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  1. Hi all, I have a Japanese-spec 1988 Toyota Starlet carby auto (in Australia) which has a strange issue. When the car is up to temp i find that for a set position of throttle pedal, the engine speed will sort of pulse up and down. If i start to back off the throttle pedal the engine develops more power, until it changes up a gear. Now i think this is probably related to either a temporary lean or temporary rich condition - possibly due to a vacuum leaky, or something...? Timing is correctly set, fuel filter, air filter are new. Local toyota specialist doesn't know what to make of the carby as it's an import :( Any help appreciated. Garth
  2. Some very interesting points from Mr Q - i'll be checking further as soon as i can find the time. Does anyone know where i can find an factory manual for the 2e carb engine, or even the carb on the 2e? A mechanic i took the car to said it looked like a variable venturi carb (like an SU for any british car lovers out there) is this correct? I'll have to get some specs on the weight of the Starlet, must be significantly lighter than the weight of a big ol' corolla ... and therefore faster :D
  3. I just purchased a Starlet which the previous owner had changed the coolant in - he had used a long-life coolant which apparently works its way around the seals in the WP very easily. I had to have my pump replaced and am now running just corrosion inhibitor. I realise that not running anti-freeze in Russia may not be a great idea however ... ;) Garth
  4. Wow! I've been looking for days and i have finally found someone else with the same problem as me! I have a carb 2e engine - in an 1988 Starlet which i just bought. I adjusted the timing back to 10 deg as it was pinging going up hills and since then it the engine has been all over the place at part throttle, only accellerating as i back off the loud pedal or push it all the way down! I have had the same warm starting problem too! To make matters more interesting the car is a low volume import, so it's was never available in Australia and the Toyota specialists know nothing about it! I agree with these vehicles being very reliable, the only issue i've had was when the PO put long life coolant in, which promptly destroyed the seals in the water pump : ( Will sort the timing out and report back! Garth
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