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  1. Hi I am going on my holidays to Italy next Sunday (30 July) and urgently need a CD that covers Italy. I have the old-style Avensis with the TNS 200 system. Can anyone help me please? If you can please call me on 07870 356590. Thanks a lot. Regards Martin
  2. Hi everyone Thanks for all the feedback so far. Dan - in your experience should there be any 'hesitation' in this engine at any speed? My engine has a definite 'vibration/slight mis-fire at approx 2200 with no load but when driving it is at lower revs. eg the ride is not smooth at about 2000-2200 in 3rd, about 1700 rpm in 4th or about 1500 in 5th. This car never feels smooth - even on smooth roads. Update on what has happened today - I took the car to RRG Bolton (the car being supplied by RRG Salford) - the workshop controller was great - he had a drive but said that it was not much unlike other Avensis's he had driven. Anyway he did check and clean out the airflow meter and checked the spark plugs. But this made no difference. He did say that if I booked the car in he would do further checks for me but I have decided to pursue the matter with RRG Salford. So I rang RRg Salford to see where they were up to - as they had promised to check with Toyota for me. Anyway, the upshot is that they have requested that an engineer from Toyota checks out my car when he next visits them. When driving my car back from Bolton (about 40 miles) I thought that it must be the worse car I have driven in the last 30 years. So much for progress!! Keep your comments coming - I need all the help I can get. Thanks again. Regards Martin
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. Tomorrow (Monday) I am going to see another car which is identical to mine which my dealer has at another branch of their dealership. I am going to ask for a test drive and compare it to my own. Hopefully it will run better than mine and I shall then ask them to get mine running to the same standard. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again to everyone who has taken an interest in my case so far. Regards Martin
  4. Hi everyone. Thanks for the further comments - they will help me when I next see the dealer. But keep any comments coming please - the more info I have the more likely I am to get Toyota to take notice of me. Thanks a lot. I'm feeling a lot happier now I know that you are confirming that all these engines are not bad. Regards Martin
  5. Hi everyone who has replied so far. I have tried everything suggested but no luck so far. The dealer has promised to find another car (the same as mine) so that I can compare it to mine. The dealer is maintaining that this is a 'characteristic' of the car. A different Toyota dealer also told me that the technical department at Toyota had told them that the 'vibration' was normal because of 'balance' and the fact that it is a 4 cylinder engine!! What do you think of that for an excuse? My 'old' non-VVTi Avensis ran perfectly smoothly - I thought that a later engine would be better, and not run like an old Cortina that needed tuning. I am not happy. Can anyone else confirm that they either have this problem with a 1.8 VVTi GS or that their car runs perfectly smoothly? I would be grateful for any replies. Thanks again. Will keep you up-dated. Martin
  6. Bought a 2003 Avensis 1.8 VVTi (old model) in February this year. It didn't seem to run smoothly and eventually realised that at some revs the engine seemed to mis-fire giving a lumpy ride. When stationary the engine runs 'rough' at approx 2200 rpm. When driving I can get the same fault at other revs, depending on what gear I am in. The ECU has been changed - made an improvement but still got the problem. The dealer is telling me that this fault is a 'characteristic' of this car! I just can't believe it. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Thanks for any help you can give. Regards Martin
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