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    I have my white J reg GTi for sale Drop me an email if you are interested jon.howell@dj-register.net
  2. there is a company over here called Autoleads who do a lot of speaker adaptors and various other audio bits. Find a supplier for them they might be able to help
  3. The best tyres I have ever had so far are Goodyear Eagle F1's, however they grip so well because they are soft compund so the wear out pretty quick. My old man has SO3's on his MR2 and swears by them. Got Toyo proxes on my Corrola at the moment, they seem pretty good and wear quite well. I personally think Eagle F1's are the best on the market but you gotta have slighty deeper pockets!
  4. I am an IT supervisor at a fairly large surgery. Cos its NHS pay is pretty pants but the work can be allright
  5. So what do you do when you are miles away from your car and you know some little ***** hole has set your alarm off and trying to steal your car
  6. I know you can knock one up by stealing the bits from an Uno but not sure about bolting onto one of those
  7. Dampers might be knackered or bushes could be worn. Or just sod's law!
  8. I would prefer to buy new than dremel away my car, somehow I just can't see RR trying that one :) I know I wouldn't.... I agree but some people just have to have monster wheels and will do anything to get them in the arches! I said cos he has already bought new tyres.
  9. What you will find that makes the biggest difference is the tyre wall.Tyres like: Toyo proxes, Fulda's and Goodyear eagle F1's have a really good sloping side wall which means that they tuck into arch better when the suspension moves. Tyres like Avon's, Uniroyal and conti's have a much more square sidewall that means sometime you get a bit of scrub on the arch. Best thing to do is get a dermel multi tool and scrub back some of the lip on the arch so that it doesn't catch.
  10. Have the box, manual,reciept and antenna for the dab unit and all the cables. Don't have a box for the changer can get a manual if you want one. The DAB unit is about a year old from when I bought it, it is actually about two years old but was brand new when I bought it, the antenna needs to be joined with a co-ax connector because it was cut in half (long story) thats only a 5 second job though. The changer is about 3 years old at the most.
  11. How about a section for anything with GT or GTi on it. I have a rolla GTi and feel a little left out cos I don't qualify in the toyota performance forum
  12. I have a Kenwood 10 disc CD changer that is compatable with nearly all Kenwood units over the last 3 or 4 years, yours for £50 Also have a Kenwood DAB unit for sale,this will work with any Kenwood that has CD changer ability and DAB written on it, yours for £100. If you tell me your model number I can probably tell you if it is compatible. email - jon.howell@dj-register.net
  13. If you work out which wire is the one that earths when the handbrake is on and permantly earth you will be able to watch DVD while driving Not that you would of course with it being illegal and everything
  14. What stereo was it? You will find that many Jap cars don't have an earth in the wiring loom and that you have to wire in a seperate sometimes. If it was a fairly cheap head unit then you will find that they will run and that they can take an earth from the aerial plug. However with the more expensive units they will not work from the start. I would make sure the the earth wire in your iso block definatly goes to another wire and that wire is an earth
  15. I have a mate who used to fit alarms professionally including Cliffords I will ask him if he will do it. He lives in Bristol. Any good?
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