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  1. The biggest difference between design and excel are the seats. For me, excel seats are much better (same issue in Auris), you need to try both.
  2. My RAV4 makes a funny noise when running on battery alone. Only audible inside and sounds like a police siren (very low level). I got use to it and do not even notice it any more, but passengers sometimes start looking for that phantom policy car.
  3. Rav4ster

    MPG Rav4

    My calculated is 45 mpg over 14000 miles, with lots of motorway blasts and short local trips. I do not drive to maximize the MPG. I have inflated tyres to 36 psi, as I find 33 psi too soft. Also, drove in ECO and Normal modes and did not notice any MPG difference to be honest. I settled for ECO mode as it is much easier to work the gas pedal then in Normal mode (had a leg pain after a long drive in Normal mode, as the gas pedal is more sensitive / has less travel in it)
  4. Looking at the documents Devon Aygo posted above, the rear crash bar is removed and replaced by the towbar frame. Ask for it back and sell it on ebay or similar.
  5. Quick update. A friend of mine, who got the cat converter stolen from her Auris a few weeks ago, handed Auris back to the lease company (company car) and got the Corolla Icon Tech TS 1.8 delivered. She asked for the catlock and it was installed by the supplying dealer. I looked under the car and it is proper Catlock device, but it is different to one that is available for Auris. It also looks like it was specifically designed for Corolla 1.8, as it fits very neatly under the car.
  6. Both to be honest, as I usually carry bulky kids items. And will have to have roofbox for family trips in a Camry. Also, if you want Apple Car Play or Android Auto, you need to wait for the refreshed Camry model, with the infotainment unit on top of the dashboard, as the current model does not support retrofit, where RAV4 does (design and up)
  7. RAV4 can be had with a good discount via a few online brokers, around the price of the one year old car at the dealers. I like mine very much, very comfortable and tons of space for family and can load it with other things when needed. I drove the new Camry and it drives very similar to RAV4 (same drivetrain), but it is very long and boot did not work for me.
  8. Timh21 is correct, lease company will give you a copy of V5 (short version). I used it to apply to France and German clean air certificates.
  9. Tilt alarm was installed (£100) and demonstrated by lifting the car on one side (RRG Toyota). It triggers the alarm and it cannot be switched off by car key, you need to come out and switch the car on to switch the alarm sound off. I was told it is to stop people with smart key relay device disarming it. I was not given a user manual, just a card with the pin code, that tells you to press the tilt alarm button (it is installed next to the gears selector) in sequence to turn it off and then the same to turn it on (useful for the tyre places, when they just lift one side of the car). According
  10. After the attempted theft, I cannot blame Toyota for the problem. When they designed the car, the cat theft was not a problem. When it became a problem, Toyota released the cat lock and the tilt sensor (it took them a fair amount of time, but both are available now). In the latest models, they changed a location and / or reduced the amount of materials in the cat converters, so they are less profitable for thieves. This problem needs to be managed by the local authorities and police, but both are not doing much about it, as they have no resources for it.
  11. Next door neighbour just came around to tell me that the whole exhaust was cut off his 18 year old Mazda MX5 last night. Probably the same people who was checking our car. Looks like they have an order list.
  12. Last night at 19:45, when we were putting kids to bed and the light in the house was off, Alexa told me that there is a motion at the front door. I looked out and saw a man walking away from our house. Looked at the doorbell video and can clearly see him looking under the car with the torch and then quickly walking away. He was not put off by the very bright floodlight, or doorbell camera, or other houses overlooking our drive. I spoke to the neighbours and one saw the car parked just outside our house and man going in and out quickly, she thought it was a delivery. Looks like the same people
  13. Agree with you Frosty, just expressing my frustration. This crime spree started way before covid and it does not look like much being done by police (or at least made public) unfortunately. There is a lot of different 'low value' crime types numbers soaring, crooks know that they are very unlikely to be investigated or caught. Main reason for this is constantly decreasing police officers numbers and as a result they have to prioritise.
  14. Manchester area. Last night a friend of mine got the cat converter stolen from her Auris (about 400 meters from our house). She did not have catlock. Our Auris has and we are on the side road, checked CCTV and no attempt was made. She called the police and they we not interested at all, asked if anyone was hurt and just gave a crime reference number. She asked if anyone is coming out and was told no, because they have no available officers to investigate low value crime and more likely there will be no evidence left behind. Understand that it might be unfair to the stretched police force, but
  15. Wireless ACP and AA is not supported. You can BT your phone to the car, but it will only be for calls really. You can hear the maps instruction from the phone over BT connections, but ACP will not be on the headunit screen. There is a 3rd party wireless dongle available for ACP over BT, was mentioned in Corolla forum.
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