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  1. your 1998 (4.1) Rav4 diff lock doesn't lock an axle but the diff BETWEEN the front and rear axle... to make sure that 50% goes to the front and rear axle some other 4x4 have a diff lock what actually locks the diff of an axle so both wheels do keep power even if one wheel loses grip, like some Hilux do have a rear diff lock with a switch on the dash
  2. still do find the 4.2 3dr the best rav4 ever, our previous one is on this forum post of anchorman, gold / grey colour, but none available for a reasonble price
  3. thx Kingo i have pictures of our adventure on google+ Biton Walstra
  4. Hi guys, Thank you for all the PM's with sugestions but we have bought a 2005 grey XT3 VVTI Auto with FTSH and 77Kmiles Pictures to follow soon
  5. thx Del, but 1/1/1970 is not really my birthday but has to do with Unix ;) i don't like to have too much personal details on the web due security reasons
  6. The 4.2 model from.... Chery J11
  7. Hi all, Back in the UK from our Australian adventure we are looking for a used Rav4 automatic as we sold all our vehicles when moving to Australia. Any members has one for sale? Cheers for now, bt
  8. 40mpg is of course non town and m25 traffic jam driving! How do you know ? as a matter of fact your wrong again I`m rarely on a dual carriageway, motorway or even in in 5th gear, I do have `light feet`, stick to speed limits (can you do anything else in town) and don`t drive like a idiot ie like a normal human being. The Hilux gets a `clear out` in the lower gears a couple of times a week. I am a diesel additive and Shell V-Power user. not sure but i get i bit sick of this discussion as i had one my self and in the posted link you can clearly see that you will NOT get 40 mpg in town driving.
  9. 40mpg is of course non town and m25 traffic jam driving! if you check out that link i posted then you will have good over all mpg figure. also light right feed ;) if do buy one come over to hpoc, they are now in devon for the weekend.
  10. no, the 2,5 d4d is a diesel engine for sure. what i mean is that there are petrol hilux around and they might have automatics in other engine volumes then the 3.0 d4d.
  11. true; automatic does has the 3.0 engine when talking about a diesel why not using http://www.fuelly.com to do the calculation?
  12. i have made some pictures in the past on this forum about changing those sensors
  13. 40mpg, are you sure with an automatic? i got good figures when having a 2002 hilux but that was a manual; http://www.spritmonitor.de/en/detail/403078.html
  14. The problem with the gearbox on my Rav has come back and I noted P0755 again (using an OBD tester I bought form ebay), from 1st to 2nd gear the revs go up and 2nd takes a while to kick in. From standstill going into R and D are jerky. Before I send the ecu back for a retest, I will have the gearbox oil chnaged and the Solenoids checked/replaced. The O2 Sensor issues are always there, obviously the engine light goes away when I reset, if the gearbox issue is fixed I will invest and have the O2 sensors changed and keep the Rav for another 2 yrs. Not sure but if you keep driving with those faulty O2 sensors you might damage your cat what cost way more then those £105 plus sensors if bought at http://www.ecolambda.co.uk/
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