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  1. I got a JVC AVX810 which I found pretty good. This is my guide to installation and all that! http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...st&p=712952 Thanks Jackal, that's exactly what I was after... Not sure bout the noise issue tho?
  2. My Celica got broken into and they wrecked my old CD player, and stole the face! So I want a replacement, preferably something that I can use my iPod with. Do you know if this amazing double DIN system will work? My car is a 1998 UK Gen 6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/7-In-Dash-DVD-Player...93%3A1|294%3A50
  3. One last question - should I really need to buy a new belt? Or would the one I have be safe for another 60,000 ?
  4. Thanks for your input GT4 Booster :) Yeah, the car is fine starting and turning off. Starts first time every time, so I'm happy with that. But my car used to fly up that hill to work in second, and now it needs to go into first with plenty of revs, so I'm definitely going to get it done again! Yes, sometimes I hear a sharp sound when changing up the gears, not sure what it is. Thought it was just an exhaust noise before, or my imagination... it's hard to hear.
  5. Thanks for the advice mate! Well the two option for me at the moment are: Option A - Get it done sooner - will cost me over E100 to get it done around the corner from work. I can do this really quickly, and maybe it's the best option or Option B - Get it done later - will take a couple of weeks, but eventually the mechanic who made this mess will fix it for me, and it won't cost me a penny I'm currently thinking of using option A, because I just want it sorted and I love my Celica too much to risk the engine. But 300 miles or so should be ok, yes???
  6. Thanks loads for the info guys! That all really helps :) I have to do some long journeys before I get this sorted out - will it do any damage? Maybe 300 miles or so 350. The other thing is that I got a local mechanic to do the timing belt and tensioner/idler pulleys for me, and he did the job quite cheaply. I don't live there anymore so it's a bit if hassle trying to get him to do the entire job again :( Is it possible that he could do it without taking off the entire belt, etc? I'm actually tempted to just go to Toyota and ask one of the mechanics there to sort this out, cos I'm now doubting the ability of the guy who managed to mess this up!
  7. Wow, looks like a lovely Celica! Well to wear. How long do you have it? And where were the seaside pics taken? Looks beautiful there...
  8. I got a dayco belt on ebay as well as the idler and tensioner pulleys from TCB, and after my mechanic put them into my car, it's driving more like a 1.4 than a 2.0! I go up the same hill to work every day for the past two years. Before changing the belt, my celica would fly up the hill in 2nd gear, now she is struggling and a lot more sluggish. The car is also lacking torque throughout the entire rev range! You just keep waiting for that "sweet point" int he power band around 4000rpm when it just boots off, but it never comes :( it just feels like my old 1.4 civic... I've also noticed an "uneven" power distribution... ie, the car doesn't accelerate as smoothly, sometimes there are uneven boost in power here and there in the rev range. This car was driving fabulously before the change, and was always super fast, super responsive and like a new car! My car is a 98 GT, ST202, 3SGE engine. Did my mechanic do something bad? Or should I just change the spark plugs / leads and pray...
  9. Many thanks for the links guys, really appreciate that. I hadn't considered TCB because I thought they just did breaking. I've dealt with them before and have always had very positive experiences :) So do you reckon I've bought the correct timing belt?
  10. My car is just about to clock 120k miles. After having a timing belt at 60k, it needs another one asap. I also have decided to replace the idler pulley and tensioner pulley. Just wondering do you know anywhere online I can order these parts? So far my searces haven't been fruitful. I could order directly off Toyota but they are very expensive. One more question - I've bought a timing belt: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=280283551670 But I'm a little confused about the engine codes. It says: CARINA E 2-0 16v 116kw/158BHP ENG TYPE 3SGE FEB 1994 - SEP 1997 CELICA 2-0/2-0T 125/129/178kw/170/175/242BHP ENG TYPE 3SGER-GTE NOV 1993 - AUG 1999 My car is a 1998 UK Celica GT. It's not a 3SGER, it has a normal 3sGE. Haven't I bought the wrong belt? I thought it looked right first time but not so sure now. thanks for any help in advance...
  11. sounds like a good first Celica to me, and well kept! kittyb4u I think it would be wise to go for a car like this, cos you don't want too much bhp for your first purchase :)
  12. Mine is 38mpg (nearly 40 a few times), dropping to 35 if I'm in traffic a lot. It's a 98 GT, so they are really well tuned engines.. seem more torquey than the higher bhp engine, and don't use as much petrol. I once got 40!! So if you don't rev them much you will get great mpg... ok, it's not as much fun, but keep the revs below 2500rpm and you get amazing economy. I often start in 1200 rpm after a gear change - it's sluggish, but saves a lot of fuel. no point in revving in traffic. ps. I calculate my MPG based on a full tank mileage. So if I get 380 miles out of a full tank, it's 38 mpg. its that fairly accurate? I did all the maths once and it added up ok
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciate it! Yeah, I'll probably just change some of the easier bits and pieces before I go for the advanced stuff, I don't feel very confident about taking my cars suspension apart cos I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to put it back together. But I've ordered the Chiltons Manual from the US and will be interested to have a look at it and see if there is any stuff I can do...
  14. I'd like to be able to work on my cars suspension, e.g. change suspension components, shocks, springs, struts, etc. do any of you know any good online guides for the standard UK Gen 6 GT? If you were to recommend a haynes manual, I guess the ST185 manual, or the Carina one would be closest to the UK GT suspension? Bear in mind, I'm a total novice and don't know one part of the suspension from the next, so I need very detailed / basic instructions :)
  15. My parent have a 98 Avensis estate, and recently the indicators have gone complete bonkers! The mechanic couldn't fix it and said it could be a complex electrical problem, so currently they are driving with dodgy indicators (not always a good idea). Basically - if you put on an indicator, sometimes the "tick" sound made by the indicator will go at a much faster pace than is normal. If you check outside the car, the indicator isn't lighting up at all. The bulbs are fine. And sometimes the indicators *do* work. But mostly they don't. If anyone has any advice we'd be really grateful. By the way, our old 1990 Carina which has 290,000 miles never had any problems like this :)
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