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  1. I'm from Dunfermline, Add me to the list
  2. I'm trying to find silver calliper paint for my other car but cant seem to find it any where, Does any one know of where i could get this
  3. There great little cars for mpg. I get on average about 45-46 mpg when i'm sitting on the motorways, going about the town it goes down to about 38 mpg but even when i put the foot down the worst i've had is about 34mpg.
  4. Does anyone else have leather interior in their yaris or is mine the only one? It would be good to know if that makes mine quite unique.
  5. Ye its cheap and yet makes a big difference to the look
  6. I think i will use both. Better to put it in 2 places than 1 I suppose.
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