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  1. Happy Birthday Styku!

  2. I am sceptical about it. My boost starts at 1000 and at 3000 is fulll boost. 4agte boost starts at 3000. What really is great to have is twin charging with modern Roots or Twin screw + good fitted turbo. I think great kick between 2000 and 8000 is possible. What you guys would be glad to hear is that it is possible to ADAPT AEM S/A for Honda for 4agze. It is cheaper. Second thing is that 4agze is semi - seqential engine. It means that lots of fuel is wasted. So first time that I know we changed it into full sequetial here. Car really consumes less that it should.
  3. Hello everyone. It is a long time I was'nt here. Here is info about it There is 2 swaps made. One is mine and it is 200 flywheel hp 4agze. Sencond is 4agte made of 4agze and is around 250 flywheel hp. Still a lot to do and no time to do it. Toyotas seam to have they renessance in Poland. Number of modifications and swaps is growning. Since 2006 we have 4 new engine swaps only on Corolla forum: 1x e11 4age 20v 2x 4agze 1x e10 3SGE
  4. Driving a 110 hp Corolla is usually a nice thing. I use it as everyday car. I must admit I don't like drag racings. I prefer track races. I also live in moutains. So sometimes I feel real lack of power especialy when climbing. I know it is possible to pump even more than 500 hp in this car, but I don't see the point in doing it. I think they made 700 hp EVO or STI which is also 2,0 Liter, 1,8 T Audi A4 which has 550-600 hp in Poland and even over 1000 hp Supra. But those cars are not everyday cars. I will attend some driving school I hope this year, and have wonderfull driving lessons every winter. We have a lot of snow over here and lots of nice mountain roads. So having more powerfull car will be a great pleasure, and also be a way to try myself on track, and to become a good driver. So for a beggining having 165 hp and massive torque is really good. I will for sure make this car faster after it but need to know options. The PromotoR company which will do the conversion says that no, no, they thisagree for twincharging. What they will able to do is turbo and around 250 hp is possible. I red that turbo isn't good for FWD and track, street racing though. I don't know why? Wheels are loosing traction or something??? Supercharcher is more smooth in operation, maybe. Twincharging seems to be complicated for Polish folks. So at the and 250 hp and a lot of torque for everyday car is more than enough. I even wonder if going above 200 hp will be needed. I must admit that consumption is important too :)
  5. Wow it is more than 100 kilos more at the front. So how much will 3sgte weight? I would be concerned about handling. and e10 and e92 are lighter than e11. So weight distribution can be even worse than 60-40. Well I have an idea to solve this problem. There is some companies which make sporty spoilers, bonnets, etc. here. They are very light because there are made of fibre glass. And they are cheap. It would be minus 15-20 kilos at front so around 45-60 pounds. I can move a battery to the back of car. It is probably around 30-45 pounds less at front and I can use audio cables to do this. Also I think that my bucket seats are much lighter than original ones, around half of original ones. Hope it will overall make 90-120 pounds less at front. It should help. If not I will modify the suspension. I am sure there is some more ways to save some weight.
  6. The thing about Jon Barnes is they base on e-mails. A asked this guy Tony from Fensport if they will help even by phone if it will be needed, and he said ok. And this is what i need to know. About new car. Well I do not want 4x4. I prefer FWD. There is some interesting cars I can think about, but they are rather expensive. Import from USA is an interesting option. American Celica GTS or Acura Integra can be very cheap. The difference between high and low developed countries is labour costs. Imagine that i don't expect cost of whole transplantation to go above 1000 pounds(except engine cost). I would say they will be around 700-800. If one have Civic let's say 2000 you can buy an engine and make a 1,6 160 hp conversion for around 1200-1300 pounds. And in fact this is what guys from PromotoR company told me to do. They told me I should sell Corolla and buy myself a Civic. Or they said that for around 2000 pounds they promissed they will make 200-250 hp out of my turboed 4afe. Good Civic Type-R costs more than 10000 punds here. So if I will succeed I will have 165 Supercharched Corolla for something like 3000 pounds. Also 4agze is easy for future cheap mods like bigger pulley kit. Few more things and I will reach around 190 hp and a lot of Newtons(torque). So i hope i will get a car with performance close to 2,0 Civic Type-R. I know my car and I can say that with all this bushings, top mounts TTE springs and Koni shoks is more than nice to drive. If I will add Whiteline anti roll bars this thing will turn faster than a thought. I red a lot of forum topics and websites. I think I know this subject preety well. I also did some mods to this car so I do not want to get rid of it.
  7. Hello everyone I am new here. I am from Poland. I have e11 Carloz Sainz Ed. Which is white and has TTE pack. I did some mods already. Now it is the time for conversion. I wanto to go for 4agze. I will buy a whole swap kit from Fensport. First I plan to run it as it is orignal, but with front intercooler from Fensport. Later I will probably go for more mods. There is plenty of them I can imagine. Don't worry about suspension, I have KONI SP installed with TTE springs+Polyurethane Bushings from Super Flex and TRD top mounts at front. Brakes heave Motul fluid and Tarox pads. I had EBC Geenstuff but they are not good, because they overheat disks. I will go for EBC TG in same size or oversized kit in future. Since most people in Poland still think that German cars are reliable it is very difficult to find a good Toyota tuner. Most people who know a little about cheap, sporty cars buy Hondas, EVOs, STis. So it forces me to let this coversion to be done by a company which is focused on Honda. It is in fact cheaper to convert a Civic into 160 hp 1.6 engine. There is even one FWD Civic with 500 hp in Poland done by them. It is ok cause they did some Toyotas. They turboed Starlet 4afe. It had around 200 hp. They never did this kind of conversion. I ask for help. I soon want to place an order and start whole thing. I do not know what problems I will face so I do not know what I should ask about. I am preety sure about electric diagrams. I have them from 4age.net, and hope they will do. But there is so many things I am concerned about. Thaks for any help Sorry for my spelling
  8. Hello every one. I am from Poland. I have e11 Carlos Sainz edition. If you don't know it is normal 1998 1,6 4afe hatch 5 speed with a TTE package. Most of them sold in Poland that time were white, so is mine. I did some modifications so far. I will soon try to make a 4agze conversion from Fensport.
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