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  1. Hi sp, cheers man, just wish I could get the stuff fitted quicker ;) lexus style rear lights would like to get these one day
  2. Hi gramacar, the modifications I'm making to my car not only improve the hanlding, power and looks, but also satisfy another element of wanting to do this, and that is to create a car that is a little diffrent from the rest, to just stand out a little from the crowd, to make it mine, to put my bit of character to it and of cousre, to just suprise even furhter that B'meer that tries his luck at the lights. Oh and that time hounered oldie "why do it",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "coz I can" ;) gramacar enjoy what you drive, and drive what you enjoy :P
  3. Hi Phil, and welcome to TOC, if you have a read through you will see quite a bit posted on springs and Induction kits, but briefly the situation is this, TTE make there own springs fit these and you'll have no warranty issues, Blitz have just released an induction kit for the Corolla TSport and I have one on order, there is another one available with pics of it on one of the more recent TSport threads. Not sure what parts of your warrenty are effected by fitting the induction kit. I'm paying £200 for the Blitz kit which includes fitting and a rolloing road test, not sure how good a price that is, but it's a local garage, so if I get any probs I won't have to drive miles to get it sorted, and they come recomened which always helps. hope the above helps. Enjoy you TSport mate ;) link to thread on induction kits link to thread on springs another thread on springs
  4. 2002 Sept (ish) Toyota Corolla T Sport :D best car I've ever had by miles 2002- Ford Focus ST170 2.0 (panther black) (for 42 days of which, i only had it for 8 the rest of the time it was at the dealers with faulty brakes) 2002- Ford Puma 1.7 (silver) (wifes) 1998-2002 Toyota Starlet (purple) (wifes) 1999-2002 Toyota Corolla 1.6GSi (red) 1997-1999 Toyota Corolla 1.4GLi (metallic grey) 1996-1997 Ford Fiesta 1.6Si (metallic green) 1995-1996 Ford Fiesta Mk1 1.0 (grey) (got it off a little old lady it only had 12000 miles on clock when i sold it, and i put about 4k on it, sold it for more than I bought it for) 1994-1995Vauxhall Astra Mk4 1.4GL (blue) 1994-1994 Vauxhall Astra Mk2 1.3Gl (blue) 1993-1994 Vauxhall Nova 1.4SRi (red) 1992-1992 Vauxhall Nova 1.3SRi (yellow) 1991-1992 Peugeot 205 1.4XS (metallic grey) 1987-1991 Ford Escort Estate Mk4 1.6GL (blue) (raced every thing in it :P ) 1984- 1987 Ford Cortina Mk5 1.6GL (blue) 1980- 1982 Ford Cortina Mk2 2.0 GSX (blue) (loved it but it was mt first)
  5. Hi Jerry, I might as well the guy supplying & fitting the induction kit, has a rolling road, so I think I'll go back to him once the xzaust is done, which may get done before the induction kit, will let you know how it goes :)
  6. Hi Crazy. spwolf has already given the answer, thx's sp :D
  7. Hi Imek, see post on springs, for full details, but short answer No, very little loss of comfort, ut great benefit to hadling :D
  8. Hi Zee, thxs matey I value the opinon of some one like yourself who has already spent so much time (and money) on mods, great car, thxs for your help to, and Jerry, thx for you comments mate pics will be up as soon as its on, may get zaust done to lol :o
  9. Hi Zee,, good news Blitz indcution kit ordered today brand new kit out for Corolla will be one of first batch shipped into uk should be on car in 4 weeks :D :D :D
  10. Hi guys it voids the warranty for everything that could be related to that part... thats why TTE has extensive parts list for your Toyota trouble is they are not so easy to get hold of in the uk just yet <_<
  11. Hi Jacko welcome to the club mate, great choice of car, I gave mine 1000 miles as per the hand book, the all hell borke out, now its rarely outta the lift lol, oh and you should know that Rhaines is renowned for totalling his cars with regularity and ease, so may be not the best place to take all your advice from :P :D ;) enjoy the car I do every day
  12. Hi Guys, ok I'm up for this one, and may be two days of it, but tents camping p*ss ups,,,no not for me if i go the p*ss i need 2-3 days to get over it with at least 12 hours sleep each day, no i don't drink a lot, just ca't handle it lo so will do the posh tent (cheap hotel or BB) but will deffo be there :D
  13. Hi Guys keen to do another meet, but for this one I'll be sunning myself in Skopolos (Greek Island) but have a good time. ;)
  14. Hi Debs, not sure guys get such a welcome when they join, but i'm as guilty as the rest of them so heres my HI to, :P ,,,,jerry you kept the "oh my other cars a TSport as well" qiet on sunday,,,,my boss oops sorry wife got a Puma, coz she thought the Yaris did'nt have enough boot space, twice a year if that theres any one but her in the car,,,but it's not my place to say the obvious,,,i', lucky at least she's not keen to drive my Corolla Debs great choice of clour, not that I'm baiased towards the black for any reason of course get use to and aching face for the first few weeks coz you'll just drive round with a grin fixed to your cheeks all the time B)
  15. Hi Zee, this is the one I saw at Gaydon fitted to a grey TSport, any one any comments on this, I'm a complete novice to this, so any advice is welcome invo
  16. Hi Zee, ok here goes according to the sales broucher its a 2ZZ-GE (and have seen E12 ref else where) 16 valve DOHC 1.8, hope that helps you to help me cheers ;) Zee
  17. Hi Guys, can any one PLEASE help, and provide make, model, ref No's of any induction kits for the Corolla TSport, that are known to be available in the UK ;) Cheers Jake
  18. Hi TW, after a great day out at Gaydon and a 300 ish mile round trip i reckon I've earned a pair of stickers stamps on its way
  19. Hi Guys, I had a great day well worth the 280 mile round trip, and guided tour across country, from Zee and fellow lexi's, them guys can't drive :P, nice to put faces to the names i exchange posts with, Hi again to Jerry, Paul, Lee, Steve and Rhaines, every one was so freindly, this was the first time I been to a meet like this before and was not sure what to expect, to repeat some of what has all ready been said, i was amazed at the number of cars that did turn out, some serious money has been spent on some of those cars, my favorite was the black TSport with TTE front spoiler and some very rare side skirts and nice 17" dark grey alloys, no seriously the one that did it for me was the Black Lexus 300, first time I've seen one, and I'll have to start saving. The must have nmod of the day for me was the led light cluster on Patrick's black MR2, "Patrick, if you want to develope a set of these for the new Corolla my moneys here ready and waiting, will be happy to be used as ginea pig for your tests". The TPots and MR2 did look good all lined up, and I was lucky to be the only TS Corolla for most of the day, till a very smart looking grey one turned up with great body kit and wild twin exhaust, I was going for a TTE twin, but after speaking with Jerry I will prolly go for the Power Flow now will let you all know soon <_< Paul showed up just after lunch with a very nice "highly polished" red TS Corolla, and we had a good chat. Had a look around the museum some great cars and exhbits in there., and even got change of a fiver for a cup of tea, sandwich and scone, &#33;Removed&#33; amazed at that :D Hope to see you all again soon maybe the 5th Rhaines :)
  20. Hi Pegasus,, your car looks very good, I think the TTE front spoiler will add to its looks,,,look forward to seeing new pics :)
  21. well i still think i'd consider them for my TSport ,,,,,and would not let Mr P put me of a Lexi next time round
  22. hi paeddy, hope we can get those lights here in the uk, i'd have some for my TSport
  23. hi guys,, best i've had was around 36ish on a long run, which i think is quite good as most of it was m/way 80+, my normal trips to and from work 12 miles each way are on some nice b roads, so i get very low 20's worst ever was 18 mph and almost a tank full used, but it was fun driving that way lol
  24. hi pegasus, just been to check for you,,,all across the front its about 155mm, but just on the return to the front wheels it drop a little lower to about 140-145mm, hope this helps Jake
  25. Hello guys, I will be there with my Corolla TSport, look forward to meeting you all, will I need my sun cream :P Corolla T Sport
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