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  1. Not sure how you got this info: " out of its comfort zone with long road trips " ? You definitely won't be killing the car cruising on the motorway at 70mph but if you care about the environment / mpg then go at 60mph - one thing I noticed (in my 10+ years ownership) is the fuel consumption on the Aygo goes up drastically above 56mph!
  2. I replaced it with another go-kart, Toyobaru GT86...
  3. Ok, after nearly 11 years and 100K with my Aygo I finally said good bye to it. I don't get attached to material stuff usually but I feel as though I have lost a part of my body. If I want to buy a small, reliable, economical and easy to drive vehicle that is also fun to drive (I loved the gentle roar/purr of the engine!) in the future then I would definitely buy the Aygo again. Here's a summary of my vehicle's history and repairs - something I feel would be useful to someone somewhere as if I were looking for a new car to buy I would like to know what needs to be replaced / fixed when, etc: - I had five sets of tyres over my ownership (I always rotated them and replaced all four at the same time) - 2 sets of Conti EcoContact, 2 sets of Toyo and 1 set of Avon ZT5. My favourite were the Avons, once they were run in; they all cost between £140-£190 fitted so were dead cheap. - the vehicle had main dealer service for the first four years and then serviced by myself; - oil & filter change was done yearly by myself (only £20-£25 even if I go for premium grade e.g. Shell Helix synthetic oil, so dead cheap as well ); the amazing thing about the engine is that I never once had to top up the oil between oil changes! - air filter was changed every other year - only cost £5-7. - spark plugs were changed at 40K when serviced by Toyota and then replaced with Denso Iridium plugs at 65K. Contrary to common belief, these do make a noticeable difference in fuel economy so if you plan to keep the vehicle long term like I did, then I throughly recommend them. - I had the front brake/pads replaced at around 35K miles and then again at around 85K; the rear shoe/drum never needed replacing. - aux fan belt was changed at around 70K which cost around £50 at the local garage. - water pump was replaced under warranty twice(!) and the last one they fitted seem to be working fine. - pedal assembly was replaced under warranty (there was a major recall five/six years ago) - none of the light bulbs went out except for the main head light. The last time I replaced them was back in 2010 (used Halfords' blue "xenon" bulbs). - air con still working and as effective as the day I purchased the vehicle (never had to re-charge!) - the original battery still going strong and never had a flat battery although the longest I left the vehicle unused was for four weeks in May and three weeks in January, up in Scotland. - First few months after purchase of the vehicle I only filled up with premium fuel (they were only 5p or so more expensive than regular and full tank only cost £1.50 to £2 more than normal unleaded so why not?); I only used Shell/Esso/BP etc and only used super market fuel only as a last resort (this only happened probably 10 times ) and even then only enough to get to a proper petrol station. - Unfortunately the MMT clutch assembley failed at around 75K so I had it replaced by Toyota and it cost me just over £500 (ouch) Things I didn't like about the Aygo are: - MMT takes getting used to if you've only driven a car with proper automatic transmission - it is a bit noisy on the motorway - not sure if it is due to the small engine but in winter it took ages before the heater started to blow warm air! - no traction control so if I stepped on the gas too harshly say when joining the roundabout from a stand still, it burn rubber I haven't been an active member but I did use this forum every now and then to get help with trouble shooting so big thanks to the guys here for that! Ben
  4. Hi Guys, This isn't an Aygo specific question but how does Toyota warranty work when it comes to buying second hand? I heard that the balance of the warranty remaining is transferrable, regardless of whether the vehicle is manufacturer approved or not - is this true? If that is the case, if I am buying a car that is less than 5years old, what is the benefit of buying car that is "manufacturer approved" Thanks, Ben
  5. Thanks guys. Howard, I will pull them out and have a look. Rajiv, I currently have the Iridium plugs and contrary to what people say about high performance plugs in a small car like the Aygo, I have noticed about 3% improvement in fuel economy (measured over 5 years / 30000 miles) although this may be more due to the fact I've changed to a set of hard wearing (less grip) tyres at around the same time....
  6. Hello, I'm servicing my 55 reg Aygo myself and was wondering whether I should or shouldn't replace the spark plugs. I know that according to the service schedule, the plugs should be replaced every 40k miles. The current ones I have are the Denso Iridium ones which I installed my self five years ago - I have done 30K miles since. I don't hear the engine misfiring, haven't noticed (any significant) drop in power, and the car does around 120 miles before the fuel indicator drops by one bar from a full tank (the car has a MMT). Considering that iridium plugs suppose to have longer life than standard/oem ones, should I be replacing them soon? Cheers. Ben
  7. I was in contact with them before Xmas but I just assumed they sold the used one. Yeah, I saw that one in yellow, I doubt they'd let me take that out for a spin though.
  8. Hi, Guys, I've been posting irregularly in the Aygo forum because I've been a proud owner of one but now I'm thinking of ditching it... I'm wondering if anyone's managed to get booked in for a test driver for the automatic version of GT86, in central Scotland? I contacted my local dealer who told me he might be able to arrange a test drive on a used one but that never got anywhere... I even emailed Toyota GB head office twice in the last month regarding availability of auto version for test drive around Glasgow but got no response whatsoever! Apparently these GT86 are selling like hot cakes? I'm not really into cars but I have a 54 reg Z4 and a 55 reg Aygo, both of which I have kept from new and are getting rather expensive to maintain now. I am thinking of getting the new MX5 to replace the two, when it is released later in the year but I would definitely want to try the 86 before then. Anyone know a good dealer around Glasgow who has the auto version in stock? Also anyone have suggestions for a small / medium sized rear drive coupe / roadster that handles well, won't break that bank, doesn't got too fast, not too flashy, and mechanically reliable? I got around £50K budget allocated. Ben
  9. Yes, I did mean "the car started OK and the voltage rose to similar levels as you measured in post #1". I will see and if I get another flat battery, I'll get a new one before this winter. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I left the car unused for nine days and the battery output has now dropped to 12.5V (while the alternator ouput is still the same). Is this cause for concern? Ben
  11. I had a flat battery whilst I was on holiday - the odd thing was the inspection eye on the battery was still showing green. What is the purpose of this inspection eye? After the car was jump started and after a couple of hundred miles, I checked the battery and alternator readings and both were healthy, 12.75V and 14.3V. How long can I expect the battery and the alternator to last? Ben
  12. Thanks, It has done just over 70,000 miles. If I get it replaced at a Toyota garage, will they fit the newer model? Ben
  13. Hi, My (seven year old) MMT Aygo seems to have developed a fault with the clutch - I can only accelerate gently (0-60mph in about three minutes) and kick down doesn't work either. When I step on the gas pedal a bit too much the car starts beeping and just revs up but not gain in speed. However, I can go through all the gears and am able to cruise on the motor way at 70mph. I believe I am experiencing a slipping clutch. My questions: 1. How come the "MMT warning light" does not light up? 2. How do I know it is actually the clutch that needs replacing, rather than say the clutch actuator which from what I know costs £££ ? Regards, Ben
  14. OK, the space in the engine bay is too tight for me to do anything so I'm going to take it to a garage... What is the going rate for having the v-belt replaced? Thanks.
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