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  1. Have 217k on my d4d Tspirit and recently had an eng rattle on idle and low revs, in my case it's the a/c pump bearings on the way out, mega money to repair so a belt for a non a/c car fitted bypassing the pump is on order...
  2. Just noticed the fuel door on my 04 spirit is open, the release pin is missing or stuck "in" Tried release oil to free it or is it possible to break or the pin to pop out. Can you pry the fitting out from outside the car to check ???
  3. Will look for the Egr cleaning instructions and try it am , bar needing a gasket
  4. For a few weeks now my d4d tapir it 04 has been suffering with loss of throttle input. I'll be driving along at a steady rate and suddenly throttle losing effect, if I press all the way to floor it will respond, about 90% down I get some response?I've discovered if I flick off the ign and back on when it occurs it will rest issue and I'll have full throttle range again ???
  5. Quick update , Still have this issue and it's not me pressing the button when switching off, only happen occasionally but when it does if I stay in the car it's auto locks and if I move then the alarm goes off. So I must be triggering an auto lock feature or similar ??.
  6. Getting a random hazard double flash when I switch of the spirt d4d recently, no codes up....any ideas ??
  7. Cheers No noise when aircon started stopped ,it does get louder when you put steering to full lock and load it up ?? Goes when you give it some revs,was going to pop off p/s belt to check if it disappears but pump doesn't seem to have an adjuster I could slacken to loosen belt for removal.
  8. Anyone have a step by step for a 2004 d4d , rattle at idle so want to pull and check bearings /replace
  9. I noticed a rattling noise when the wife drove in the avens is yesterday,lifted bonnet and it appears to be coming from the cam belt area.goes when you rev eng,went out today to listen when cold and no noise,drove car a few miles and it's back,can come and go but always goes with revs. With the help of the search I narrowed it to aux pumps so tried aircon load and no difference, clutch in out no difference bit when I swung steering while parked and held on lockstop the noise responded/got worse so assuming I have a dry bearing or similar in my p/s pump. As it's an 04 with 220k I want to keep costs to a min so presume a recon pump is the best option or is a bearing replacement an option...????
  10. Happen me sometimes to, I fix it by circling the air flows through all the different and switching on off a/c and windscreen dismister ,also go from hot to cold and back again... A click from behind the dash then happens and back to normal, sticking flap is the reason I'd say....
  11. I have a glow plug eng managment light and mister T said they regulary break removing them and that's head off job, cost e2000..... Have left it two years now without major probs.... Sorry not helping you just warning others they may not have to change them....
  12. Sorry that should read Igor ....
  13. After a full overnight charge it seems to be ok on to starts now but funny noise from starting motion. I have to admit I removed a battery isolator I was using to reset dash warning lights easily every two weeks.... This may have been restricting the voltage... Tks to everyone esp ignored for the great help on all issues in this forum....
  14. S/Disconnect battery for a few minutes to clear dash lights, have the same because of glow plug issue,anti yaw and abc/tc are affected when lights active so I disconnect battery every two weeks or so when they come on....
  15. I have this issue about two years ago and bought a replacement starter,I also did dual mass flywheel. Has started to happen again and had the original Toyota starter and was told they are much better than aftermarket,got it reconned(new bendix) ,car now spins quicker but still hard to start hot...
  16. No indicator but will get battery supplier to check,it's about 1 year old only..doesn't seem to spin faster with clutch in ??
  17. Sometimes I press clutch , should you do this
  18. What should charging voltage be , 14.5 v ??
  19. Strange works for me,try this one....
  20. Will try a new filter later, hope it starts after I collect filter as car will be hot after drive to mister T Video of cold start here
  21. Battery seems ok, gave it a full charge last nite and tried to start car cold,as expected it started ok as before.ill video it now gr you as didn't leave it heat up... Don't have a manual,can I check plug resistance with meter while still in place and on troll coils ?? Would appriacte a quick how to , fuel filter is about 10k only.....
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