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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Jake!

  2. You can't beat plugging a Gold Member,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oppps this really should be :censor:
  3. Hi Guys, after asking a few times about the Club ins, and getting no response, I checked with a few members and rang a few of the companys listed in the ins post, Most of them did not want to know as soon as I mentioned the mods, but I was passed along to 3 different companys via Direct Line I think (I'd lost the plot by now), to Haven (Hill House Hammond) they where able to get under writers approval immeadeately, finaly giving a figure of £522 all mods declared, this is and increase of approx £90, but at least every thing is covered.
  4. All I have to say is I know what I have done, and what my CTS will do, I didn't do it to have to prove it to anyone I did it just for the hell of it coz I have a car that can do it, I did for the sheer fun of doing it, and have managed to do it several times, not every time, as the gear change has to be really slick, but ince you get 1st - 2nd nailed then the fun really starts when you keep going to 5th in the power band all the way, as i said before you gotta be slick on the change, only person I was looking to impress by doing this was me and believe me I'm very impressed. :P
  5. Hi Guys and cheers to Dickens for asking the silly question and Max fot the answer, I've had my CTS for almost 9mths and did'nt know you could do this
  6. I to believe that I can stay in the lift through the full gear range, thought I don't understand how you guys can say where the neddle is on the rec counter, my eyes are glued to the road at these speeds, but you do have to be very slick with the shifting, I'm still waiting for the TTE Quick shift kit, which reducers gear lever travel by 33% this should make it even easier, cost should be around £150 supllied and fitted.
  7. I almost purchased my CTS via import brooker, got all the figures together, getting uk spec was no problem, but the thing to make sure of, is that you only pay the import brooker his commision, you pay any other money directly to the supplying dealership, as currently a number of large import companys are finding the strong euro a bit of a problem, last sundays time had an article all about this, a few big names have gone down the pan this year. By paying the supplying dealership at least the car is still yours just means if things go wrong it will be up to you to collect it. Also try to avoid full payment prior to delivery, you can do this with some suppliers but not all. Having sorted everying out to import I then went to speak to my local dealer, have had 2 Corollas and a Starlet off them. Told them what i was going to do, the Service manager was great explained how he has to opperate a money making department, so servicing and warrenty work would be no problem as the generate money for him. Then he got the sales director to speak to me about the import, they then offered me a deal that got very cloose to the import price, as I was having every extra appart from sat/nav this gave them a better margin to play with. They where also able to get me the car with in 10 days, and as I was with out a car at the time, they gave me one of their trades in cars until the CTS arrived. So just goes to show dealership loyalty pays off, and Toyota to try very hard to keep their customers.
  8. Toyota reliability, the light problem is harly much of an issue, and i have only read two posts that have suggested its much of a problem, and I'd like to think they will sort it, mines due a servcie and I'll elt them know about it, but if you want to see what problems with cars are like you should take a look at the FFOC site, I had and ST170 when they first came out only had it for 42 days and it was at the garage for all but 7 of those, I was so pleased to come back to Toyota, have had 3 Corolla's now and wish I had never bothered going to ford for a change. So yes my CTS has a little niggle but nothing to concern me about, and not sure it needs a recall to resolve, it one of those things that can wait untill its in the gagrage for a service.
  9. wouldn't the comparisson be better between the Leon than the Ibiza, I tested the Leon Cupra prior to buying my CTS. Could not really fault the Leon, just liked the CTS a lot more, the Cupra R was not going to be available for another 3 months, so I opted for the CTS and have not once been dissapointed, and in truth I think I would also be posting a similar response on the Seat site had I waited and purchased the Leon Cupra R. :D
  10. This has been covered in an earlier thread, but not got time to find it right now, but its worse for soem than others, I to have experienced it a few times, and await the fix, service is due soon will remid them of it then, but you can easyily simulate the problem, by opperating the window close button when the window is already closed, if your lights are on they will dim, worse still if AC is on, don't have a clue as to why, but await the fix <_<
  11. Hi every one, WOW whats happened here, since last nights post, I have just re-read mine to make sure I'm happy with what I said, and feel that I put nothing there to stir all this up :!Removed!: , or if it has been interprited that way, then it was not meant to be. Thanks to the guys who posted to defend my corner, yes it true posative posts always make you feel better. I think apart from the use of the word "crap" to descibe the Blitz kit, Imek has not really said any thing that was meant to be offensive. Imek when I do get the dyno test done it will be out of interest, having never done one before and in part to satisfy myself, that what I have done, may also so add to the cars power out put, and not to "prove you wrong" (or right if thats how it turns out). My main interest in cars is normally cosmetic, this is the first time I have had a car that "I" would consider to be of the "perfomace" type, (I know that its no Porche or Farrari,) but it's the best I've had. This is my fisrt step in to any perfomance inhancing mods, and for now I'll consider it a success, as I've said before for the sound alone I love it. But I think my next spend is likely to be on more cosmetic changes, could be window tints, or bonnet louvers (vents) for looks and function, that is unless the TTE quick shift does become available soon. So for now atleast I'm happy with my TS, and happy to continue reading and posting here, so again thanks to all for the comments both good and bad. exon16m i'm hoping it will be with in the next two weeks, trying to arrange a lunch time appointment at the garage, will post results as soon as it's done. I suppose the only thing thats really lost, due to the mix up with holidays, is I don't actually have a test on my car prior to the kit going on, but until that was done the car was as stock engine wise, so there must be Toyota figures available some where, and can also compare it to the figures posted earlier on this thread. Group hug for every one :group-cuddles:
  12. Imek i did say several times in my posts, that a dyno was part of the deal, unfortunately the timings where not good for me and the garage due to hols, the guy that does them is now on his hols and it will be done when he returns. I have also stated that the original cold air feed is still located just short of the Blitz kit, and is clearly visible in my pic (earlier post), the filter also feels relativly cool to touch after long trips, so the cool air must slitt be getting to it. Imek, your comments are always read by me, but some times not completely understood, my lack of technical/ mechancial knowledge. It would appear, to me that you have an issue with the Blitz kit, in preferance for the Ijen and I respect your opinion and choice. but I think you also miss some of the points I and others have made with regards to how the Blitz kit has been installed, and they certainly sell a lot of them (many more fools than just I out there). I don't wish to get involved in an argument, as I don't have enough experience to deliberate the topic with you. So I'll just have to stick with what I have for now, and may be if I get bored with the noise, or suddenly find myself being passed by old ladies in Nissan Micra's or silly peeps in Smart cars, I'll consider changing the kit or re-fitting the original back on <_<
  13. Hi baz, soz mate but as the saying goes s :censor: t happens
  14. Hi Guys great looking T's, and get used to scuffing the underside of the front skirt <_< and mine looks like this :D
  15. Phil I'm not sharing mine you can get your own
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