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  1. Moto

    Mr2 Hardtop

    Well then Les.. Did as told.... BOUGHT IT ! ! (well girlfriend did anyway as it will be hers) and collect it next week. Silver Roadster Import..53 plate. Well happy. Garage are replacing the electric aerial as only went up half way, the clip that holds the plastic cover down on the spare wheel, the seat cog, and refurnishing all 4 wheels to get rid of the nasty scuffs. All i want to do now is the following: Somehow get a hardtop from somewhere, twin chrome exhausts, chrome overbar, and boot spoiler to give it a finishing touch. Any ideas?? that dont involve silly prices?? or am i dreaming again..and thanks again for your input.. MUCH appreciated
  2. Moto

    Mr2 Hardtop

    WOW GUYS AND GALS!!! Who would have thought such a simple question would have raised such a debate! Very impressed by you all, esp as this is my first time here. So, if I get the drift, its a factory only fit option, that you might be able to acquire through some dodgy means on ebay, but you can buy the fitting kits from the dealer, but it might not be safe to do so, and all roadsters appear non-safe now anyway, but no-one can actually give me a clue where I might be able to get one still Me thinks my girlfriend not gonna be too happy with me!! Unless anyone know of a mint black or silver Roadster, with hardtop, with twin exhausts, twin rear spoiler, chrome overbar and black leather interior, on a 53 plate, going for a song???? Let me know.... wrking nights so gives me something to read.............. ;)
  3. Does anyone know where to get a hardtop roof for my potential purchase of a 53 plate roadster?? Cant seem to find one anywhere and the main delaers say that they are factory fit options form new only and therefore you can get them?? Any hints, clues etc muchly appreciated!!
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