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  1. yes it can be a pain when all you wanna do is drive home after a long day, but other times the sound is just what you need. hks do a silent power exhaust system if you're after a more quiet exhaust. get the dampers too, lowering on standard dampers moves them out of their effective operating range and ruins the ride and handling. i would recommend tein springs with koni dampers. alternatively, look at coilover kits. if you're handy with a welder it's not a massive job :) K&N is fine, or others like the apexi power intake i think it's called. i was originally using a pipercross. honest opinion is go for a panel filter though, to retain the cold air feed. best bet is to find the cluster from a starlet SR. there is a wiring guide on uk starlet club . com (without spaces) the plates are import sized and are direct replacement :) eBay, but check your local scrapyards first Ian
  2. i've kept my interior pretty much standard mate. just added a few things that are an improvement over standard like SR clocks, MR2 Turbo front seats, and TC Shortshifter. along with the necessary boost and oil pressure gauge. :) a 5EFE conversion uses the 1.5 litre engine from the Toyota Paseo. it's the same engine as the starlet but with more capacity. nice little upgrade :) most effective mods are the usual air filter and a well matched exhaust system, nothing too big. also a must have for the NA starlet is the Tubular manifold from the 'bugeye' 1.3 corolla. makes a good difference i'm told. bonnet badge indeed does leave 2 holes, something i have not got around to sorting yet as the bonnet is not in great condition and needs replacing. the side strips, however, leave no holes or anything so you can peel them off no prob. :)
  3. nope, need to fit the glanza bonnet and bumpers too JDM crystal headlights from the reflet will fit and look nice too
  4. it won't work, or at least i very much doubt it :( the heater core is on the left hand side of the car behind the dashboard and it is a dash-out job to replace. hence the high labour cost. quite a common problem and one i've had to do myself, should only ever have to do it once though :)
  5. not quite as simple as plugging the ecu in though ;) you will need to splice the 2 looms together, or fit the entire loom and switchgear from the turbo
  6. at least 10 mins of normal driving before boosting it. cooldown depends on how hard you've been ragging it. around a minute is plenty though
  7. realistically around a 100bhp, the car is much more responsive with the 5e though
  8. Spec: Engine: 4EFTE Engine, loom and gearbox conversion Ross Forged Pistons SCAT Rods Lightened and balanced crank assembly Ported and Polished Head, re-worked chambers, mani's size-matched De-stressed block, oil galleys opened up Hybrid Turbo Custom made air intake with K&N air filter JAM Manifold Japspeed Decat pipe Custom Made FMIC and piping HKS FCD HKS Actuator SARD RRFPR Blueflame exhaust system 330cc Injectors Emanage Blue Exterior 15" Speedline wheels GMAX lowering springs on Koni Adjustable dampers Autokraft tints Clear indicators JDM Crystal Headlamps 99 spec Glanza rear clusters Laguna splitter Interior MR2 Turbo front seats 2 gauge pillar pod with oil pressure and boost TC Shortshifter SR Clocks
  9. the ecu is from the ep82 GT, as is a lot of the engine wiring loom. it's not a plug and play conversion. but it's not overly hard either if you know what you're doing :)
  10. curtesy of Dave Burwash of starlet gt turbo .co.uk (without the spaces) if you cannot find what you are looking for here you will find more info by joining www. toyota gt turbo.com (without the spaces)
  11. you will need a Fuel cut defencer if you plan on going over .85 bar of boost. i'd also recommend a HKS Actuator as the standard one is a bit weak. there's a lot of knowledgable people over at www.toyota gt turbo . com (without the spaces) if you can't find what you need here.
  12. love it, and nice to see someone underestimating their car's performance for a change ;) :)
  13. go for the turbo'd 4efte engine, straight bolt in, just wiring issue to sort and that will give you 130bhp straight out of the box.
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