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  1. Got 126000 on the clock just wondered what mileage you would expect before the engine blew up or I flog it to the local taxi firm Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  2. Alright Chaps Had a corolla t sport for last ten years looking to swap next year for the Verso as new family on way. Just wondering any advice surrounding the CV 04-09 model ?. Looking at either the T Spirit or SR version either the 1.8 P of the 2.2 D. My corolla has been bullet proof upto 125 k looking for something with same reliability etc. Any recommendations??
  3. Coming up to 118000 miles still going strong 04 CTS :) Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  4. Why has it failed mot ? My tsport passed every year last ten years first time Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  5. Cheers mate will take a look Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  6. Anyone had any issues with the factory fitted radio, mines started to blink on and off electrically only for a second then coming back on nothing else is switching off. Happens three times on a half hour journey driving a steady 60 Any ideas what is may be ? Thinking it may be a bad earth ?.
  7. All sorted thanks coolant level has dropped right to low and fan was kicking in, hopefully sorted bu know now what the guggle is Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  8. Got a T sport 04 done 115k miles but get a gurgling when pulling away in first any ideas ??..sounds like my stomach morning after a vindaloo. Touch wood everything is ok with gear box, clutch etc seems a little weird, thought it might have been fuel line from tank to engine !!
  9. Morning! got a noise coming from front drivers side wheel at low speed, its sound like something is catching rather than knocking. Its stops when driving past 20 mph and breaking to a stop. Could it be the break caliper catching on the disk or wheel bearings. Its a 04 T Sport corolla.
  10. Anyone help got electrical fault with 04 t sport corolla entails no power to windows, radio, anything on the dash board or power steering. Been into mr ts local dealership who cleaned up the negative terminal on the battery and fixed problem. Driving home tonight from work and issue came on again now no power to all issues. Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting battery terminal but no luck. She starts and runs but no electrics. Checked fuses but no luck. Back into mr ts tomorrow for further diagnosis, any advice what it might be ?.
  11. Just wanted to say how chuffed I am to have my T sport 04 back on the road. Had her since 2005 and she's done 110k, been on and off the road over last four years due to having company cars. She's been in for MOT again this week and passed with flying colours for the 7th year running. Filled her up with some shell v power and took her for a blast opening up the full VVTL engine, she sounds like a brand new car. Loved this car for last 9 years and mileage dependant she will run for another couple, could not bear to let her go. You don't see many T Sports around anymore so look out for a black 04 plate around cheshire area. One very proud t sport owner :)
  12. Any ideas to get light off dash it's stuck on with trc / vsc light thanks
  13. Can anyone help had my 04 cts off the road since march but have been turning the enginer over every couple of weeks to keep battery going. But since the battery is flat tried to jump start her from my company car and the alarm sounds on the cts when i connect the live plug to the cts battery ie the last of the four leads to connect. Have tried the other way around to the live battery but the alarm still goes off. So i cant turn the engine over due to the alarm going off, is there anyway to reset the alarm with the current battery being flat ?? Help please
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