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  1. I assume your steering has become quite heavy - i.e. no power assistance? If all else is fine then its most probably the ECU you mention. This can be a real pain to remove but can be done without removing the dash. Just need to feel your way to locate the screws I think there are 2/3 screws to remove. A like for like replacement ECU should work without needing any programming. Good Luck!
  2. Hi I think the aluminium washer is the standard factory fit item. Not cooper.
  3. mic

    Air con

    mines good. haven't had the need for re-gas. Tend not to use it on short journeys as the constant opening and closing of doors doesn't help keep the interior cool.
  4. I know the "Black" and "Platinum" definitely have remote locking. I believe the "Blue" also has. Did you not asked the vendor why there was only one key supplied. Could be they lost the remote key and given you the spare one. Does the car have central locking?
  5. I my case only the bottom hinge had come away from the glass so I left in in place but used a couple of clamps while the glue dried (door will need to remain open).
  6. you're right but hadn't thought about the warranty.
  7. Hi - thanks again I have repaired the one side (glass fibre etc) but will take it in. Lets see what they say. I can already see various excuses will be forthcoming!
  8. Hi - thanks for your reply. I have changed the profile - the 2003 was from when I had a RAV4. The Aygo in question is a 2006 so still within the 12 year perforation warranty however would I be right in saying that in order the warranty to be valid the can must have been regularly serviced at a dealer or other garage. I have had the car for about 3 years and always serviced it myself so it does not have a "full" history.
  9. Hi All What looked like surface rust on the outside (sill in front of the rear wheel) ended up in a hole where the sill had clearly rusted from the inside. Also found a small amount of mud (dried up in the hot weather). I checked the other side and this is still solid although when I removed the rubber bung on the sill and stuck my finger in the cavity I could feel dried up mud in there as well. There clearly appears to be water and dirt ingress into the cavity but I cannot for the life of me figure where this is coming from. I have checked the rear wheel arches and all looks good. Any ideas on how this can be happening and also whats the best corrosion treatment? Thanks
  10. I had a similar issue on mine where the glass has come unstuck form the lower metal bracket. I used a couple of pea sized blobs of Tiger Seal to secure the glass to the bracket. Worked perfectly!. Make sure the areas are thoroughly clean first.
  11. Hi Is this what you are looking for? I had to replace mine.
  12. I have a 56 plate Aygo. When I bought it about a year ago I also noticed a grinding/rubbing noise but only when turning a sharp left at speed and with someone sitting in the back. I suspected the rear wheel bearing but never got round to removing it to check. But in the meantime it needed the rear brake shoes to be replaced which were clearly the originals. Since then the noise seems to have disappeared. So might be worth checking these.
  13. mic

    Which Oil?

    I used to have a RAV4 petrol which I bought new in 2003 and sold in 2014. Always used Mobil 1 5W30 fully synthetic. The car never required any oil top ups between servicing and the oil was always a golden colour. Now I have 2 Aygos 59 plate and a 56 plate and both get the same oil. Both used in heavy city traffic and hardly ever require any top ups.
  14. I recently changed plugs on my aygo and did not use a torque wrench - just feel the tightness. Have not had any issues.
  15. Just prior to Toyota introducing the fixed price servicing I got my RAV4 done for its 60k miles service and this cost me £250 which included just about everything - brake fluid change and oil change in both front and rear diffs. The same service now costs £229 but when you add brake fluid and differential oil change it comes to £346!! Fixed price sounds great to those who are clueless about what needs to be done but I guess savvy folks on this forum can see straight through it and its obvious how much we are being ripped off. Hope its a fine bank holiday as I will be getting my hands oily.