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  1. It is very easy to do. You can open the 'holder' using the key itself. Take the key out and on the bottom of the unit is a slot, put the end of the key in the slot and turn. The unit will split and you can then see the battery. When putting a new battery in make sure it is the right way up and there is no film on the underside, then just click the top and bottom together. I would suggest that you use a good make of battery like Duracel.
  2. I would still suggest that not just bleed the system but replace the complete fluid.
  3. I wonder if they just bled the system or completely changed the fluid. If they did not change it totally it could be contaminated with water if it has not been changed for many years.
  4. That looks really good, hope you enjoy it.
  5. I had a similar rattle in my drivers door (mark 3 version), the local dealer fixed it under the warranty for free.
  6. When I first started buying petrol I paid £1 for 4 gallons, how is that for inflation!
  7. I may be wrong but if your car is a 2017 reg. and in the UK is it not covered by the 5 year warranty.
  8. They do not fold in electrically only manually.
  9. The best thing you can do is to test drive one. Mine is the first automatic I have ever owned and I would never go back to a manual car again. I'm sure that when you have driven one you will like it.
  10. Push button!! I still remember the fist time I filled it with petrol and forgot to press the brake, There was a queue behind me, I felt a right -------!!
  11. Looking at the symbol it looks like the alarm on/off button.
  12. I have no problem getting my Yaris in the garage, which also has a workbench, floor shelving and a 1968 Lambretta! No on else near me uses their garage to park their cars!
  13. Welcome, great car you have there!
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