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  1. As the owner of an Auris 1.6 SR I can share many of your concerns/criticisms about the car. I've had mine since new on September 1st 2008 and the car has just passed the 20k mark. For most of the driving I do, an hour long 30 mile crawl around London followed by a quick blast down the A40, it's fine. It's only when back in rural Suffolk that I really notice the issue with poor forward visibility due to the A pillar design. Out of interest, I see you're also from Suffolk, are you another customer of Dingles in Lowestoft? One further thing, at 28, I believe I must be one of the youngest Auris drivers that I've seen on the road!
  2. I'm just the same, use the dash cupholder for my Nokia N95. You couldn't ask for a better fit.
  3. Mine has settled down a lot recently and hardly rattles at all. The worst rattle came from the upper glove box and I fixed that by adding padding that ensures that the lid is held tight. I think the summer heat also helps, the plastic expands slightly so it all fits together that little bit better! There's no hiding that it's a poorly built car.
  4. Had a puncture on my poorman's SR (1.6 petrol) over the weekend. All my previous cars have had full spares, including a full alloy spare on my Corolla SR, but didn't realise how poor the spacesaver was til I drove the 4 or 5 miles to the garage yesterday morning. I was lucky to be close to home, but wouldn't want to go any distance at all on the spacesaver.
  5. Not an independant, but I always get my car serviced at Dingles in Lowestoft. Always been very pleased with the dealership, and much cheaper than the alternatives around the London area. I know it's 45 miles away, down the worst A road in the land, but might be worth considering. Also a Dingles in Norwich and Attleborough, but not had firsthand experiance of those.
  6. I've noticed this recently too, now we've had some warm weather in the UK. As I'm often sitting in traffic through London I'm switching between outside and re-circulation fairly frequently as I much prefer 'fresh' air, but not when behind some dirty old diesel (sorry SR180 owners!), so not finding it a massive problem. It would be nice though if there was a method to make the car start in the same configuration as when it was turned off.
  7. I'd also be interested in knowing about hooks, at present I just hook a hanger over the drop down handle if I need to transport a suit, but it's not great and is probably damaging the handle. PS. On the off chance that they post on this forum, thanks to the clean black SR180 that flashed me across on Upper Clapton Road Friday night!
  8. There was a recall related to the steering column that I had carried out on mine, but I believe that was non-critical and only affected a small number of vehicles. My Auris is my 4th consecutive Toyota, and I only changed from my 56 plate Corolla SR as I was offered a very good 0% finance deal from my local dealer. I was very happy with the facelifted Corolla, but overall I think I'm pleased that I made the change. At the end of the day I do fairly high miles (18-20k a year), and I want a car that doesn't cause me any problems, and with the Corollas and now the Auris, that's exactly what I've got.
  9. I've got a 58 plate 1.6 petrol SR. I'm pleased with it, suffered early on from the well documented brake squeal, but had that fixed and other than a few rattles that I'm gradually getting on top of, I've had 13k of happy driving so far. The TR grade is basically a T3 with the addition of scuff plates and the silver chrome detailing on the rear. The SR grade is a T3 with (slightly) lowered suspension, tinted rear glass, 17" pitlane alloys and rear spoiler. So the main difference is a refined look on the TR, and a sporty look on the SR.
  10. Someone else on here mentioned a while ago that they use Autoglym Fast Glass, and I've been using that iside the car ever since. It's great for getting the mat finish dash looking clean. I just spray in on and wipe with a synthetic cloth.
  11. I've had a set of genuine carpet mats since picking up the car new on 1st September 2008, and within 8 months (10k miles) the drivers mat has totally worn through where the heal pivots from the accelerator to brake. Thanks to Parts King mentioning that all parts come with a 12 months guarantee, these are currently in the process of being replaced (hopefully) by Toyota via my local dealer.
  12. My mat is badly worn already, only had the car since September and just passed the 10k mile mark. My previous Corolla was just the same. Got a service next week, will see what they have to say.
  13. 1.6 Auris SR (2008 58) in Decuma grey and 27. I've been brought up in a Toyota family! My parents always had a selection of Carinas, and more recently Avensis'. My first Toyota was a Corolla in 2000. It was a 1.3 (1995 M) GLi in purple haze (sky blue to me)! Probably the best built out of all of my Toyotas. I then upgraded to a 9 month old 1.4 T3 Corolla with Style Pack (2002 52) in navy blue. A nice car, but a bugger to keep clean. My first new car was a 1.6 SR Corolla (2006 56) in silver steel. A great car that I was a little sad to sell, but the deal I managed to get on my new Auris was too good to turn down. (It's still for sale, lovely car if someone wants a Corolla SR that's been very well looked after... http://www.allapprovedcars.com/Used-Toyota...CarDetails.aspx )
  14. All you need to do now is add a Corolla badge in that big white space above the SR!
  15. Curious too, what do you have to do with your lights when driving in France? It's not just in France, it's all of mainland Europe. The headlights on all modern cars are designed to rise towards the nearside curb. For us in the UK that is pointing left. When in mainland Europe with a UK spec car you need to have beam converter to stop this so that the beam isn't directed straight at oncoming traffic. On previous cars it has made night time difficult as it cuts out too much light, but with the French authorities not being the kindest towards us Brits, it's a modification that you really should do before travelling over/under the English Channel.
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