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  1. Happy Birthday BadBoyVTEC!

  2. I think my battery died because at the time i was running 2 amps plus all my extras on the inside. I hated those 6x9's anyway.
  3. I have heard of this before on the Aygo for those that decide to wash their car but then park it up and not use it. Needed just a good ol'blip of power to get it un-stuck I believe.
  4. I have replaced the battery once on my 5 year old aygo
  5. Car usually runs above 13v anyway when on. I run my interior lights from a connector block on an extra set of iso leads on my stereo connectors.
  6. Hi peeps, As you should be able to see in the following photo I have some minor crash damage on the front of my Aygo: As you can see in the next photo I have removed my front bumper to try and straighten out what may be bent: Could someone please tell me what I can try to do to straighten up where the bumper goes in further than the lights. Also the bonnet catch needed to be adjusted after I crashed it. Perhaps someone could point out what I may need to replace. Thanks.
  7. On the petrol models the fuel tank has an internal filter I believe. Dont think this will help but I dont think many people have the diesel version on here.
  8. It's basing its' outcome on ONE fillup. And for THAT fillup it seems to be accurate... You need to input more data to keep it up to date. I use SpritMonitor and have entered all but the forst three or so fillups. So I get a much more accurate average consumption, since I've done more distance and have burnt more petrol... Plus it is US MPG. Click the sig and you can convert to UK MPG
  9. I have had my wheels on my Aygo for about 4 years and had to change 1 bearing in that time. Think its more due to the state of the roads thesedays with potholes everywhere tbh, like a slalom in some places. These things do happen but for warrenty work you shoud have put the standard wheels back on. I would be paying about £70 fitted for a wheel bearing though max £100.
  10. DO NOT BUY A RIPSPEED. Remember quality does not come from a box in Halfrauds. Get a make that you know like Pioneer or Alpine. Although they are more expensive, they will have more of the features you want from your headunit and will continue to work for a long time to come. Goto a car stereo shop and get a demo on a few differnt units, then decide what you want and search online for the best deal.
  11. Just cut the holes with a jigsaw and install the speakers. Did a door card build on my mates aygo with comps. I have the same speakers in my rear door cards (3 door) and I had to use a jig to increase the size on those holes. Mine:
  12. Whatever you do stick to a good make for your sub as quality varies greatly between these (pioneer, kenwood, jl) and cheapies (fli, vibe, unbranded).
  13. Nice. what's next weight reduction? :)
  14. Awesome O. Sounding cool. Would you say your mpg's have changed since adding those?
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