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  1. did he do a rr before it had the de-cat? cant see a de-cat only givin 1bhp gain, usualy gives around the 5bhp mark
  2. if its the vvti it will not really increase at any revv, its the VVTL-i that changes at around 6k if yours is the 190 then check the lift bolts, and make sure its the correct oil that been used
  3. theres 1 in linwood toyota for sale around the 11k mark only done 8k miles looks mint
  4. hi i require a 6 speed gear box for my celica 190vvtli, if any 1 knows of any that i can buy please let me know thanks
  5. hi jus looking for a little info, a mate of mines got a celica VVTI and says its 190bhp standard pic of the engine below i thought the only celica engine that had 190bhp as standard was the VVTL-I engine as below did you ever get 190bhp for the 1st engine pictured the VVTI??? thanks
  6. hi peepz i currently drive a levin bzr plus a supercharged celica gts but to be honest im thinking about selling them as i miss smaller hatchbacks,. i used to have a starlet gt turbo and miss it badly, but dont really want to go back there again, anyways does any 1 no if you can get yaris rs turbos imported yet and where to get them, thanks
  7. oka here pics n the spec of my celica gts and levin bzr CELICA GTS IMPORT toyota celica 190 vvti-l gt-s model blitz supercharger. blitz large intercooler blitz hard pype kit blitz boost gauge blitz oil temp gauge blitz water temp gauge blitz active clutch blitz all access ecu blitz nur spec R exhaust samco hose kit trd short shift trd suspencion. trd 4 branch manifold trd GTS body kit. trd strut brace. LEVIN bz-R 1.6 20valve quad throttle white enkie alloys ( very very light ) recaro interior full exhaust system ( unsure what kind ) stainless 4 branch manifold TOM'S panel filter Tein Coilovers ( slammage hehe ) LSD 6speed gear box the things got more strut braces than an oil rig trd metal head gasket think the power is around 185 so not bad for a N/A 1.6 lol thanks any comments welcome
  8. here is a link to another sit that has pics n more info on all my cars http://scotcarcruises.informe.com/viewtopic.php?t=992 redman - i have a good job plus stay with my parents so all my money can go on cars, and yes my mate does have a newish sti but i didnt say my mate was 19 lol hes a bit older,
  9. hi thanks for the coments , will get pics up soon, not took it down the 1/4mile yet or had it on the rollers so not sure,
  10. lol at the very high price of £2600 plus my levin's £1400 lol
  11. Just like to say hi to all the celica owners as i'm now one of use , owneded toyotas since i was 17 ( only 19 now tho lol ) had a nice little starlet gt turbo advnce for my 1st wee car then got my self a corolla Levin bz-rR tuned to around 190bhp ( still got the beast :D ) anyways heres the spec of my celica 2002 GT-S jap import 190 vvtli. blitz supercharger. blitz large intercooler blitz hard pype kit blitz boost gauge blitz oil temp gauge blitz water temp gauge blitz all access ecu blitz active clutch blitz nur spec slainless exhaust scmco sport water pipe kit trd short shift trd suspencion. 4-2-1 Manifold 18" gtr alloys trd body kit. momo gear knob trd strut brace. black swade seats genuine toyota touch screen tv/dvd/md/nav/cd its a pretty fast car, has no probz getting by my mates 54plate impreza STI :P
  12. awrite mate i know that my 20v engine makes a lot of funky nosiey but when i read other owners reviews and ask some of my mates who also have them they all kinda have the same problems. i know that they have a very loud rattle to them but its normal plus if you have and airfilter or open stacks it gets louder around the vvt point ( 6k or wateva ) if it aitn that then i would check the tensiorns i had a strange nosie about 1 months ago for a bit then a tensinor snapped lol gutted. jonny
  13. thanx for the honest opinons ppl, i do really want it so we will se what happens but a wont be taking it to santa pod that will be my soon to be TURBO'D blacktop levin bzr hehe ;)
  14. em well since its a gts model which i may be wrong but i think its the top of the range model plus the charger kit cost around 6k alone lol so no chance a could build a thing like that for anything under 20k me thinks lol a would be keeping it for a year or 2 at the least
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