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  1. Just a of week before I am 73!!
  2. Hello and welcome. glad to see another starlet on the road.
  3. Move it into park and then try to start it.
  4. Unfortunately after 1st April 2017 all new hybrids are no longer zero road tax!
  5. Bos

    Satnav update

    Go to 'My Toyota' web site register and look for satnav update. when you have found the one for your car and select. You should find it will cost nothing. Download the update on to your computer. I did and it was free for my 2 year old Yaris Hybrid!
  6. Bos

    Satnav update

    If your car less than 3years old the update should be free.
  7. Great choice of older Toyotas. The corolla range of models have been going for quite a few years. I remember my first corolla was the '30' model back in the 70's. I think the best one I had was 1988 ( E ) reg. it had really good quality fabric seats are really thick carpets.
  8. Hi kath, a really good choice of car, enjoy.
  9. Hi debs, I think the only Yaris that is '0' road tax is a hybrid registered on or before 31st. March 2017. After the 1st April 2017 all cars were taxed yearly at the same rate, I believe it was £130/140. My yaris is a hybrid before the 31st March, it has satnav, cruise control, climate control etc. but they are all automatic. They are more expensive than petrol only models, and are rarer to find.
  10. I understand it is inside the tyre itself and can only be replaced by taking the tyre off.
  11. I think your car is left hand drive, it might have a different system to that in the UK.
  12. Hi Philip - welcome to the club, yet another hybrid.
  13. Do you get any vibration when you put the fan on, or is only when AC is on?
  14. Bos


    Thank you 'PaulinhoT', this is my 10th Toyota. The first was a Toyota 1000 back in the late 70's.