planning above. The St205 injectors are 550cc which are good for 370bhp roughly, far, far to much for what you need. As for will they fit, yes they would, but you'd have a to low duty cycle IMO. Also the Standard ECU cannot be re-mapped, you'd need some form of piggyback. Hope this helps Tony
  12. If it's a ST185, Seibon do Carbon Replicas of the Carlos Sainz, Standard GT4 (ATA) and the flat bonnet. I have the Seibon Carlos Sainz bonnet and the quility is fantastic, weave is uniform and nigh on perfect. VIS also do a version. As for the ST205, as said above, there is the C-One , Seibon also do them for the ST205 and Vis Racing. I ordered mine from Mad Motors (You'll have to overlook the name) and cost £540 with next day del.
  13. Hi Mate, Brand new stock springs and shocks from toyota will be around £150 per corner at least, but to be honest you'd be lucky to get change from £800 i'd wager. (Ive looked into getting brand new suspention for my ST202 from Toyota.... Ouch!). You could get KYB Shocks & Eibach Springs for about £500 which would be about a 30-35mm drop. Or you could Get Koni Adjustables and Eibach springs (Rear turrets need welding work doing to them first apparantly) for about £650ish D2's are a possiblity, would'nt like to guess at a price though. These are quite harsh though, i've been told. Teins, £850 including uprated upper mounts, Excellent Ride quality, adjusts from -12mm to -65mm. I would personally avoid Spax, Apex, H&R, G-Max etc. On a further note, If your interested in going stock i'll have a set of standard shocks and springs (In perfect working order) by the end of december / early January as i'm have work done to my 185 and i've got some teins on order. I doubt it makes any differance but they will be off a 1992 JDM Widebody ST185 Import. If your interested let me know, and we'll work out a fair price. Hope this Helps Thanks Tony
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