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  1. Happy Birthday Essex Toura!

  2. Even thought about using a pressure style switch leading to the boot, so light comes on when boot is opened and off when closed
  3. Hi guys, does anyone know if you can fit a cd mulitchanger, in to the stock radio fitted in the aygo All answers greatly welcomed - Essex Toura
  4. Had my Aygo Blue since June, had no problems with it, does nt leak, plus it drove non-stop on way from essex to scotland about 445miles, and did the same coming back, its a brilliant little car, very happy with mine, mine likes to steam up, but i am a heavy breather
  5. hi guys, time to sound like a car noob here, I have looked for ages on the Aygo but i cant seem to be able to find the fuel line anywhere, i found the brake lines, its almost like someone has hidden it so i cant find it, only looking for it as I am trying to give the car a full check, as had a couple of big mates in the car, and speed humps were a issue, as i was sitting abit too low to get over them safely, many thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction. i thought it might have been the pipe which comes in at the right rear of the engine block but i might be mistaken
  6. defo a check needed wint mr T as it may be a gear sync issue, had one in the past when i couldnt keep the car in 5th
  7. I say Late to get 8, I hate the verbal entry myself
  8. Tell me about it, most of the network shut down as well
  9. i have to vote for the aygo too, nothing but fun in it, and its holds it valve really well
  10. my five door 2010 aygo blue is still dry think i may have a lukcy car lol
  11. What buggy??? No problem, keep the car, sell the baby - no buggy required!!! Sounds like a good idea Jan and Tone, I like it, now selling a 2010 Limited Edition Baby, registered in September 2010, 50Miles on the clock, FSH &2,000 ONO Sorry I just couldn't resist
  12. Give me AY60 TAG, just because I like it
  13. not sure about the paint removal, did you have fog lights or something similar in the front bumper?
  14. Mine is the same dano so don't worry too much
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