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  1. Enjoy Lift! I miss it now since I got rid of my CTS.
  2. Well I'm going to be taking off the HIDS, wind deflectors and the t-sport mats. The springs and backbox will be staying as I don't have the original parts anyway. If someone buys it and joins up here it'll be an excellent T-Sport. Well looked after and with the essential mods already fitted.
  3. Thanks for the send off guys. Shouldn't be too long before I get the new car. I'll post some pics of the new car when I get it. Glad I've been of some help to some of you on here. For those interested. I was given £3500 part ex on the Corolla.
  4. Thanks for the send off chaps. Decided to leave as I fancied something different and more refined and with abit more bells and whistles whilst being cheaper to run so I thought the Civic EX would be a good choice. I was given £3500 trade in which is ok for a pre-facelift CTS.
  5. It will be sad to see you go, but you can always come in as an ex addict ;) That Civic will be lovely car with HID's, Sat Nav, etc etc You do get used to the bar in the rear window! Just make sure its had the fuel flap & handbrake recall modifications completed Thanks Cabs! I'm buying from a main dealer and I did ask about the recall work and the sale person has assured me that it's all be carried out. Will check the service history when I get a chance. The Civic does come will all the toys/gadgets so looking forward to playing with them.
  6. All, It's now time for my Corolla T-Sport to go. After 45000 trouble free miles I've decided to part exchange it for a 2006 Honda Civic 1.8 EX in Silver that comes with 18" Alloy Upgrade and the optional reversing camera. Car has only done 8000 miles. I know I'm going to miss LIFT but I've reach the stage where top speed and acceleration aren't as important for me in a car. Sorry for leaving the CTS fold but I need to move on.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday mate. Hope you had a good one!
  8. Good looking car! Hope it proves as reliable as a Toyota! :D
  9. I've got one of the original 60gb PS3's Games I have are: COD4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Virtual Tennis, GT5 Prologue, Buzz TV (great for parties!), Pro Evo 2009 I play regularly online with my mates on Rainbow Six. In the past I had resistence and Drakes Fortune which I completed. Both very good games.
  10. My 2002 Pre-facelift ones are heated so I suspect a 2005 facelift will be too.
  11. Another Island Green Corolla T-Sport? and I thought it was a rare colour! At least I've yet to see another one in the North East. Is really cheap though. Hope my car gets to that mileage with few problems. :D
  12. Nice looking motors you all have there! Seems like Alsace Granite is a popular colour choice afterall :D
  13. Go For it! Excellent choice of cars in your family. A top of the range Auris and a Top of the range Corolla...Nice!
  14. Being a CTS driver I tend to go unnoticed up here against Type R drivers. Probably because I drive a pre-facelift and it's more discreet. My older Bro drives a Type R. Probably one of the first to get one up North in 2002. I have a mate who drives one too also brought in 2002. Both are quite aggresive drivers and have already had crashes in them. Possibly sums up the typical CTR drivers. Mind you when I drove the CTR I kinda thought I could beat anything too :P
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