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  1. just buy a bigger throttle body from another car. it will be alot easier and simpler to do. are you gunna turbo the paseo?
  2. yeah, check what andrew said, this happened to my glanza
  3. it was pretty good there, i was looking for some toc people, didnt see anyone, i was looking for matt i wanted a chat with him
  4. do it mate. experience the fun of importing ... er...
  5. so what s the point getting some gauges that will look the same ?
  6. if im not mistaken. paseos have white dials? mine does
  7. bit of a trip, but hayward and scott make some sexual exausts. for 500 quid you could be more than sorted out with a proper good exaust system. toyota prices are clown shoes
  8. if it was 3k... maybe. but they tooooo much $$$
  9. for 3-4 grand you can buy a civic type r. there faster than a starlet gt let anone an lsi civic. you can pic up an eg6 shape vti for about 2 grand. easily.
  10. do it mate, i know the car you mean. it is a real minter. the wheels are gorgeous no reason not to!
  11. ill probably be there, ill keep an eye out for some EPs
  12. i have a set of starlet pads from the glanza.. and they are exactly the same as the seo.. so are the calipers and discs. i thought the cynos was the same setup as the paseo??
  13. buy a defi one on ebay there ony about 60 quid
  14. stay there. my glanza was lowered on coilovers. and it become annoying slowing down to a crawl for any slight bump in the road. if you have great roads and no speed bumps on the other hand... do it
  15. i have 10w40 magnatec in the seo and the glanza. it works fine
  16. to turn it up youll need a boost controller. get an electric one, they cost more but are far better... i personally wouldnt go any more than 12 psi maximum on a standard intercooler.
  17. doing it yourself.. youll probably save about a 800 quid on average. maybe a bit more. best bet is to get a starlet already in the uk
  18. i told you where to get one... TALK TO TREVOR AT JAPSPECIMPORTS.COM *cough*
  19. unless you know what your doing, get a cvompany to import it for you. i sorted my glanza out myself. and i would never do it again, its so much hastle, id rather pay someone to do it if you want a good GT, talk to trevor at japspecimports.com. he only has the best GTs.
  20. 5efe cams wont sell for hardly anything, they are so common. and offer no performnance in any way.
  21. glanza handles better aswell. the chassis is better setup. the ECU is also better on the glanza. id go with the glanza personally if you can afford it.
  22. hello lads, just wondering if any of you lot know the part numbers for the paseo sports pack with the skirts. i see a paseo the other day with it on and it looks quite nice. so, anyone got it for sale or know where i can get it? cheers
  23. these are a piece of pish to fit mate. take off the pipe leading from the boost pipe to the standard bov. mount up your ssqv somewhere. attach the ssqv to the turbo piping. then remove the vacuum pipe from the stock bov and stick it in the ssqv. its so easy mate itll take you 5 minutes. leave the standard one in place unless you plan on using a catch tank or a breather filter.
  24. the 5efhe head would work yeah. higher compression and the valves lift a bit higher aswell.
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