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  1. means Vehicle stability control :D hope you enjoy it like as much as I do, it goes like the clangers once you got 4000miles on clock, the secret to the the clanging is not to pull away slowly lol ;)
  2. Hi spwolf, front spoiler is TTE, but side skirts are TBC dealer has an option for me I haven't seen them yet will keep you informed ;)
  3. John, I hope this is soon, I got to have it done, you had your springs done yet ? I'm hoping to have front spoiler and side skirts done soon, but not sure if i can risk non TTE springs due to warrenty issues,
  4. The current Leon cupra is the newest in the Seat/Audi/VW line up and is the car that all the above will be based on it has the latest floor pan, that the rest will use, this was in all the motoring press last september, so any changes to the Leon will only be minor face lifts, I had a Focus ST170 for under a month, brake problems wich could not be rectified (took Ford 5 mths to fix), so having already ruled out the cicvic type R (to wild in the wet, not enough toys) I paid a visit to the Seat dealer, and took a Leon Cupra for a test drive (R version was not available at the time) the turbo is good and handling was good to, build quality suprised me,(but given my 2 previous cars where new corolla,s) it did not impress me. But when you look at the spec of the Cupra R, you'd have to spend a lot of money on all the revivals to match the quality extra,s. But i couldn't wait, I got a T Sport and have never looked back, passing 6200, is fantastic, staying there trough 4 gear chages is an experience i frequetly enjoy, and the looks on the faces of BMW, Audi,VW,Alfa drivers ect, is that of "what the **** was that" lol :D :D :D I'm wait to fit lowering kit, already have 17x7's on, and also want the quick shift kit, which will help keep the revs high as i change.
  5. Hi Alydee, I'm currently awainting a phone call from Steve @ JCT (Hull) 01482 586733, he's been talking to Toyota about all of the TTE parts and should have more info today, I'll amend this post as soon as I know what's happening, Steve appears to be the only Toyota parts guy in the UK who knows about the TTE parst, and is actually willing to try and help.:D
  6. Hi Guy's Steve at JCT in Hull is aware of all the TTE stuff, but there is staill a problem with getting the parts in the uk, so far only the front spoiler is available, I've been told we should see it start to arrive in Feb, fingers crossed.:(
  7. Hi Simon can you shed any light on the availabilty of TTE parts for the Corolla T Sport please, I trying to get the following: AM26062 Quick shift kit AM28906 lowering spings AM28840 front spoiler, AM26197 twin silencer , any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks
  8. Hi John, I would be interested let me know what you can find out:D
  9. I keep asking my dealer when they can get me the TTE kit, I have the funds ready and waiting for springs, fr.spoiler, twin exhaust, gearshift, and fr. suspension brace, thought it would be available by now some mainland euro countries all ready have it :(
  10. I read in a Jap car magazie, that there is a chip, already fitted to some TS's over there, which give as much as 225 bhp now that would be nice, if you fitted the lowering springs and some 18" wheels. :o
  11. now why would i want to tell you that ;) http://www.speedlinecorse.co.uk/ I phoned them direct and managed to get a very good deal, close to trade price in the end with some begging, I got 5 which i think helped, paid just short of £650, for the 5, normall retail would be closer to £1100. The Toyota rally team supposedly use this make :o
  12. hi John, I had a look at the site and could find now listing for Corolla TS springs, where you getting yours and who's fitting them, what about warrenty, cheers mate
  13. With in a few Days of gettint my Corolla T Sport, changed toe plates to put my own number on, I used double sdied tape, stuck 2 strips of this to the back of the plate and then before you put it back of the car, by put your hands on and off the tape a few times you take way some it's stickyness this allows easy removal later should you need to. Do I get a Blue Peter Badge for this. ;)
  14. Car model : Corolla T Sport 2002 Insurance company your with : Chris Knott Ins Services, WREN Motor Policies at Lloyds, Fully comprehensive cover Premium : £400 inc Legal expenses cover, and full business use Excess : £150 NCP : 11 yrs Protected. The above company also have no problems with modifications, as long as they are notified, and additional charges may be added. Got my wheels covered as they are not standard spec, and already had approval for further changes. Age : 42 years young :D
  15. Hi aly mine's just stuck on Radio 2,, may be I'm too old for these New Corola's esecially a T Sport :P
  16. Hi aly it's not a girly thing I can't do it either,,,have found one way of doing it but it's a little tricky,,,,,,,,you got to take left hand off wheel and extend it almost fully while moving it slightly to the left at the same time, and also extend one finger on left hand, then push button,,,all just a bit to much for me, tend to pull over to carry out this task,,,unless I have wife in with me she can even do it with her right hand........... Please take this for the good humour it was written with ;) No help I know,,if any one does find a way please let us know
  17. Hi guys,,,, you'd think this would be simple but it's not.....as my name not Jake :o but thats what every one knows me as (including the taxman and police lol :D )
  18. Hi to AK, ATG-TS-,Mark and Miss T Sport the club seems to be growing at quite a rate,,,, hope you all find the site as friendly and usefull as I have :D
  19. Hi JB / tdplc as a keen but complete novice to mods and upgrades can you plz give a very simple explanation to the benefits of the HKS induction kit, and whats involved in fitting it,,,, I'm sure rhaines will add a very technical reply as well lol
  20. Hi T Sport thanks for that useful info,,,I will be speaking my Toyota dealer this week
  21. Hey rhaines,,,, maybe he could part ex the reindeer for and mr2 lol
  22. hi JB may be we can get a goup buy on these
  23. may i suggest that you print this page off before you go to your dealers this will help convince him that the problems actually do exist
  24. hi joely,, I also get the occasional drip on to the seats when the cars wet,,, I find that running my finger down the joint above the door before opening prevents the water dripping on the seat a small niggle,, that I can live with given how good every thing else is
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