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  1. We’ve got one of these and its a cracking car. I used to have a manual mk1 but our auto mk2 is just better in every way. Almost certainly would buy an auto mk3 in the future (assuming the next aygo isnt electric).
  2. No i mean speed camera beep from the satnav.
  3. Probably camera beep. We noticed the exact same thing when we took out a demo car from our dealer.
  4. Hi Danny, MK3 Supra's came with a 7M-GE (3.0), 7M-GTE (3.0 Turbo), 1G-GTE (2.0 Twin Turbo) or 1JZ-GTE (2.5 Twin Turbo). MK2 Supra's came with a 5M-GE (2.8). So I assume you currently have a 7M-GE? I'd say the best place to locate a 7M these days is on ebay. There are always cars being broken. Alternatively, I'd recommend getting a 2JZ-GE. They are very common, cheap to buy, dont suffer headgaskets like the 7M, doesnt need an intercooler and its a 3.0 non turbo that has performance to match the old 7M-GTE Turbo engine. Also the 7M-GE and 2JZ-GE both used the same W
  5. Because its also connected via USB. The picture itself goes in through the A/V in. Thats how they've designed it to work with IOS for some reason. Shame it doesnt all just go through USB like Android. The off the shelf cables are based on the older iphone connector. You have to jump through many hoops to get it working with the newer iphone 5+ lightning connector.
  6. lol Mate, you're preaching to the converted here. I joined in 2003. I was previously a Gold Member and a Moderator on the forum back when it was a baby. Im aware of the rules. And to be clear, I wasnt offering anything for sale on here to anyone. I've gone back and edited my earlier post to make this clearer.
  7. Its both USB and HDMI. Once ive perfected the cable design i'll perhaps make a batch.
  8. No i made the cable myself. You need to convert lightning to HDMI video output, to analogue and then finally down to a 3.5mm A/V jack. The only problem i have is that it doesnt fill the screen completely. Theres is a black border that i need to figure out how to remove. But otherwise i get Google Maps on the screen fine and the navigation voice coming out the cars speakers.
  9. Sorry but you're wrong I'm afraid. I have it working :) On my iphone SE and my Girlfriends Iphone 6
  10. Thanks Pytheas I have Bluetooth disabled on my Iphone SE so this could be related. I'll try this when I get home tonight and also try updating my headunit software if its version is out of date.
  11. Hey guys, Just picked up my 2017 Aygo and am trying to get my iphone 6/SE mirroring Google maps on the screen. I've got the screen mirroring working successfully but as soon as i take the handbrake off it kills the screen mirroring. Does anyone know how I can fix this without removing the headunit and permanently grounding the handbrake wire? I heard there is a newer verion of the headunit software available from the dealership but id assume i already have this being a 2017 car? Whats the latest version available?
  12. We have had hundreds of people coming onto TOC asking about mk4 Supra's. So here is a rundown on the in's and out's of choosing one, looking at one and maintaining one. Before we start lets just clear up that the car only came as non turbo and twin turbo. Any supra which is single turbo must have been converted since. So if i reffer to 'turbo' i mean twin turbo and not a single turbo version. We will not be going into details on single turbo conversions. So first off lets have a look at the Models and the Specs. Between 1993-1996 the Supra mk4 (JZA80) was sold here in the UK.
  13. I posted this on the Toyota Blog but they havent approved it as it proves how much of a rip off the TRD GT86 is. So on top of being a rip off it goes to show that Toyota havent even got the balls to let there be freedom of speech on their blogs. So here is my post in all its glory now from one very peed off ex Toyota Owner. I hope that this information is useful to people who are considering the TRD GT86. Dont get me wrong, i want to see Toyota and the GT86 do well. But the fact that they BLOCKED my post on their blog has really got my back up now.
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