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  1. Hola, Currently I have a rev5 JDM imported turbo, this of course is complete with JDM number plate holders at either end (ie they accept the 'square' type plate only) Now, ive been on the old dvla website as you do, and have fell in love with a plate, however the effect is completely destroyed with the square shape plates :( So, do I just buy a UK numberplate holder for the front? is it that easy? (and if so where from!) Which brings me to the rear, now over on IMOC there is a picture (sorry to steal the link!) That effect is perfect, and as you can see the plate fits totally spot on and would work like a charm, question is, where on earth do you get a plate made up so specific, I know there are links and suchlike to places on the web, but it really does have to be spot on
  2. The chicken wire just smacks of bad taste, it makes it look terribly tacky, the colours ok I guess, but the work put into it doesnt complement it well :(
  3. It was on the sold stock pages, its all been changed and its not there anymore :(
  4. Anyone know who got the gold 'top secret' one from neweraimports.com? that had a supercharger, remember seeing that some time last year :)
  5. I got the clear sides from MTTE, they are not the 'crystal' 3rd party ones, they are a proper toyota part, I believe some celicas have them. As for the side repeater bulbs, they are JDM philips silvervisions, I dont think you can get them in the UK, I got my mate to get me a few from Japan last time he went.
  6. Right ive had clear side repeaters and silvervision bulbs on my rev5 turbo for ages now, and washed it this w/e so got a crappy phone camera pic, still it looks better than. A.) Orange repeaters B.) Clear repeaters with orange indicator bulbs full gallery as always here http://www.bgbi.co.uk/pix/mr2 Ill get some proper pictures soon :)
  7. How dare you! lol only joking, thanks for the input I`ve gota say I agree with most of the remarks you have stated, im changing to a do-luck kit and black wheels with a polished lip, but not until the end of the year. ← Nicely done :) I dont mind 'bling bling' but I say save it for the wanna-be gangtas and kids Its quite a heavily american influence and I dont think it looks good on sleak sporty cars, save it for the escalades and other 'g-rides' out there, still at least theyre not spinners Not sure black wheels will set it off right tbh, the all black body might be too overpowering for the wheels to look good. That said a polished lip sounds like it would give it the exact amount of sparkle needed I look forward to seeing it when you make these changes, dont get me wrong I think it looks nice now, but by the sounds of it the next 'tweaks' you have in store will crank it up a level B)
  8. All this positiveness is making me sick ;) All IMO of course... poor choice of spoiler, plenty of others would look better dont like the single exit exhaust, would look better with 2 I dont think the 'bling bling' wheels suit the car as well as they could, gunmetal or such like rims would look better IMO too many holes in the bonnet interior is way OTT in my books but whatever floats your boat :D
  9. Bling Bling I preffer the gunmetal look myself, but those still look pretty tasty B)
  10. Good call, tbh I really dont like the look of that, the exhaust 'ring' at the end just looks like its thin and crap (sorry if thats not v clear) Jim stop modding your car for the sake of it, put some money away or burn it instead
  11. Yarr what that guy said :group-cuddles:
  12. No joy and its starting to wind me up, anyone else able to offer help?
  13. Will try both then I suppose! I did look for the online manual but cant find it :(
  14. 45 people have read this and no ones ever opened that bit up!? :D
  15. I cant seem to get into the interior light enclosure (where the rear view comes out from) theres no obvious access points, I just want to change the bulbs. Ive tried giving it a pull and ive tried to gently prize the clear 'lense' bits but have had no joy. As ive said im going gently so if I need to use more force let me know, also a guide would be handy, but I cant seem to find one (yes ive used the search buttton!) edit-> its a Mk2 btw.
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