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  1. Hi Philip - welcome to the club, yet another hybrid.
  2. Do you get any vibration when you put the fan on, or is only when AC is on?
  3. Bos


    Thank you 'PaulinhoT', this is my 10th Toyota. The first was a Toyota 1000 back in the late 70's.
  4. Hello, not new but back to Toyota Yaris after nearly 7 years of owning 2 different Mazda 2's.
  5. Steve

    Happy Birthday Bos!

  6. Bos

    Crunching 2Nd Gear

    Mainly from cold!
  7. Bos

    Crunching 2Nd Gear

    In my opinion it is normal. There is a fix which helps, I had mine done under warranty.
  8. Bos

    Nitrogen In Tyres

    As I understand it the air we breathe is approx. 75/80% nitrogen. The molecules of oxygen, because they are smaller 'weep' through the tyre. So if you keep having to inflate the tyre (say every month) then eventually there will be a higher % of nitrogen. So is it worth any amount of cash to inflate with nitrogen by itself.
  9. Bos

    Corolla G6

    The G6R has a 1.6 litre engine!
  10. I have just checked the Mazda site and agree with you, it has changed since I last looked at it.
  11. I have just looked on the Mazda site and it states that the TS2 is a manual 1.3 engine (1349cc). This has 15'' alloys, all the models above that has 16'' alloys. The TS model has 15'' steel wheels.
  12. As I understand it you are nearly correct with the wheels options. I believe that the TS has 15'' steel wheels, the TS2 has 15'' alloy wheels (normal tyres) and the rest of models have 16'' alloy wheels with low profile tyres.
  13. I haven't got any, but are they not the same as the T3 alloy wheels? ( they were on my last Corolla Colour Collection )
  14. Bos

    E11 ?

    Looking at your avatar it is an e11, but I cannot see the headlights. Are they round or rectangular? If rectangular it is an e11 Facelift ( built after year 2000 ).