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  1. cheers knowlson, no cleaning spar, any info appreciated thanks Jake
  2. Cheers Zee, I'm pleased with the looks and sound, Imek, thanks for your comments, as yet with no dyno testing done yet have to wait for the guy to retirn from holidays, but have had plenty of time driving it now, and like I said before, in lift it responds a little quicker, if you back off a little in lift then accelerate again it really does surge, with a great sound and feel to it, as to the comments of loss of low end performance and torque, if this has happened it is not noticeable by me as yet, but like I've said in many of my posts, I do tend to drive quite a lot above the lift :) but this morning I did drive it at normall speeds and can't tell if theres any difference, as to how it was before, as I've said I'm no Tech head, but for me so far it's appeared to be ok. Will let you know test results once its been done
  3. vaggelis, ooppsss sorry I did not mean "whats your point" I understood that, I meant whats the point of not driving in the lift, due to the grin factor, was not implying that your point was not valid, :group-cuddles:
  4. OK guys I'll try and answer them all from the top, 1, thanks Rhaines 2, £200 inc. fitting and vat. exon16m 3, like a welsh choir at the millennium stadium on 6 nations day you know the one where we win :!Removed!: seriously, louder than i thought it would be, but not too loud, it really does sound great, alomst worth the money on sound alone, think I may remove the ICE now. phil the other boyo 4, first thing I did before parting with my moiney was check the engine lights and so far all ok, in lift there is much more of a punch when you accelerate, not sure if this next bit makes sense but this is how it feels to me, like there is some torque steer now, you notice the steering feel lighter as you pull hard in lift, more so in 2,3,4 gears. I'm also considering some bonnet vents a, for cooling b, for looks. Have not noticed a loss of performance below the lift, but as most of you know, I rarely drive below the lift any way, whats the point vaggelis 5, yep it's big, and so far it's working well, Yarisboy, thanks for all the comments, just need that powerflow exzaust fitting now, and the quickshift gear change
  5. Blitz Induction Kit as fitted to my CTS if you look just above the exposed battery terminal you can see the original duct pipe with form collar round it, this come up from a vent inside the wheel arch (top pic)
  6. OK, here's the news so far, The induction kit has been fitted, the sound the CTS now makes when going through the lift is amazing, yes louder than I thought it would be, but just so throaty, it really growls, yes I know thats not the main reason for fitting it, but having just giving it some stick on the way home, I like it . Now for the perfomance bit, well firstly the dissapointment, the guy who does the rolling road test's is away on hols so I can't post any figures, but on feeling and judgement, wow, it feels a lot different, through the gears, as I've said before I'm not a tech head so can't only use simple terms to try to describe how it has changed the car, but it certainly seems to have a quicker feel to it. more of a kick as it goes through the lift. I know all this is subjective and is just my feeling, and when you part with £200 you want it to feel better so I'll drive it for a week or so, and try and get the test done as soon as, and hope fully the figures will show that what I feel is actual gain and not just percived, wishfull thinking
  7. Hi Guys, I didn't know much about the Integra, until reading this post, and I would agree with those that have said it's an odd pair to try and compare, but as its been done, I would say that the post has been an interesting read, with some very good comments posted. So it would seem that they may not be the ideal pair to put agaist each other, but a good post has been the result of it, I'm sure much more will be said, and I for one will countinue to read it, cheers guys
  8. Corolla T definately does 8200rpm, or my needles bent
  9. Hi Samppa and welcome, hope the time passes quickly for you, and I agree about the colour
  10. Hi Phil (Boyo), see we told you so, glad your pleased with it mate, hope Steve did you a good deal do, and that you mentioned my name to him, will let you know about Blitz kit first week of June. ;)
  11. AAAAAARRGGGGGgggggghhhhh, Blitz induction kit has arrived, but I can't get it fitted before my holidays, it's now booked in for the 2nd June, but at least I can't drive the car while I'm away ;)
  12. may be it was a typo and he meant it's a guy's name, not a !Removed! name ;)
  13. Damm Guy's, I've just read all this again from the very first posting, now I'm certainly no tech head, and was fitting the Blitz induction kit to my CTS, coz of a lot of things I've read about them, and from comments mates of mine with many different cars, have made about the benefits of id kits, So here I am still waiting for mine to arrive, and even more confused than before as to the true benefits, guess I'll only really know once I get the test done. As well as not being a tech head, I would also make no claim to being a great driver, fast yes when conditions allow, and I must admit, that today they did allow, and so I tried something, and after achieving it once, stop and tried again, some of you may say, this may not be good for the car, but believe me when I say it was great for me, and even better second time, but I can honestly say, that for me at least it is possible to go from first to fifth gear, and stay above 6200rpm in each gear, engine does sound like its really screaming in first but after this its just fantastic, you do have to hit that change as near perfect on each change, and I have now doubt that the TTE quick shift will make this eve easier, just wish I could get in fitted. Now I'm sure there's a few will doubt my claim, and that’s ok by me, but all I know for sure is, the experience is exhilarating, the sound fantastic, and the grin will last a few weeks, but I won't be doing it that often as it sure does drink the petrol . :D :D :D
  14. another week gone by and still no Blizt kit fiitted to my CTS, will ring garage again on monday, but go on holidays for two weeks next friday, so it may be three weeks, before the kit is fitted :( Will let you all know as soon as it's done ;)
  15. Hi 97paseo, hhmmm "serious money", this depends on your point of view I guess, I've opted for the Blitz kit as I believe they provide a quality product, and have had a lot of recomendations for the parts, so @ £200 fully fitted and inc. the before and after rolling road test, I think this is value for money, but accept that others may consider this expensive, you pays your money and takes you choice (or is that chance !!!) ;)
  16. Hi Guy's still waiting for my Blitz induction kit to arrive, will let you know what that does, as I'm hoping to have a before and after rolling road test done at time of fitting, :D
  17. Hi Jerry, time for my response, having seen all these all most the right way to do it ideas, it's simple mate heres how, you enter the car park at extremely high speed, TSports its best aboce 6200rpm in second, find the large open area with a most free spaces throw a few doughnuts (no not the jam filled type), and hand brake it dead centre of not 2 but 4 empty spaces, not only does this ensure you have no one aprk next to you,, you even get a few coppers stood round it while you do your shopping , ok I know that will not suit all of you, so tip number too for all the guys that "have to go to the super market" you'll like this one (trust and old married guy, I pulled this off over 10yrs ago and still works today), next few times at the super market, go in wifes car, till you get passed stage one, this is where you know go round the store dutifully pushing the trolly (i know you hate it, but it wont take many trips) every time your better half turns her back slip something extra in the trolley, won't take her long to realise it cost more to do the shopping when you help, so you know offer to prove her wrong next time you go, you wait in the car, "bingo" she comes out shopping cheaper, you get to sit in the car play your latest CD and look mean and any one who dares to come with in 4 spaces of your car, (I've even been known to jet wash, and polish mine in the car park, while I wait). :P :D OK so I know both of my ideas are the best, you even get to save money on your weekly shop. So whats my prize Jerry :D
  18. Alydee, get it done. you'll love it :P
  19. Hi guys, an old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", I'm sorry but I just don't get it with the Alfa thing, in my opinion, they just look ok, thats it just ok, have only traveeled in them as a passenger, and was neither impressed or dissapointed. As for the Alfa looking better inside and out thean the Corolla, I not so sure, for me the Alfa never even made it on to my list of "at least have a look at, cars". I also happen to really like the interior and exterior of the T Sport a lot, so much so I purchased one, :D :D
  20. hi camiel, had i not joined TOC and read these posts about lowering the TS, I would be driving round in a stock TS, with no mods and very happy, yes I noticed some upper body roll when cornering, (but you have to consider, that on most of my previous cars, I would always be happy to get any thing over 7500 miles from my front tyres, yes I like to know a car has a fast top end, but the fun comes fro going through the bends fast,) but I drive a little quicker than the average motorist, and especially like the twist and turns, anyone can go quick in a straight line, I took a Civic type R, Seat Cupra, out for test drives, I had a Focus ST170 for a very short time, and they all had their own ride charateristic, but I really liked the TSport, as it not only handles very well, but always feels safe and comfortable, So if you want that little bit extra from you TS, lower it, but no I don't think you'll be dissapointed if you don't beside's unless you can try one that has been lowered how will you know what you may be missing out on :D :D All the above is just my simple opinion, no expert, just know what I like.
  21. hi carl, no it's been done before, any one else know how to use the search function on this site
  22. Hi Nick, I eamiled these guys about lexus style lights for my TS, not available for atleast 6 months, but if you contact them I think you'll find they are happy to ship the kit to you.
  23. Hi Nick, may be the old lady is not so thick either, and changed the tyres and brake pads before clocking the car, and blowing over the front end to hide the stone chips, some of these old chicks can be right nasty Bast***ds :D :D , Enjoy the car, Iknow you will.
  24. Rattles and Sqeaks, simple and quick (very quick fix) when driving Corolla TSport keep engine revs above 6200rpm, very quick fix :D :D :D :D (but have honestly never had any rattles or squeaks in mine, unless I have passengers, they sometimes make strange noises) :P
  25. Hi camiel, I fitted the bigger wheels on my when I purchased it, as a review of tyres in a car mag, used the TSport with 17's fitted, all the test drivers had previously driven the car with 16's, everyone of them remarked on how much better the TSport handled with 17's fitted, I had 2 long test drives in TSport before making my purchase and each time a drove it on roads I knew well, I had TC and VSC bleeping and flashing quite a lot, when I got my car (and after 1500 miles I drove it on the same route as before, it was much quicker around this route. Now having fitted TTE springs, it is quicker still, not due to speed or performance but increased handling, and now I hardly ever get TC and VSC going (well not quite true, but know when the come on I'm really pushing the car through the bends, and loving it). Hope my opinion helps; I'm not a tech head, just an enthusiastic driver. :D :D :D
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