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  1. Hi Steve, I just had some minor surgery on my foot, and if recovery goes to plan I intend to be at Gaydon, can you advise on, if I should or should'nt pre-reg, as I won't really now until the week before if I'll be up to the drive. :) :(
  2. Hi Gegringo, I,ve had my T Sport Corolla, for just over 2mnths, and have only just got the TCS to bleep, you'd be amazed how far you have to push the car to get it bleeping, this is the first car I've had with this sort of power and handling, and I'm only just getting used to how hard you can drive it through corners. Like you I'd had the light flash a few time,s and to me I felt I was really taking the coners fast, but the car loves it, I'm amazed hom much grip it has and keeps it's line through the bends, before the beeping starts. So go on give it some stick you'll hear it bleep then, or find yourself in a field with a faulty TSC :o Good luck :P
  3. Hi Chico, I'm currently checking out springs that will lower the Corolla by 30-35mm, having made the change to 17" wheels with lower profile tyres than the 16x6's originaly fitted, I still think the lower spring will improve the handling with out effecting the comfort too much, I had too long test drive (each over an hour) prior to purchasing my Corolla, and was amzed at the improved cornering with the bigger wheels and tryes. I did this after reading several reviews which made comment to the amount of traction this car has, but was let down by the smaller wheels. I managed to get a good deal on the wheels and tryes, and the dealer gave me a good discount for the 16's. I think the look of the car will also be enhanced by the lower springs. :P
  4. hi Wilde, the longer you have it the better it get's, I've had mine for just over 2 months, and the grin just gets bigger:P
  5. Hi chico, welcome to the club, I have had my T Sport for a about 2 months now, hope you enjoy yours as much I am doing.
  6. Hi Lobo, I've now gone over 1200 miles and had the revs up to 8000rpm in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, what an increddilbe noise the car makes once you go over 7200, the fel of the car at speed is very solid on the road, I can feel the benefit of having the 17x7 as I gave the car plenty through some very tight bends, and only got the VSC bleeping once. The grin just keeps getting bigger:D
  7. Hi LoBo, hope you enjoyed the ride home, I've had mine for just over 3 weeks now, the smile factor is still increasing, I'm off up to south west Scotland tomorrow for a weekend golfing break, I have no doubts the driving up there will be more fun than the driving off the tee's for me. I've posted some pics of mine in the gallery, if you find the time to take a peek. Welocome to the club, and a great choice of car.;)
  8. yaristpot, go for it and great minds must think alike, I just got my Corolla T Sport, already fitted 17" alloys, but still think there's too much fresh air around the wheels, and think a 35 - 50 mm drop would improve the looks no end and no doubt enhance the handling. I would also appreciate any help on where to get this done. :P
  9. soarer, car look's great, just don't hit any bumps :P
  10. Maff, As my ST was a new car, and I had only had it for 28 days before returning it to the dealer, I was covered by our statatory rights to allow me to return it. The mistake I made was to allow Ford the oppertunity to fix it, after 3 failed attemps which took almost 30 days (with me in loan cars) I was encouraged to go down the road of the Ford Commit programme. Which is in place to help Ford, Dealer and customer to return a car, (the order in which I listed involed parties is they way it seems to benefit those the most ie Ford). As this started to become a long drawn out affair. I went back to plan A and insisted on a full refund from the dealer, knowing your rights and being fully prepared is the only way to be with the motoring trade. I had documented every conversation and had copies of all corrospondence. I was also fully prepared and had things in place to go to the national and motoring press. I found that having remained very carm and polite all through this had un-nerved them all some what. I found the FFOC (Ford Focus Owners Club) to be a huge sorce of data and help, which again often suprised both Ford and the dealer how much I knew about the problem, their procedures and more importanly my rights. It was still a nightmare, I was also off work for 3 weeks during this recovering from some minor surgery, this meant I had a lot of time to devote to preparing before each meeting of which there where many. In fairness I do feel the local dealer was not supported by Ford, and they would have liked to have done more. They where also very aware of the fact that I worked only 2 mins away from their showroom, for a large company (1200 plus emplyees) many of which know me and drive Fords. As for the comparisons between the two cars, 1, nobody really gave the ST a 2nd look, everyone looks at the T Sport (I know the black alloys draw attention) but still more take a long look. 2, build quality, the ST was good, but no where near as good as the T. 3, dealer, manufacture, Toyota every time for me, I'm lucky I'm back with a dealer I know and like, and they show me a lot of respect and have some of the freindlyist staff I've ever dealt with (any where). 4, handling ok the Focus gets this one, it is razor sharp, the Corolla is still fantastic, I've also tried the Type R Civic, and a Seat Cupra, and with 17x7 wheels and tyres I'd now put the corolla just behind the Focus. 5, Comfort, T Sport easily, it has a luxury car feel especially with the full leather seats. The ride is one that you just don't want to end. Would have the drivers seat in the house to sit and watch TV from. 6, Performance, not much in it really, the ST was qicker of the mark, but the Corolla seems to have more through out the range, and just that bit more on top end. The gear shift in the Focus was a very short throw, in the Corolla this is only slightly longer but the position of the the lever falls perfectly for me. I have found a diriving position in the Corolla that I've never had in any car before, siuts me perfectly, may not suit all but spot on for me. 7, Value, the Corolla wins hands down again, you get a lot more in the car to start with, and nobody will argue which car will give a better return in 3-5 years. given all the above I wonder why I went for the ST in the first place, I guess "a change is a good as a rest" springs to mind. Well I tried it, and I pleased to say at least for me it's worked out. Hope you are able to resolve your problems too Maff, I'd have no problems recommending the Corolla to any one which ever one you choose T2, T3, T Spirit or T Sport I don't think you'll be dissapointed or let down. Good luck Jake
  11. Hi Steve, thanks for your comments on the T, does look the puppies danglers even if i say so myself, as for the display according to the broucher "the full range of instrumentation is clearly visible - with Toyota's innovative OPTITRON displays" I've been told this is the same technology used in the Lexus, I don't know if this is different to the neon type you mentioned. As to how long it will last, well at least I've got a minimum 3 year warrenty which if I do keep the car longer can be extended, so it should not really be a problem. But it would be nice to think that known previous issues have been designed out. :P Steve although this is my 3rd Corolla and the 4th Toyota we've had as Maria (wifey) had a Starlet, this is the first time I would consider calling myself an enthusiast. But you car is one I know nothing about, to you have some pics posted on the site you could direct me to, and any info would be appreciated.
  12. Hi maff, I've just returned my Focus ST170 to Ford as they could not cure a problem with the brakes, so apart from this short time (79days) I'm now in my third consecative Corolla, this time a T Sport, in the unlikely event that I do get any problems I know I can trust the dealer net work and have confidence that the manufacture will support them, unlike my current experience with Ford. Si I think your making a wise move, as for colour I've chosen Eclipse metalic black, yep a pig to keep clean but I think it looks great as for the other choices Sun Burst red - red cars always look good. Silver - timeless but a little common right now. Blue - a lot of them around to but the Neptune Blue is a good option if you want something a little different from the normal blue crowd. White - if you like go for it not one of my favorites. Ingeous Grey - looks fantastic, but my first Corolla was very similar to this and it got hit 3 times and on each occasion the other drivers said the did not see it !!!! Island Green - If you don't want to be like all the rest go for this there are'nt that many greens that look this good. All the above are only my opinion, hope it helps, and I know you'll enjoy your Corolla.:P click the link to see pics of my T Sport http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/viewthr...?tid=189&page=1
  13. cheers carl, cars not bad either lol :o
  14. If it's in the spring I'd be very interested will keep checking back for details cheers
  15. thanks for the comments sholao, it's the look I was after having seen a Cupra R with black wheels that got me thinking, was not really sure till I saw them on the car, now I love it, I'm waiting now to see how much it settles down on the suspesion, before adding lower springs what do you think ??
  16. Good luck to you both, does this means one of your Supra's will have to go to make way for a family car :o lol. My wife told me getting married is the best thing I've ever done :P but I can't complain she also told told me not to by a Focus, wish I'd done as I was told first time lol
  17. Hi Guys as promised some pics of the Corolla T Sport o
  18. Don't think any of you guys know this, but I'm back with Toyota after only 70 days, I'd sold my last Corolla a Red 3 yr old1.6 GSi (this is my 3rd) and purchased a Focus ST170, this along with a lot of other ST170's had a problem with the brakes I only had the car for 28 days it was back with the dealer for 40 days an Ford could not resolve the problem. So I got my money back and order the T Sport, something I should have done a lot sooner. Today I had the pleasure of going back to the Ford dealer to drop off some paper work. It was very satisfying to see the number of customers and sales staff, taking a good look around the T Sport. I got the feeling a number of the customers may have gone to the Toyota dealer after seeing it. Having only had the car two days I think it looks a lot better than the Focus, and it is a very rare car in these parts (York). Out for a blast tonight. Photos should be up by the weekend. Will be driving in the dark later so will decide if I need to consider the Xenon upgrade. I have done a little more research into these and realise the only go on the main beam on the T as the full beam are a separate bulb. Will need to consider the benefits before parting with cash. This is the sight for the lights http://eurolamps.com/eurolamps/home.htm For more on the Focus if you interested have a look here http://pub92.ezboard.com/fffocfrm74 bumtin looks like your having as much fun as me more tomorrow Guys, ;) sholao how long you got to wait ?
  19. cheers supercharged, like a big kid now off to bed but can't wait to get up and drive lol
  20. Hi Guy's What can I say, I was chomping at the bit as Steve the Sale guy went through all the paper work and handover, He's done a great job would highly recomend York Toyota to any one. Fianly at 6.00pm I'm sent on my way, what a great drive home and yep I at least took the long way home. toys galore had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road at times. Due to the sound of the engine I can't see the radio/cd get much use for now. The gear shift is fantastic, and for me the position of stick to hand is as cose to perfect as I could wish for. Been changing gear just for the hell of it. The anthracite alloys look the dogs danglely bits on a black car, photos will be taken tomorrow if the weather is good. I've only had an hour behind the wheel and another hour drooling over it on the drive, but I a very happy man tonight. Hope yours is giving you as much pleasure bumtin ?????? :o your right about not seeing many about, I've not seen a T Sport on the road and only a hanfull of the other T Types !!!! I'll have to get up early tomorrow to take the long way into work :P
  21. Price dropped to £650ono less than 24hrs to go, comments on this offer would be appreciated.:P
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