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  1. oriana

    2012 Xtr

    Thanks for the advice I'll take a look at a petrol one
  2. oriana

    2012 Xtr

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. The short journeys are 3 miles to work and back 5 days a week longer journeys aren't that frequent Many thanks
  3. oriana

    2012 Xtr

    Hi Folkjs I've not been on here since I sold my 04 Rav back in 2010,had a couple of other cars since but its time to go back to the Rav I'm looking at a 2012 XTR with 17K on the clock are there any known issues with these is DMF which I know could cause trouble on the mk2. Also my wife does lots of short journeys will this cause any problems with the diesel particulate filter. Many thanks
  4. Many thanks for replying. I'll have to adjust my driving habits. Thanks again
  5. Hi I have a 2013 yaris 1.3 sr which the other day would not start. I called the AA who told me that the engine was flooded, he held his foot on the accelerator While cranking the engine and after about 20 seconds it started. He asked me if I had done a short journey and yes I moved it from one place on my drive to another so the engine was running from cold for about 1 minute and then not restarted for 24 hours which is when I had the problem. He told me that its not uncommon for a car to to this. I had a similar thing once in the same car when I pulled off the drive (cold engine) then stalled it that time it did start but it took a lot of turning over. Has anyone had this problem or have any advice for me. PS I do not touch the throttle when cranking the engine. Many thanks
  6. Hi Folks can anyone tell me if the new xtr rav has a diesel particulate filter or not, i know the D Cat has but not sure about the D4D. Thanks
  7. oriana

    Auris Hsd Mpg

    Hi folks I'm thinking of getting an Auris hsd can anyone tell me what the acual MPG is we will use it mainly for short journeys of about 3 - 4 miles at between 30-50 mph. also what mpg do you get on a run with cruise on at about 70 -75 Many thanks
  8. Thanks very much for this i will check it all out and let you know the outcome.
  9. It is a meta HPA Thanks for responding
  10. Hi all just had an alarm fitted to my 2010 hiace, the fitter has told me that he cann't connect it to the central locking or the indicators as the van uses data wiring. can anyone back this up and let me know if there is an alternative. Many thanks
  11. oriana


    Thanks Hawkerpaul the book doesn't say this,at least i know the time now.
  12. oriana


    Hi folks I may be missing the point here but can anyone tell me how to adjust the clock on my 56 plate. The books says press the disp button and adjust, but when i do this it resets the display ie trip computer etc. Also the fuel gauge seams to go from 2 lights to 1 and imediatly reads 5 miles remaining is this normal. Many thanks
  13. My 56 plate T spirit has heated mirrors they come on with the heated rear window.
  14. Hi folks my first post on the Yaris forum. Just got a 56 plate T Spirit with 16k on the clock can any one tell me if at this age they still have a timing chain,also anything to watch out for. Many thanks
  15. We looked at the crv the new rav the vw tiguan and the ford kuga and found that the crv was the the most expensive we also thought that the ravs dash was vey plasic and a bit dated unless you go for the full sat nav the audio setup was a bit cheap looking. The kuga and the Tiguan was by far the best quality. We decided on the Tiguan after driving them all, i do beleive that long term the Jap cars will be more reliable but the new rav just didn't tick all the boxes and is the only one which didn't have a spare wheel.