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  1. Hi Ally, just change the springs, don't need to go to the expense of changing dampers the TTE springs are designed to work with the ones already fitted, and for day to day driving, this will be more than enough improvement, the TTE fully adjustable kit is more for race set up than street use. Don't forget to tell Steve, he was recommended by Jake and TOC, go on get them orderd and fitted,,,my T is so much better now
  2. Hi Phil, plzd I could pass on some good advice, you'll love it when it's lowered Boyo :P
  3. Hi Jerry, hoping to go to the mmet on the 18th May, but much will depend on holidays. hoping to book for last 2 weeks of May, but will let you now whe its done and post some pics mate :D
  4. T-Cut and or Brasso might be good but it's the elbow grease that really gets the job done
  5. Hi Zee, I'm hoping it will be with in the next 10 days, will be ringing the garage tomorrow to find out more ;)
  6. Hi Marlon hope we can meet at JAE, agree with SP, go for the TTE springs for look and handling :D
  7. Hi Guys have followed this post as I'm wanting to fit an induction kit to my TSport, but why you guys being so silly to each other, beats me thought we were all here to enjoy or cars, hopefully I'll have my Blitz induction kit fitted very soon :D
  8. exon, cant post that here you may be a policeman :P :D
  9. As always happy to add my opinion (and thats all it is my opinion) as before gramacar, if my wife had not purchased her Puma before I had changed my car I to would be in a Celica right now, we don't have kids but we do have use for a hatch from time to time with room for 4-5 peeps, (at the time of chossing I was very impressed with amount of room in back of Celica with seats down good for me as I do a lot of cycling and some times need to get 2 bikes plus luggage in back) Celica and Corolla handle this with ease, but Corolla is better for back seat passengers. Have to disagree a little with Rhaines now (not the first time we've done it or the last :P :P ) So my first choice would have been Celica I'm now in my second choice and LOVING IT, and have no regrets at all. But gramacar, the choice as they say is yours, if it helps just think your second hand Celica could have been driven by someone like me or Rhaines (yep buy new you know it makes sense) :D
  10. Hi Guys,, whats all this about rattles and squeaks,,,with engine above 6200rpm I'm only hearing one thing :D :D
  11. Hi SP Blitz induction kit should arrive in UK next week will have it fitted asap, £200 inc, fitting and rolling before and after road tests, zast will be after the induction kit is fitted, may be a week or so later, wait info on TTE as to performance gains if any or this one one may be powerflowexhausts
  12. Hi SP was a 3 hour drive and not a lot of traffic and mainly quiet country roads :D :D :D
  13. Hi SP, the guy doing the work has a rolloing road and it will be tested before and after fitting of induction kit, have not made up my mind about TTE exaust yet may go for a performance zaust from another manufacture will keep you informed as things progress :D :D :D
  14. Hi Guys, I'm of the same opinion as sp, and as I've got most of the mods he talks about fitted, I can endorse what he says, plus, it's not just about the car, the nutter behind the wheel plays a big part, put me in a T Spirit and I'd still give a lot of Leon drivers a run for there money, in my T Sport, more see the back of my car than the front of it, in the rear view mirror :D :D I took a Type R out for a test drive, the weather was appaulling twice it went side ways off round abouts, ok this was fun and very pradictable and easy to control, but it happened all to easily for my liking. much prefer the way my TS handles and welcome the assistance of TC and VSC, but as sp says with 215/45 17" tires and rear TTE spoiler and TTE springs on you really got to go to get the bleeps going, yep I can still do it but I'm really pushing hard when it does. 6200-8200rpm the engine note is fantastic, cant wait for TTE exhaust and Blitz induction kit, think I'll be after RS with these fitted :P Also all the figurers quoted don't really matter it's how it "feels" that what really counts, does it make you smile, does it suit your needs, if it does then to hell with every one elses opinion, drive smile and have fun :D :D :D
  15. Hi Guys, I know a lot of you are into all this technical engine stuff, but for me its simple I'm a driver and its the grin on my face is whats important, not the numbers on the paper :D :P , but I understand why some of you like to know these facts.
  16. Hi exon i have managed to go 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th all above 6200rpm, you got to try it engine sounds fantastic and the smile factor is huge, A) as many times as possible every trip (am I normal,,,I hope not :D :D :D :D ) B) from what I've seen in posting here and my experience so far NO, its how the engine was built and designed and it is protected by rev limiter any way. Plus you shoud have seen me on test drive in demo car, sales guy said it was good to see someone drive it properly, ie 6200rpm all the time C) How to stop it,,,buy a Ford :D :P ,,,,why would you want to stop it ;)
  17. Hi ts, sorry mate I'm no mechanic, but if I had such a problem I take it back to the main dealer,,,,,,,does it happen every time or only when engine is cold ? oh and welcome to the TOC ;)
  18. Hi Guys, Damm Jerry you had me going at the end there, was looking for the words to the TOC national anthem to get up and sing , but the rest of you post was spot on ;) T Sport, I some times think you and spwolf no more about my TSport than I do, you are correct I'm still waiting for my TTE quick shift :( , latest news is that TTE are just fine tuning the QS for right hand drive <_< <_< something to do with offset, but the pics I've seen it look dead straight . Should know more this week. The way you have described the how the TTE QS changes the gear feel makes a lot of sense to me and can't wait to get it, I can just about manage to snatch a fast shift now that keeps in the power band through 2,3,4,5th gears but with out any margin for error, have to be very quick with hand and foot so QS should make this easier :D :D gramacar, thanks so you think "I have just seen the pics in your site. Your car is quite good looking" hopefully I can still improve on "quite"
  19. Hi Jerry, would only want them just wide enough to do the job,,,right where to I get them
  20. Hi phil, strange thing the TTE springs, when you drive like a normal person, you hardly notice any difference, when I drive like I normaly do, I notice a lot of difference, takes a lot to get the TC and VSC flashing and beeping now, but I can still manage it on my favorite B road :D :D , I emailed the garage about the Lexus stlye lights :( won't be available for at least 6months
  21. Hi Steve, nicely put mate (and I think you may have some element of a freak in you, as on another thread you where going kill some with a herring ) But I agree entirely with your views on why mod a car, coz it's mine coz I can coz I want to :D :D :D I saw the neat row of well turned out Tpots at Gaydon and they all looked great, only got to me Jerry, but may be we'll get to meet at the next one.
  22. Hi gramacar, not going to say too much about your last post except, I agree totally with your very last comment more pics can be seen here Jakes TSport
  23. Hi gramacar, happy to chat mate, and have no problems with you expressing your point of view, :D it must be the part of the country I live in but honestly have had my car about 6mths and hardly see any other Corolla's TSport or others, just so happens where I work about 5 celicas in car park, and to be honest if wife had not got Puma I would have got Celica ;) but the Corolla was never a second choice it was always an option. Didn't see many Fords you must have had your eyes shut
  24. Oh Oh, Hi Tpots here goes what you mean no mud flaps, was the first extra I named when ordering my Corolla TSport, only to find it comes with them fitted as standard, so Jerry "you can't have mud flaps on a sporty car" HHHMmmmm Debs I live in North Yorks to, so I know what you mean about the roads (sheep tracks), my daily trip to work is 11 miles each way with more than 1/2 on B roads or less, and my car gets well caked up in winter months, having fitted larger wheels and tryes, what I'd really like is a nice set are wheel arch extentions (how do you think they would look Jerry ? :P ). Steve, do you really think its fair to threaten some one with a large herring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there's not many of them left as it is
  25. Hi gramacar, I can't comment for your part of the world, but believe it or not here in North Yorksire Uk, I see many more Celicas than TSport Corolla's, and I recently attended a Lexus/Toyota/Honda club meet in the UK, and was one of only 3 Corolla Tsports there, (over 60 Civic Type R's) so I actually think I have quite and exclusive car any way, but agree with you that each has his.her personnel prefference, and for me it's the Corolla (this is my 3rd, so I think I must like them) ;)
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