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  1. i just got a turbo duce, and i was just looking into exhausts.... power is important, btu i really want an exhaust that will sound good too. does anyone have exhaust sound clips, or know anywhere i can find them??? - mark
  2. hey, all... im gonna haveto agree on not liking the styling of the mk3, and the power is depressing, but all i can say it that i drove one owned by a friend of mine through some tight turns and heres my review.... love the brakes, the handling is sharp, and its oddly easy to heel toe downshifts. At the end of the day the mk2 turbo is still my favorite, but i wouldnt mind having a spyder. final word: anyone who wants to !Removed! about it should drive it on an auto cross, or GP circuit and then tell me it isnt fun. ... as for styling.... its yet to grow on me and i hate the interior - mark
  3. thanks for the reply, but just to clairify, i dont know what sort of modifications are needed to fit a supra wheel onto the duce to begin with........ i want to do it so i can keep the airbags. - mark
  4. alright, everybody. im new to this forum, and had one specific question in mind. I've seen MKII MR-2s with supra steering wheels (i assume with full use of airbags). I would like to do this to my turbo duce with one little change. I want to put the TRD supra steering wheel (which appeared on the 2000gt MR2) in. How much difference in wiring if any is required for this project? Or is it even possible??? I appreciate any responces anyone may have. thanks - mark
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