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  1. I've had my 06 1.4 diesel corolla for 6 days now and done 310 miles only just reached the half tank mark. And that was with a trip into london the other day. Including 2.5 hour 1st gear traffic jam on way home. So I'm very satisfied with the economy of the new 1.4 diesel. Hoping for 600 miles a tank :) average speed 22mph so far
  2. Just thought it would be interesting to know how many miles various owners were getting out of a full tank of fuel?
  3. Glad to hear it won't be in 2006! Just bought an 06 1.4 diesel and it's great! Has greatly surpassed my expectations over the first 300 miels!
  4. I've just tried a 1.4 D-4D and was most impressed. 30mph + and it seems much faster than even a 1.6 petrol due to the increased torque. Cruising at 70 only 2500 revs. Even at 90 you can't hear the engine 3000 revs. Very very refined engine probably the quietest diesel I have ever tried and add in the 58mpg average and you can't go wrong.
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