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  1. Thank you for your replies. My car is booked in to the garage next month for it's 4 year service and MOT, I'll get them to check the 'rattle' then.
  2. 2017 Yaris hybrid. A rattle can be heard from the drivers door when going over a bumpy surface. Can someone help with instructions to remove the door card? Thanks in advance.
  3. The cat is attached/part of the exhaust manifold and is between the engine and the bulkhead. It is not easily to get at.
  4. Very sad to see another generation 7 off the road. The face lift model was/is a really good car. As long as you are OK.
  5. I think you will find that the photo of the connector is upside down compared to the diagram.
  6. Am I not reading this correctly, I think Chris is talking about a 2016 Yaris3. Is this not covered under the 5 year warranty?
  7. I have been told the new Honda Jazz is also self charging, is this correct?
  8. The only problem buying the last year of model is that the second hand value initially drops very quickly.
  9. Just a of week before I am 73!!
  10. Hello and welcome. glad to see another starlet on the road.
  11. Move it into park and then try to start it.
  12. Unfortunately after 1st April 2017 all new hybrids are no longer zero road tax!
  13. Bos

    Satnav update

    Go to 'My Toyota' web site register and look for satnav update. when you have found the one for your car and select. You should find it will cost nothing. Download the update on to your computer. I did and it was free for my 2 year old Yaris Hybrid!
  14. Bos

    Satnav update

    If your car less than 3years old the update should be free.
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