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  1. Is it the TTE one?? if so i am interested can you email me at Steve.roberts@ipsen.com
  2. Has anybody got pictures of side skirts fitted to there cars, i am not sure on the half ones that Toyota offer as an accessories??
  3. Does anybody know where i can get a set of Side skirts for my Corolla T-sport 3 door??
  4. Buy my new wheels of me which i have for sale currently on this site.
  5. Wrexham North Wales, does that count?? Anybody want to buy my Alloys??
  6. Sorry i Don't. But it is the standard fit from Toyota.
  7. They are Four stud, 16 inch Alloys with Bridgestone Tyres and they have no marks at all they are new. I am asking for £360 for them.
  8. Set of Corolla T-Sport 10 spoke alloy wheels complete with tyres that have only covered 4k from factory. Bargain price, contact me direct if anybody is interested.
  9. What Garage?????? I want to see what it is like.
  10. Does anybody know, if i fit a K&N filter to my Corolla T-sport will it affect my 3 year Manufactures Warranty?
  11. I have just had my Corolla T-Sport and now in the market for either a set of 17" alloys or 18" has anybody got any pictures showing the 18" wheels fitted or website? Also i have a set of the 16" alloys for sale, complete with new Tyres which have only covered 3000 miles.
  12. Does anybody know why Toyota are still not selling the lowering springs as an option on the Corolla T-Sport?
  13. Has anybody experienced what can be discribed as a "growling noise" when changing gear in 1-3rd gear??
  14. Has anybody replaced the standard CD Head Unit built in to the Dash of the Corolla T-sport, and if yes , how did come apart?
  15. I have just bought a new Corolla T-Sport and looking to buy the lowering springs from TTE, does anybody know if this will affect my Toyota Warranty for 3 years?? ;)
  16. Does anybody have any idea why a 190bhp engine takes 0-60 in 8.4 secs? why is it a lot slower than the Civic Type "R" or is it a lot quicker between gears?
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