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  1. hi, bought my car with an aftermarket filter on, just wondering if anyone wants to sell their standard airbox and filter? if u could pm me with a price please, thanx :)
  2. this thread can be deleted! i was so lucky to find a white celica GT down the road from me hehe
  3. celica GT white or black, anybody?
  4. ok i'm posting this up pretty early, but i'm looking for a gen6 celica GT or GT4 in white, manual and decent mileage. Just want to gauge some interest to see if anyone is thinking of selling up within this 6-8months or so as i will be interested. i currently have a honda civic its the 1.4 EJ9 in vogue silver with 65,000miles on it and is a Wreg (2000), various tasteful mods and would be looking to sell this off for cash, however also available for part ex. but as i say, just looking to see if anyone here has anything to offer within the next half year or so, i will also consider other colours but white is my definate preference. much thanks.
  5. hey man, seems ur gettin some good comments about it but then also a lot of ppl saying its too low, hmmmm i also had the problem with mine but i think a rear lip would just top it off, i never had any problems with it on speed bumps, baring in mind my yaris was also lowered by 40mm. i'm aure u can find a cheap rear lip from somewhere, as i said, try upauto they maybe able to source u one for cheap, looking good tho matey here is what it used to look like on mine when i had a rear lip, awwwww i miss my car so much :(
  6. i like it lol, since it was mine, and its 1 in the world! hehe maybe there are similarities but, yups 100% custom built to spec. loving it matey, will look even better once a kit is on
  7. wot the hell man! David!!!!!! u !Removed! me up, whats that all about the south yorkshire police e-mail u sent me to tell me to check toyota owners club forum!!! OMG! seriously !Removed! me up. Afraid i have provisionally sold the exhaust to someone, just pending payment and will also be dropping this off down the road for that person. ah and thanks for that choading, as i said tho, i always prefer pickup but if the stuff really needs sending, then guess i can do it.
  8. the car itself has been sold now, so jus the remaining bits left, i havent had chance and doubt i will have chance to go check how much it will cost to post spings and strut, but have been told by another member it cost them £15 to send off a strutbrace, so i will simply say £15 for postage charge of the strut brace and also same for the springs.
  9. lol £45 and i said £35 by PM to him since i didnt know what the post fee was, but found out now and it is infact around £15 as Chris confirmed to me also lol
  10. Bonnet - SOLD Mirrors - SOLD still on offer is: Alloys Strut Brace Lexus Lights Exhaust - Provisionally sold, awaiting payment
  11. PM's replied, hmmmm actually have a lot of interest in certain items, i think the best way is 1st come 1st served, whoever can get me the required amount of money 1st can have what they want. jwyaris, i have another person who is asking about my mirrors, but if ur willing to collect i guess that would be better, if u would like to come this week sometime, it would be fine. really sorry if i cant hold items for people, much thanks for showing interest
  12. not a clue tbh matey, but i shouldnt see why not, the exhaust will come with the joint from the backbox to another pipe which then connects to the original exhaust pipe from the car which is located on the right drivers side of the car, so i'm thinking it should fit. i already have someone interested in the exhaust but i guess its 1st come 1st served basis, so whoever will chuck me some cash 1st it will be theirs but yeah, if any1 could help on the fitment agenda that would be most appreciated, thanx
  13. all PM's replied and yups i have the chavvy lights still hahaha.
  14. mcsky

    16 Inch Alloys

    hi matey, i do have some alloys for sale but not 16's they are 15" wolfrace street octane alloys, very good condition and include tyres on them with good tread. i'm looking in the region of £280 for them
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