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  1. I would say yes and apply some wax or sealant after. I am waiting on Autoglym Magma (liquid clay) and a clay bar to arrive. As I have a white car, the plan is: Rinse with pressure washer Snow foam and rinse Wash it with the micro fibre mitt, using two buckets Rinse Use tar remover to clean tar spots Rinse and dry with micro fibre cloth Spray with Autoglym Magma to remove iron fallout, rinse. Use clay bar on stubborn spots Rinse, then wash again Rinse and dry with micro fibre cloth Apply Collinite 845 sealant Clean all external glass and apply rain repellent to all, but windscreen (wipers are smearing with it in my experience) This happens twice a year. Car get regular quick wash about once a month. Use ph neutral shampoo/snow foam, so it does not strip the sealant/wax each time car is washed.
  2. Last summer took my Auris MK2 1.8 hybrid (gen3 hybrid platform) to the south of France (Nice area) from the North West. With 3 adults, two kids and the roof box and it performed very well. Agree, it is not as quick off the line, but when you know the car you change your driving style accordingly. If most of your driving is on open A/B roads, then 2ltr will make more sense, but for spending time in traffic, 1.8 will be cheaper to buy and run.
  3. eygo is correct, no errors with LEDs. For the actual bulbs, have a look on ebay and you can get a full set for the specific car.
  4. Hi Falsh22 Standard switch in RAV4 is all auto. To my knowledge, Corolla, C-HR and new Camry have 'all auto' windows. However, there are two switches designs. One with the just led in all four switches and another with windows icon and letter A. Looks like cost saving exercise by Toyota.
  5. Found the article https://www.rav4world.com/threads/i-swapped-my-driver-door-buttons-with-backlit-ones.302724/ Obviously we need the RH side part (as pictured above by Rocks703) 84040-12200 Or slightly different design 84040 10010 (CH-R) or 84040-47080 (Prius MK4) https://toyotastock.com/master-switch-assy-multiplex-network-toyota-8404010010-53264803.html https://toyotastock.com/master-switch-assy-multiplex-network-toyota-8404047080-569137.html Also, this Russian guy found the illuminated mirror control module (84872-30070) https://www.drive2.ru/l/551900687269627191/ Someone in Japan https://cartune.me/notes/Ky79o7kaJX Parts needed:
  6. There are a few american forums where they swapped door switches from C-HR, Corolla or Camry and according to them it is plug and play and works fine after the swap.
  7. No, this is a different headunit. The only choice is to install aftermarket device, few options are available. Have a look on youtube.
  8. The only reason I did not buy the RAV4 MK4 hybrid is the lack of digital speedo. However, friend of my has one and it is a good car. Obviously MK5 (one I have) has better handling and economy, but MK4 is still a good buy. Make sure it has detailed history and check old MOT records.
  9. Just an update, after Tony's recommendations I went to Costco to find out how much the GY EG Performance Gen2 will be in 225/45/17 size and when will they have a GY tyres promo again. Upon arrival, I found out that they got some stock of Michelin CrossClimate Plus 225/45/17 94W XL and with the current offer they were just under £85 fitted, so got four. Anyway, 300 miles later and they are much better then the original Dunlop Fast Response: More comfortable (without being too soft), steering feels better and car rolls a bit longer. They need a bit more miles on, but even now they handle better than Dunlop’s on twisty roads. Thank you again Tony for your input.
  10. This looks like the plastic or rubber mark. Had one recently, after the white van clipped my driver side mirror (luckily it had plain black plastic mirrors), removed by using a good clean micro fibre cloth and plenty of WD40, took a bit of time and effort, but all black marks were removed from the white paint. Just use plenty of WD40 to lubricate well. To remove fine scratches, I used “Autoglym Complete Scratch Removal Kit”, used on four different cars and it works well on shallow scratches. Again, if done by hand it takes time, but worked well for me. Agree with Rocks703, much quicker to do it with the machine polish, but you need to know how to use it.
  11. Now we need to find a device that can auto dip the passenger mirror in reverse (like in lexus).
  12. Hi guys I have Prius gen2 original Toyota roof bars. They are well used and have age related marks, but in fully working order and all bits are present. Prius is gone and they are free if you want them (will not say no to Guinness, if you happen to bring a pack). Collection only from Manchester
  13. I don't think it does for connected services, for stanav yes. Alot of my journies I do not have the car connected to Bluetooth and they all appear in MyT app very quickly. I think we need one of the Toyota guys to confirm.
  14. Connected servcies do not cost anything to you, it is built into the car and also works fine abroad (mainland EU). It does not use your phone data connection and car does not need to be connected to internet for it to work.
  15. Car reports all data back to Toyota automatically via built in SIM (the one for SOS button is suspect). It is just not used, until car is associated with the MyT application. This is what toyota technical support told me when I called them and asked to activate MyT application (car it self is not connected to internet). Regarding Michelin PS4s, I had them on SEAT Leon Cupra 300 DSG and the grip was amazing. However, they need to warm up for the best perfomance and be careafull at cold temperatures, they are a bit slippy as rubber is hard. Should last 25K plust on front.