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  1. Can you please check the headunit model and the audio software version?
  2. I have somewhat similar issue. Hybrid monitor on the head unit works fine, but the one in the instrument cluster lost an arrow that shows that engine charges the battery. Engine powering the wheels and EV and regen are showing correctly. Cars works as it should. Curious if anyone knows what it might be, if not, I will ask my dealer to check it at the next service
  3. flips back from USB and BlueTooth playing as well. you can aslo remove Sat Nav from home screen I think (however I not tried it yet).
  4. Have a look at this http://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000108241612.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.283221a5A3dFFb&algo_pvid=8f061770-7604-47fa-a16a-4d2c47a1ebc0&algo_expid=8f061770-7604-47fa-a16a-4d2c47a1ebc0-2&btsid=94d34140-5920-4229-84a5-a1aeb0270a2f&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_53 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/33056776427.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.283221a5A3dFFb&algo_pvid=8f061770-7604-47fa-a16a-4d2c47a1ebc0&algo_expid=8f061770-7604-47fa-a16a-4d2c47a1ebc0-5&btsid=94d34140-5920-4229-84a5-a1aeb0270a2f&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_53 be prepared for Royal Mail to pay improt tax and charge you £8 for the service, you need to add £12-£15 to the price.
  5. Hi, you cannot update it yourself, because Toyota did not make it public. I think your dealer is wrong. If you are upgrading to the v 1530 (from 1520 or 1510), this is a fault fix and should be done under warranty, this was confirmed by several users from different dealer groups, including me last week. Try another dealer group, or call Toyota helpline and ask them for confirmation, and send you an e-mail or speak to your dealer.
  6. Sorry guys, but I have no details about the SOS button fix. It was written on the work sheet and I was told by the technical advisor that they will be doing the SOS button fix. I asked what is wrong with it, but he told me he did not know, however their internal system is saying that it is applicable to my car, but not urgent. Both updates took less than an hour
  7. Upgraded software from 1520 to 1530 and system seems a bit faster. They also applied SOS button fix. I also noticed, that MyT app has changed and now has lots of information regarding driving stats (EV time and %, MPG, etc) and if you click on the ‘red’ items along the route, it explains how to improve your driving.
  8. Activated Carbon pollen filter, to reduce the odour (especially when stuck behind a diesel car) on the cold days, when air is taken from outside. Always used Hengst or Mann, whichever is cheaper at the time, both very good quality and the perfect fit. Got this one recently: Hengst E4959LC and it is much better at removing odour then the original from the factory. https://www.hengst.com/en/online-catalog/product/7809310000-00/ Can be had under £13 from a well know online auction site. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Genuine-HENGST-Pollen-Cabin-Interior-Air-Filter-E4959LC-Top-German-Quality/193161029914?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Toyota has two part numbers 8713928020 - plain 8713958010 - Activated carbon However, 8713958010 is not available in the UK, at least at my dealer network. This pollen filter is the same for all TNGA platform cars – Prius MK4, CH-R, Corolla and RAV4 MK5 Also waiting for the boot liner FroGum 410398 D2-13G to be available in the UK. They are better quality then originals, very good fit and usually cheaper.
  9. I would ask the dealer not to do any treatment to a brand new car and be very careful while washing it (seen to many brand new cars badly swirled by the dealer prep work). This is not to say that dealers are bad at it, they simply do not have time to do it properly. For example, ceramic coating done by the specialist will take at least a day and cost about £300. This will include the proper multi stage wash and the paint correction if needed. Ask the dealer to remove the protective film and not to put it thought the automated car wash and agree on the mobile valeting company to do the first cleaning. This will leave the paintwork with the minimum amount of swirls and then you can apply paint protection. It is a bit of a hustle to arrange it, but end result is worth it. From recent experience, I was buying a three year old Auris a few months back and Toyota dealer offered Supagard treatment for £300. When I asked if they will touch up stone chips professionally first and do the paint correction to remove the swirls, I was asked why is it needed. This told me that this particular dealer just sells it, but have no idea how to apply it correctly. Again, not all are like this, but in general the specialist will do the better job for the same or less money. Another cheap option, if the paintwork is in good condition, use something like Collinite 854 to seal it, it last about 6 months and can be applied in multiple layers
  10. Go for the drive. I called toyota support at 11am and drove 7 miles at 4pm and it was all activated soon after, and my last trip was added to MyT app. ,
  11. Two separate toyota dealers did not know what 'connected services' are and how to activate them. There is a bit of confusion at the dealers about how to do it and the multi-step process does not help. This video explains the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfnT6hoyWVc Customer registers at the My Toyota portal Customer adds the car to My Toyota portal Car needs to be verified by the code from V5 or at the Toyota dealer Once verified, car can be connected to the wifi (customer needs to use My Toyota portal login) This will allow to use traffic and speed cameras, and google search, and upload / download car configuration. To activate ‘connected services’ (for Driving Analytics), any Toyota dealer needs to connect ‘My Toyota’ account to the specific car and then the car will report it’s driving data back to My Toyota portal, this is done on the internal Toyota system. Car does not need to go to the dealer. Confusingly, connected services do not need wifi connectivity and use car in built GPS connection, as no other informarion is uploaded. Would be great if they could appload the MPG and fule level for example, once car is connected to wifi, but with the current headunit it would not be consistent. I activated 'connected services' by calling this number For help with phone connectivity, navigation and My Toyota: Open Monday to Friday from 9:30am - 5pm 0344 701 6202 Used it for a month now and sometimes it takes a few hours for information to be visible in MyT app.
  12. Good timing, was plannign to upgrade to 2019v1 over the weekend. This saved me some time.
  13. Something like this one, Android based https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000028811487.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.27516a7ebCxrnF&algo_pvid=492a603d-eaf0-4369-b3f1-b479d230df13&algo_expid=492a603d-eaf0-4369-b3f1-b479d230df13-0&btsid=212f249b-656d-4fdd-89f7-bd624035f867&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_52 I did a lot of research for the similar model for the RAV4 MK4 and there are plenty of YouTube videos showing the benefits and how to install it (did not do it, as never got the RAV4 MK4). Most do not have DAB radio Need to makes sure it comes with the canbus adapter for plug and play connection, as it will keep car functions displayed, some might be missing from the head unit. Ability to add a USB mobile dongle and install cheap plan SIM card, that will connect the head unit to the internet, without pairing to the phone. Access to play store and option to install any navigation application (waze, google maps) Car play might need an additional adaptor for cable connection Needs an adaptor for car’s GPS antenna or use supplied one. Car’s handsfree microphone will more likely not work and the supplied one will need installing. This is not for everyone, as it requires a bit of work and some functions will be lost and there are potential warranty issues. My preferred solution is to have a built in smartphone support, but if Toyota will be charging £500 to retrofit it, I will pass and will use my phone for waze and spotify mounted on the dash and connected over BT. I would suspect, that the second hand value of the cars without the retrofitted smartphone Integration will drop slightly, but I think Toyota is not really bothered. They could have introduced smartphone Integration in Europe from the release day, but looks like they had lots of old head units to shift. Apart form the luck of smartphone Integration, car is very good and I enjoy it very much
  14. This will probably never happen in UK, as it will be a competition to the Lexus UX 4WD
  15. Finished my first tank of petrol. Calculated MPG is 45.5 and this is with 200 miles of fast motorway driving (mostly in rain) and pulling quickly from traffic lights. This is 2WD and 50/50 normal / eco. To be honest, I find it easier to drive in eco in traffic and it also more eager to go into EV mode compared to normal. Not noticed an difference between eco and normal when car is pushed, just need to press the gas pedal a bit more. Best displayed MPG was around 79 mpg for the 7 miles trip, during the warm and dry day and 30 mph speed limit. Funny thing is, my wife gets around 50 mpg in Auris MK2 excel (she can get a bit more, but explaining to her how to pulse and glide and why it is important to brake gently to charge battery, and drive smoothly is the battle I have lost). This shows how much Toyota hybrid tech has improved.