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  1. ARCH

    Sat nav B9010

    anybody got an answer ???
  2. ARCH

    Sat nav B9010

    can anybody advise me if a toyota b9010 sat nav out of a 2005 mk2 rav will go into a mk2 2006 rav 3 door , would i require any extra cables or antennas , i know i need a gps antenna ., thanks a lot .
  3. ARCH

    Twin exhaust

    anyone know where i can source a twin exhaust for my 3 door rav i think TTE is the product thanks
  4. ARCH

    Styling accesories

    i am after a front bar for a 2005 rav 4 and a rear step if anyone can help .
  5. Hi all back to the club after a few years break with my Toyota Rav 4 D4D XTR 2005 3 door in silver , i am after front bar, side steps and rear step for this vehicle if any body can help os has bit s they want to sell thanks all Glenn
  6. when my car first went in for seat replacements they only changed the fabric,this was after they told me they had to change the whole seat base and rear panel which cost £1200 pounds, only 1200 miles later the same problem happened and found out they never changed the base or panel just the cover,after venting my fury at the warranty manager they have now replaced the whole 2 seats at cost of £1600 ,just waiting to see how long they last this time.all under warranty
  7. carl have had my seats replaced twice now costing toyota £3000 ,sounds like you have the same problem i had the fabric comes away from the foam and puckers up.my sr180 is only 2 years old and i dont think that a car of this quality should get problems like this hope you get it sorted out.
  8. Hi the fabric came away from the sponge and left long stretch type marks in the fabric it looked horrible and devalued the car just suprised that it has hapened again when the car has only done 1300 miles since december when the seats were changed,i agree what you say about the side skirts but my issue is i can only get the work done under warranty by a paint shop that wont do any repairs until they get go ahead from toyota( only been waiting for9 days for answer.air box has been done apparantly the foam gasket rots away and the plastics vibrate (nice and quite now, thanks for asking.
  9. Love my sr180 to death the looks the colour(white)but am starting to lose faith in the build quality,had both front seats replaced after warranty december,only done 1300 miles since and the seats have to be changed again,side skirt is coming away from the car and needs re-bonding,loud rattling noise on left hand side of car(toyota say foam gasket on airbox needs replacing)have rung toyota customer relations on wednesday to vent my frustrations that it is costing me time and fuel keep going back to the dealers to have these problems looked at, and still waiting for them to call me back,has anyb
  10. Hi sophie my sr180 has keyless entry,sunroof,full bodykit,twin tte exhaust 57 plate jan2008,uber white,12000 miles,how much you thinking of paying,might sell mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ARCH

    Car Seats

    Had to take car in to mr t they took photos etc, warranty chap said they have to replace both the front seats ,something to do with airbags,looking at best part of £1200,lucky it is under warranty,fair play to toyota they just got on with it no complaints,also my local dealer wkb toyota have been brilliant.(apparantly any warranty claim under £1000 they can get on and do it)
  12. ARCH

    Car Seats

    the grooves and lines are in the side of the seat,took to my local toyota dealer this morning and spoke to the salesman i bought it off,he said it looks awful and i should get new seats under warranty(fingers crossed) he said it looks like the bonding on the fabric has come away,will keep you informed
  13. ARCH

    Car Seats

    Whilst moving my sr 180 today i noticed that on the front seat as you get in there looks like 3-4 grooves about 6inches long in the fabric,when you touch them it feels like the foam behind the cover has become slightly grooved,thus looking really old for a car that is only 11/2 years old and only done 12k miles,it is beginning to appear on the passenger seat as well,has anybody got any symptons like this ,and if faulty would it be covered by warranty
  14. ARCH

    Pics Of Sr180

    Hi Arch, the car looks the dogs b's mate, lovely job. I have to say, I do like the rear end with the twin pipes. Have you thought of removing the DcatD badges below the side indicators? I did it and personally, I think it looks so much better. I am also going to remove the Toyota/Auris from the back (as advised from djwJohn,check out his pics) Did you get the SR180 badge on the front bumper from Toyota? Cheers Paul Yes paul the badge from mr t about 3quid not bad, d4d badge may remove,rear badges not ure yet,thanks for the comments Arch
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