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  1. http://www.trakkers4x4.co.uk/toyota.html
  2. I think I averaged about 31.5mpg over 18 months with my Invincible. I'd always take manufacturers figures with a pinch of salt. Your engine is still new & will ease up with more miles on the clock improving power and mpg, wait till you get around the 10K mark and see what its like then. Vic590 on the HPOC forum had a similar problem, diagnosed as a "tight engine" by the dealer and swapped for another truck Figures on the Toyota site for the 2012 model are the same as the earlier ones?
  3. Seems to be quite common, have a read HERE
  4. has been given two weeks to live. The wife's gone away for a fortnight.....

  5. Hi Darren I run the Hilux Pickup Owners Club and have posted a few threads over there about the problems i had - Reversing Sensor Problems (you'll need to sign up to view that thread tho mate) Mine went back literally 10 times to have reversing sensor problems sorted. They swapped the bumper, sensors, control unit, painted the sensors, dried the sensors, cleaned the sensors etc etc etc but it never sorted it out. I finally got so fed up with the service team that i faxed a formal complaint to the general manager and dealer principle. I got a call back fom the GM later to apologise for all the problems, confirm that they were struggling with ideas on how to resolve this and recommended that the parking system be removed from the truck, the bumper replaced again and offered a refund. The Toyota Parking System is incompatible with the hilux steel bumper (its normally fitted to plastic car bumpers), your bumper will rust and the sensors will always play up. I'd recommend you get a refund and bumper swapped ASAP. After all the problems i then got a Targa Meta 2 number plate system for a third of the price which performed faultlessly all the time i had it http://www.abacuscaralarms.co.uk/alarms/meta/reverse-sensors.htm Hope that helps.
  6. Aircon drain pipe blocked Nick, thread about it here
  7. You cant really compare the 2 as 4WD should only be used in snow/ice/off road etc.
  8. Lots of injector problems on the 3 litres but all sorted under warranty so no big issue. Clutch thrust bearing on mine (done under warranty), a few with minor paint quality control problems (done under warranty), some chrome tarnishing (mine done under warranty but some struggling to get theirs done). In the rare event that you have any problems Toyota seem very good at covering it under warranty, especially compared to the Navara Issues for example...
  9. If you dont mind slightly lower spec, rarely carry more than 2 people and are more interested in economy I'd be tempted to go for a 2.5 HL2 Extra Cab - like this blinged up one that belongs to my mate Andy...
  10. The Taro is a VW badged Mk3 Hilux Pickup and the mk3's had power steering so not sure why yours doesnt? Have a word with Darren on HPOC who should be able to sort you out with any bits to convert yours
  11. JasXPear

    My Hilux Pickups

    My Hilux Pickups
  12. Yeah the new paints are really soft and the dark colours show up tiny scratches worse than anything. Looks awesome polished up but hard to keep looking good. And dont let the dealer valet it when you service it or you will end up with fine scratches everywhere!
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