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  1. Reminds me, I forgot to mention . You can hear the difference with the tyres.Not sure what it looks like, but in the car understeer is not a problem except at full throttle in first gear with road tyres. I can get to full throttle pretty soon after most apexes with no loss of traction from the front. You do feel the oversteer helping you out in the braking zones. Toyota often makes understeery cars, it is safer for most people, but as you say it is more helpful to dial that out when trying to get a fast time. Paul. Hi Paul, That was what I was trying to say ( rather badly ! ) if you could get the back end to step out then apply throttle at the apex or even before then I think it might help because of the long gearing (any loss of corner speed made up for with acceleration). It may be slower though. Does trailbraking help? Sadly I only drive on roads and have to get to work in the car so I don't want to experiment too much in case it goes pear shaped. I am still trying to apply throttle at the apex and it is just washing wide. I might have to find a safe roundabout to try some permutations. By the way I am still really enjoying my EBC solid discs and greenstuff pads on the road, very strong and more linear in application I find. Finally, when is the next round, I would like to come and watch if it is not too far away. Regards Andy well thats how mine was before i fitted the limited slip gearbox now thats cured understeer and im getting a bit of oversteer.
  2. what sound ? is it like a metal click ?
  3. of coubik i would fancy that :P the only thing is the uk is too far from here to do by car . I had toyo r888 on th front they were good for handling but they were crap in the 1/4 mile so crap that a set of chinese tyres goodride were better than them! its mor easy for you to come to Malta and take you for a ride than me come to england with the car andy lol
  4. i would fancy forged pistons but the thing is money problems , i have been spending too much on the car now trial and error so i payed the price. Im really happr with the car an believe me 190bhp is more than enough on the aygo , im just gona say that on long twisty roads it can keep up with a porche 911 turbo ( i know the porche was more steady going round the bends and mine was at the limit but i kept up with him ) i think that with the 14psi now i would see about 210 - 220bhp so it is gona be a small rocket. The weight now must be greater on the front as the Gt engine is heavier but its well balanced.
  5. yeah the aygo would be brilliant if toyota put the 1.3ltr turbo engine in it and you would shame most of the cars in the series (not that you dont already : P ) what bhp are you running paul?
  6. Hi paul and well done in the tss enjoyed your video at 11psi i was getting 159bhp @tw which is 190bhp atfw but was running a bit lean so now im changing the pistons and im going for 14psi and remap for that , as suspention wise i have still all standard suspention but with the standard springs lowered a bit which work pretty well and can handle well the xtra weght no problem now i added a lsd gearbox so it is handling like on rails (you need one on yours it does magic) wish there was something like the tss over here cos i would defo take a part in it
  7. here are some vids i got lately at the quarter mile strip this one was during the rwyb against an Integra type R these 2 against a Starlet Gt turbo this is playing around at the cart track this one is against a tuned s2000 and as i still had crap tyres on (now changed) he beat me by half a car length the evo was too scared to race me so i had to race the glanza which came from behind just for me lol and this against a civic 16 vti the best time i did was 13.8sec with 2.1sec 60 ft @ 11psi boost soon will be mapping @ 14psi and will see the result Hope you all enjoyed the vids :)
  8. the aygo doesnt have a speed sensor pickup in the gearbox it is taken from the shafts
  9. well done Paul :) love that wheel in the sky pic :)
  10. Its not that my parcel shelf rattles, but u have 2 keep in mind that in malta we have pot holes like craters & since the shelf is very light, it bounces lightly & makes a noise. Since my car is brand new & there is not a minimum rattle coming, that parcel shelf & the nuts in the box break the perfect silence :)) AYGO VVTI : Thanks mate, u have a great lookin aygo ta!! We'll keep in touch !! Thanks mate and no prob we can keep in touch if you ever need somthing you have my mob number just sms im always willing to help ;)
  11. These guys will not have these problems with rattling we get that as we drive on the moon ;) i have removed everything so i get no rattles and still get some from the car! Unless you get the car floating here in malta you will get rattles within 6 months you buy a new car I was tempted to fit 185 tyres & 15" rim wheels........ would i aggravate the problem or? Gimme some advise mate....u should know since u live here too :) no you wont in fact i have 195/50/15 on mine and its not bad ps if you need anything just sms me on 79505185 i would be happy to help :)
  12. These guys will not have these problems with rattling we get that as we drive on the moon ;) i have removed everything so i get no rattles and still get some from the car! Unless you get the car floating here in malta you will get rattles within 6 months you buy a new car
  13. aygo vvti


    if you find that it doesnt have enough umf to go uphill just stick a glanza engine in like i did and it will not just go uphill it can go up straight walls too then :D
  14. you can put me down for one and good luck
  15. aygo vvti


    where are you from ?
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