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  1. I try to do it at least once a month, theses what I use Snow foam: https://bilthamber.com/product/touch-less/ About 300ml in 1l bottle with the Karcher pressure washer, apply to dry body work. All purpose cleaner for wheels and tough spots, diluted at 10% and at 5% can be used on interior: https://bilthamber.com/product/surfex-hd/ iron contaminants remover: twice a year https://www.autoglym.com/liquid-clay-5-l have a small spay bottle and about 800ml is enough to do RAV4 Car Shampoo: https://www.costco.co.uk/Tyres-Automotive/Car-Maintenance/Car-Cleaning/Simoniz-Car-Shampoo-with-Carnbuba-Wax-5-Litre/p/179949 Polish: If need to remove light scratches I use Auglym scratch removal kit and super resin polish https://www.autoglym.com/scratch-removal-complete-kit Wax: Collinite 845 Insulator Wax, last about 6 month. Put in a bucket of warm water before use, it needs to very runny to be applied properly. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Collinite-845-Insulator-Wax-473/dp/B000JK2D06 In between Collinite 845 treatment, Touch-On once a month is great. Once the car is washed, do not dry it and apply with the pressure washer. Dry gently. https://bilthamber.com/product/touch-on/ Interior trim cleaner: works well on plastic to. https://www.autoglym.com/interior-shampoo Plastic and rubber care: https://www.autoglym.com/vinyl-rubber-care
  2. Took me a while to convince a friend to spend a bit more on a RAV4 Excel 2WD HEV, but when he was ready to order the prices gone up and tipped the car with metallic paint over 40K. Because of the extra VED charge, he placed an order on 'Hyundai Tucson HEV Ultimate' with the choice of colour and well under £40K. I prefer the way the RAV4 drives and think that Toyota hybrid system is better than Hyundai, but Tucson interior is a very nice place.
  3. When rotating tyres, you need to follow the manufacturer advice. Some AWD cars do not like tyres rotation, VW Golf R comes to mind. I have two fwd cars and rotate tyres every service, and it helps to get more miles out of the tyres. As an example, I put Michelin CrossClimate+ on Auris MK2 about 24K miles ago, and they have been rotated twice. Last time front were just above 3.5mm and rears 5.5mm, by rotating them I will get a few more miles out of them, they will be about 4 years old when they need changing. As philip42 said, Michelin CC+ are directional tyres and can only be swapped on the same side. I have not noticed any abnormal tyre wear on them, and it is a second set. Did the same on my FWD 2019 RAV4 MK5 with Bridgestones and at 20k all tyres were at 4mm and wearing evenly. As for the tyre pressure in RAV4, I find that standard 33psi is way too soft and makes steering less direct. 36psi works better for me.
  4. I have been to France, Germany and Italy in three different cars, one head halogen lights and needed the deflectors. The other two, Auris MK2 and RAV4 MK5, have led lights and have the flattish beam. Have never been flashed by oncoming cars or stopped by police. To be honest, police in Europe are more interested in catching British drivers speeding, especially in Calais on the way home.
  5. Rav4ster

    Roof bars?

    have a look here, plenty of choice. Use them a few times, very good service https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel3.php?emulate=roofbar&query=8690
  6. RAV4 Excel HEV 2wd was £35380 in June 2021, it has first gone up in October 2021, then January 2022 and again a few days ago. The current price of RAV4 Excel HEV 2wd is £39565. This is just under 12% price increase and looks in line with other manufacturers. However, I can see sales of RAV4 Excel HEV dropping, as even if you add a colour, you will be paying extra road tax. Not everyone needs / can justify the PHEV and will look at more affordable competition.
  7. Send a message to 'Toyota parts direct' via their website. They reply in a few hours or a next day. Used them a few times. Website is not very easy to search, but prices are competitive.
  8. Hi, there are a few topics about this on the forum. Have a look here, this is for RAV4, but most Toyota will have the same or similar internal fuse board
  9. I have seen a few Toyota installs and most had camera installed too high, above the wiper line, so when the windscreen is dirty or it is raining, camera cannot record a clear picture. All used a power source from OBD connector. In my experience, there is absolutely no difference how to hardwire a dashcam on the hybrid on non hybrid car. I did a few: Prius, Auris, RAV4 mk5 (2 of them), Seat Leon, VW Tiguan. One thing that applies to all, be very careful if you want to use parking mode, as a lot of them deplete 12v battery very quickly, for this reason I never used it and will not recommend it. Back to the hardwire process, you just need to find an ACC fuse (usually internal power socket) and use a piggyback connector that comes with the hardwire kit. Have a read here, I detailed the installation in my RAV4
  10. Not on PCP, both of my RAVs are on PCH (Zenauto before, Arnold Clark now), so the lease company can charge what ever they want in the end. In my case, it was a lot cheaper to PCH the car over 3 years, than to buy on PCP or personal loan for the same term length. Nick72 My wife's Auris 2016 was valued by WBAC 2 years ago with 30k miles at £8000, today with 48K miles it is valued at £11500, that is the staggering increase. If you can get the car at the end of the lease at a good price, buy it and keep it, or sell it quickly to the trade buyers for profit, you just need to do your math and as you said have cash available.
  11. With the current supply issues and high second hand car prices, option A might not be as cheap as you hope. To give an example, I sent my mk5 RAV4 HEV Design 2wd back to the leasing company in September 2021. The car was 2 years old, with 20k on the clock and in pristine condition. I asked the leasing company if I could buy it, and they put me in contact with the action house. Action house said yes, you can buy it for £27500 (new car retail price was about £32000). We had an interesting conversation where I said that I can buy a new car for £1000 more from the online broker or £2500 more from the dealer via CarWow, but had to wait for at least 6 months. They agreed with me, but lots of people do not want to wait and prepared to pay silly money for used cars. In the end, I leased another RAV4 HEV, it was much cheaper than PCP over the same term.
  12. Aldi still sells 60-210nm in the shops for £14.99. I got one, and it works well for the wheel nuts. Tony, can you recommend Norbar model for lower range?
  13. Followed Tony's advice a while ago and spayed the rubber bushes with this WD-40 Silicone Lubricant 400ml https://www.screwfix.com/p/wd-40-silicone-lubricant-400ml/86394#product_additional_details_container It has eliminated suspension creaks, reapplied it again a few days ago. On other rubber suspension bits, I used 'autoglym rubber and vinyl care', just to give it a bit more protection and stop them from drying out (as per above video).
  14. Hi, pink one is the permanent power. Below installation video has the voltage test, from about 3:45. You do not need to follow all the steps in it, as it is very complicated install, but it does show how to remove the glove box, footwell cover and two side covers (left-hand drive, American car).
  15. Agree. As it was explained to me by the towbar company, vertical load is the tested load for the towbar itself, and it is 80kg. Nose weight limit of 70kg, is the safe load weight on the towbar that does not affect handling / steering of the car. For example, you can load the towbar with 80kg and it will not break, but it will negatively affect handling, so if you have to do it, you need to drive accordingly.
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